How does Waalaxy’s anti-duplication control work?

You’ve just arrived at Planet Waalaxy, and you’re getting ready to implement your prospecting strategy with our tool, but you’ve got some questions… Does Waalaxy check for duplicates in my application? Do I need to be careful about which leads I import, so that they aren’t imported twice?

So, how does duplicate checking work on Waalaxy?

Here’s a short article that will explain it all. 🤓

What is a duplicate?

What we call “Duplicates” or are prospects that are already present in one of your lists (or with someone else on your Team). Our security is activated to prevent them from being duplicated and eventually contacted twice.

Indeed, duplicates can be problematic in your prospecting, especially if you’re looking for, importing, hundreds or even thousands of prospects a day: you can’t manually check whether a given prospect has already been contacted or not, and that’s why Waalaxy has, by default, set up an anti-duplicate security: you can’t have the same prospect in your account twice.

How does duplicate security work in Waalaxy?

When importing leads, Waalaxy scans each lead and is able to detect a lead that is already in the tool, either in one of your lists, or in the list of one of your team members. So there’s no chance of a prospect being in the tool twice, in a list or in a campaign. 😍

After an import, you can go and look at the import report , which details the import.

In particular, it shows you the number of duplicates detected. However, there’s no way of accessing the list of duplicate prospects. 👇

💡Annoying not to be able to identify these duplicates 😓. If you’re importing leads from a LinkedIn or Sales Navigator search, you can enable an option to move duplicate leads from their current list to the new one 👇

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waalaxy dashboard

The Team offer to control duplicates as a team

The Waalaxy team plan is designed to facilitate multi-account management 😎.

It’s dedicated to anyone who needs to manage several LinkedIn accounts at the same time: agencies, teams, companies.

Two issues can arise in this kind of format:

  • Employees who work together, but who each have their own subscription, need to be sure they’re not prospecting the same people. Duplicates need to be controlled.
  • Collaborators who work together want access to the same prospects, in order to prospect them in a different way.
  • Employees want to be able to manage their duplicates.

Case 1: we don’t want to contact the same person twice, so we need to activate the anti-duplicate control.

This small option will enable the tool to check whether the prospects in your import are already in your application, or in that of another member.

Case 2: We want to prospect the same people, without being blocked by anti-duplication security

If, on the other hand, you don’t want Waalaxy to detect and block duplicate leads, all you have to do is disable anti-duplicate security so that all leads are imported. 👇

When this option is enabled, it allows duplicates to be imported. You will need to manage duplicates.

⚠️ In order to import duplicates, the Team Captain must have given the necessary permissions to the members:

How do I manage duplicates within a Team?

By default, duplicates are automatically displayed in the Team > Duplicates tab:

If you click on Keep all recommended (1): the person who first imported the lead or uses the lead in a campaign will keep it. The Update button (2), on the other hand, lets you decide who will keep these leads, updating them 20 by 20. I recommend this video tutorial showing how to manage duplicates within your team 📹

Frequently asked questions

Does the tool check for duplicates when adding a member to my Team?

It’s also possible to perform a retroactive deduplication when you add different accounts to a team, which will check for duplicate leads in the lists.

If this is the case, you’ll be prompted to deduplicate them with a default option that makes sense (priority to a prospect who has already responded, or who has already accepted an invitation, etc.).

Can a prospect be in two different lists?

No, a prospect can only be present once in the tool, i.e. in a single list.

Can a prospect be in two different campaigns at the same time?

No. In the same way as for campaigns, a prospect can only be in one campaign at a time, to avoid duplication. If you select a whole list of prospects to put in one campaign, the tool will warn you that X prospects are already in another active campaign.

What types of imports does duplicate security work for?

Duplicate security works for all types of imports possible with Waalaxy.

➡️ All ways to import on Waalaxy.

Conclusion: Waalaxy duplicate control

In conclusion, you don’t have to worry about duplicates, because everything is done via Waalaxy to prevent you from encountering them, or on the contrary, to be able to manage them as part of a team subscription. You can concentrate entirely on your prospecting strategy. Thanks who? 😎

Now you know all about Waalaxy anti-duplication control. Prospect with peace of mind.


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