LinkedIn profile views : who has seen my profile ?

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You don’t need to be introduced to the professional social network that we spend our time posting on. You know how to post, how to engage in conversation but you don’t know how to know your LinkedIn profile views? Stay with us, we’ll explain it right now right now 🚀.

Whether you’re on LinkedIn to share your knowledge, sell a product, or search for a job, you’ve already been on at least one occasion when you wanted to know who saw your profile. Know that there is indeed a feature 🧑 that allows you to do this, but it’s all going to depend on factors that we’re going to talk about during this article.

LinkedIn profile views: The “who viewed your profile” feature

It’s very simple to find out who has visited your profile on LinkedIn but you won’t see 👀 the same information depending on the type of account you have. In fact, if you have a free account, chances are you won’t be able to see everyone who has visited your profile.

But that’s not all because as a LinkedIn user, you have the possibility to see profiles while being anonymous (want to stalk without getting burned?). So you can easily understand that you won’t have information on absolutely everyone who comes to see your profile.

Knowing who has seen your LinkedIn profile with a free account

Let’s get to the heart of the matter 🔥 want to know if your account has a lot of visibility? Here are the steps to find out who has seen your profile recently (within 90 days):

  • Connect to LinkedIn (whether on mobile or desktop).
  • On the home screen, below your photo, click on “who viewed profile”.

And those are the only two steps you’ll need. You’ll then land on a dashboard that will summarize the number of visits and the percentage you gained or lost compared to the previous month. You’ll be able to see info ✨ from your visitors such as:

  • Their first and last name.
  • Their position in the company.
  • How they found you.

It is important to know that this information will be empty if no one has visited your profile in the last 90 days. In addition, you will only see the last 5 people who visited you on the said dashboard.

Knowing who visited my profile with a paid account

The great thing about having a paid account 🤑 is that you have no restrictions on the views of your LinkedIn profile on your dashboard.

You’ll see all of your visitors’ names, or almost all of them. As a reminder, you can set your account to appear anonymous and even then, having a premium account won’t help you see who “spied” on you if that person set their profile to anonymous.

The procedure is just as simple 👍 as the one with a free account:

  • Go to your LinkedIn page.
  • Click on your portrait in the upper right corner.
  • The next step is to click on “View your Profile”.
  • On your dashboard, then click on “Who viewed your profile”.


The notable difference is that you will be able to see in detail who has come to visit you, without limitation (unlike the free version).

Configure your LinkedIn

It’s nice to know who has seen your profile, but you need to work on it. If you don’t have any visits on your LinkedIn profile, it’s probably because you didn’t set it up 🪄 properly. We really advise you to take a special interest and care in your profile on LinkedIn as it may help you :

  • In your job search (think of a possible recruiter who would come to inquire about your skills).
  • To sell your products.
  • In your content strategy.
  • To develop your professional network.

Your personal profile needs to be on point. How do we do that? Well, we’ll explain it to you right now. To create a perfect profile:

  • Put a professional profile picture (not the one you have on Tinder 🍆 and not the one from your last vacation please). Think carefully about the size and quality of your photo.
  • Choose a clear job title in which it will be easy to understand what you do (don’t hesitate to add a little touch of humor).


  • Put your cover image.
  • Write your summary. Make sure you capture your audience in the first two lines (to make them want to click on “See more”).
  • Fill out your profile by adding your “professional experience and education” section and be specific.
  • Add your interests.

Moreover, by filling in this various information, you will have more chances 🍀 that your LinkedIn profile will come out easily in search results (on Google for example) and be found by potential recruiters if you are looking for a job for example.

If you want to know in details the secrets 🤐 of a good profile optimization, we advise you to go read this article. Keep in mind that this information will make some of your visitors want to join your network.

Use the visits for your prospecting

It is always easier to approach people when they come directly to you. If you realize that someone has come to see your profile and that they fit your target audience🎯(because you sell products or services), don’t hesitate to send them a connecting message like:

Hello {firstname}, I saw that you visited my profile and you work for {company}, maybe we can chat about {solution} so I can give you more details?

