How do I download search results from LinkedIn ?

Published by Amandine on April 28, 2021 5/5 (189 votes)

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It’s very easy to download search results from LinkedIn. You will find this list from the “Settings and Privacy” tab, then in “Privacy”. By clicking on “How LinkedIn uses your data” and then on “Get a copy of your data”, you will be able to request your search results. Just click on “Download archives” and you will get a list within 48 hours. You will then have access to your recent searches made on this social network. Of course, this is possible only if you are connected to your private profile. Now you know how to download search results from LinkedIn ! 

Do I have access to other information?

By doing the same, you can access a wide range of data such as :

  • The list of ads you have clicked on.
  • The history of comments, outside of groups, with specific information such as the URL, date, type of publication and a copy of the comment.
  • Anything related to your network such as: the list of invitations sent and received, the list of companies and people you follow, etc.
  • The history of your account: creation date, IP address from which the profile was created, the type of subscription linked to your account
  • Your activity in the groups: comments, “Like”, publications posted in the groups
  • All shared elements: publications, photos… with date, URL, public or private visibility but also videos published with links to download them in CSV format. Shared videos coming from other profiles are not included.
  • The history of incidents related to your account, such as when you logged in from another computer or used the two-step verification.

Everything is traceable very easily and directly from your profile. This can be useful for you to check that no one is using your profile while you are away if you forgot to log out of your account.

For obvious reasons of confidentiality, you cannot access such information about another profile. But, you can discover our tips for extract your LinkedIn contacts adresses.