How do I use a single Sales Navigator account for multiple Waalaxy accounts?

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Sales Navigator is the premium version of LinkedIn. It’s a very powerful tool (when used properly) that allows you to segment your LinkedIn searches to get very specific results, with multiple Waalaxy accounts. 👽

All good things come at a price, and this is the big drawback of Sales Navigator, this tool is expensive. 😅 It’s one thing if you’re willing to pay for it for your account, it’s another thing if you want your entire team to have access to Sales Navigator.

As you probably guessed by the title of this article, the Waalaxy team is going to explain how to use a single Sales Navigator account to find leads on all your LinkedIn accounts. 😜

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Define your LinkedIn Prospecting strategy

You need to define what prospecting strategy you are going to adopt: who is your persona? Then you will learn how to use filters and how to optimize your profile.

To help you, you can see here how to find clients on LinkedIn.

Once you have this strategy established, you can go to each member’s CRM and, then, create lists for each LinkedIn profile you want to use to find leads. 💪

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Use Waalaxy’s Team Plan

To equip teams and companies, we have developed a Team Plan that allows you to centralize many features to make it easier for your teams to share and prospect. 👻

One of the main features of the Team Plan is the fact that you can import from your LinkedIn/Sales Navigator account to any CRM on your team.

Neat, no? 😉


0. Prerequisite

For this, the Team Captain needs to give the necessary permissions to every team member.

So everyone will have the right to import from their LinkedIn account to their colleague’s account. And by default, the owner of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator account will be able to import to the CRM of any member of their team. 😉


1. Create lists in each of the team’s CRM

As you can see, the person who owns the Sales Navigator account will be the one to import leads. 🤾

So before you do that, you’ll need to create lead lists in which each leads consists of a well-defined persona, the organization and other criteria. 👌

User Case: You have a Team with Christophe, the Account Captain, Laura and Antonella.

Laura manages all the prospecting of the Financial Directors in the North of France and Antonella, manages the South.

  • Create on Laura’s CRM the following lists:

“Dire. Financ. Paris”; “Dire. Financ. Lille”; “Dire. Financ. Dunkerque”.

  • Create on Antonella’s CRM, the following lists:

“Dire. Finac. PACA”; “Direc. Financ. Bordeaux”; “Dire. Financ. Toulouse”.

From Christophe’s Sales Navigator account, you will be able to search for the different prospects and import them succinctly into each of your team’s CRM and lists.

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2. Import your Sales Navigator search into the team member’s CRM

Once you’ve created the list on each of the CRM, you can now search for the leads on Sales Navigator. 🔍 If you don’t know how to do this, I suggest you to read the article that will teach you how to perform a good Sales Navigator search.

Namely, Sales Navigator limits the display of leads to 2500 results. You will not be able to access the 2501st prospect. But as you might expect, we have a technique for that. We have an article on how to access 2500+ search results on a Sales Navigator search. 😉

Here is how you will be able to import your leads from a Sales Navigator search into another member’s CRM:


The duplicate check present on the account that imported the leads via Sales Navigator guarantees that you will not have duplicates among the leads from your 3 accounts. 😇



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Sales Navigator and CSV file

This method is more time-consuming, and tedious. 😊

  • You search from your “Sales Navigator”.
  • Then import the leads from your Sales Navigator search results into the various corresponding campaigns in your CRM.
  • Once all your leads are imported, you only have to export the data of the different campaigns via the CSV export:



  • You will be able to re-import these leads into the other accounts, in the corresponding lists:

  • Using our example again, you will therefore import the data from the “COO — Account B’” campaign into the “COO” campaign of account B. 👏
    And the data from the “President — Account C” campaign into the “President” campaign of account C.

In conclusion

Sales Navigator is a powerful tool that, when used properly and combined with Waalaxy, will allow you to do great things.

It is even more efficient when you use the Team subscription features that will allow you to have hyper-targeted leads in each of your members’ CRM. 😎



Sales Navigator FAQ for multiple Waalaxy accounts


Is Sales Navigator free?

No, Sales Navigator is the premium version of LinkedIn. 😰

Here is its pricing:



How do I use one Sales Navigator account for multiple Waalaxy accounts?

You can use Waalaxy’s team subscription, which allows you to be able to import your Sales Navigator search results into any of your team members’ CRM. 🏅

You can also import search results from Sales Navigator into Waalaxy, and then distribute those leads via CSV file exports and import them into your colleagues’ Waalaxy account. 🤩

Now you know how to use one Sales Navigator account for multiple Waalaxy accounts!

Let the games begin. ⚡️


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