You may have the opportunity to gain a lead (or other potential customers) with this technique.

Conclusion for the number of views on your LinkedIn profile

Whether you’re part of job-seekers, a recruiter, or just want to stand out, knowing who has seen your profile can be interesting to know whether or not you’re managing to stand out 💥 (especially when you consider that the professional social network has millions of users).

Whether you have a free or paid account, the procedure remains the same. What will differ is simply the number of people you will be able to see on the results page. In the free version, when you click on “who viewed my profile”, you will see the number of views 👀 on your profile but you will only see the information of the last 5 people who came to your profile.

On the other hand, with a LinkedIn Premium account, you will have the information of all the people who came to visit you 🥰(except people who decide to put their profile in private).

In order to boost visits on the LinkedIn social network, don’t forget to have a well-completed profile with :

  • Your visuals (optimize your photo and cover).
  • The title that clearly expresses what you do.
  • The summary.
  • Your professional background.

FAQ from the article “How to see views on my LinkedIn profile”

The professional network LinkedIn is fantastic, it allows you to prospect, find job opportunities, showcase your products or services and gain visibility 💣. You know you’re on the right track when more and more people come to your profile to find out who you are. Just like your Facebook profile, you need to take care of your image on LinkedIn (actually, even more so on LinkedIn). It helps with your branding and they don’t teach you, first impression counts, so have a complete profile.

How do I know who has viewed my profile

To find out who is viewing your profile, it’s very simple. You don’t need to have a degree in computer engineering ⚙️. Whether it’s for the free or paid version, the steps are almost the same:

  • The connection to your LinkedIn account.
  • Direction on your profile by clicking on your photo.
  • Click 🖯 then on “View Profile.”
  • In the dashboard, you’ll just have to click on “Who has viewed your profile”.

In its free version, LinkedIn will only show you the last 5 people who have visited your profile and in its premium version, you can see all the people whose profiles are not private.

The advantages of knowing who has visited your profile

We don’t look at the number of people who have seen our LinkedIn profile only to boost our ego 💖 no, far from it. Knowing this data gives you some non-negligible benefits like:

  • Understand the members who visit your profile.
  • Where they are from/what industry they are in (handy to know where your prospects are coming from).
  • Know if your profile is attracting 🧲(so well set up).
  • Knowing if your posts are generating visits (so your Inbound marketing is working).
  • Do some networking.

It can be a good KPI to track if you are looking for a job for example. Are there potential recruiters among the people who visited your profile? Can other users easily find you?

If so, you can send invitations with a note to make them want to know you even more and “force” them to meet you for an interview.

Have a neat professional profile

There’s no secret 🙊, if you want someone to come to your profile page, you’re going to have to have an interesting, attractive and complete profile. And how do you create a beautiful presentation page on LinkedIn? How to create a nice personal branding? Simple, by following these tips:

  • Put up a professional profile image.
  • Showcase your business in your banner (cover photo) or attractively describe your current position.
  • Change the URL of your LinkedIn profile by putting your first and last name.
  • Fill in your headline (a catchy title describing what you do).
  • Fill in the summary (making you want to read more).
  • Fill in your professional experience, your education and your interests.

As you will have understood, it is absolutely necessary to think about optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Also, if some of your information changes 🦝 (your professional situation for example), don’t forget to update your profile (and stay relevant).

How do you see a LinkedIn profile in private mode?

We’re not going to lie, we like to look at certain profiles on LinkedIn too. And you may have reasons for not being recognized on this professional network (so, we’re not talking about going to check out your ex’s LinkedIn profile 💔, eh). No matter what your reasons are for setting your profile to private 🕶️, the steps to take are very simple:

  • Log in to your professional account (or your LinkedIn account).
  • Click on your profile picture.

  • Go to “Settings and Privacy”.
  • Click on the “Visibility” section.
  • Then go to “Profile View Options”.

  • Choose how you want to appear on LinkedIn.

Now you are ready to go and see profiles in a totally anonymous way.

Now you know how to enable the feature to know the number of your Linkedin profile views. So do you have a lot of them 🎉 ?