How to extract your LinkedIn contacts’ addresses for free?

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How to export your LinkedIn contacts addresses?

Download ProspectIn

Go to your campaign and click on export all the prospects

Set the email address you would like to receive the CSV File

Yes, it is possible to get emails from your LinkedIn contacts easily! We’ll show you why it is a great way to build up a cross-channel prospecting list. In this post, you will get to know how to use LinkedIn email extractor with the best automation software, ProspectIn. After following our method step by step, you will get the perfect mailing list, ready to prospect!

Why should you get your LinkedIn contacts’ email addresses?

As you may already know, LinkedIn is the perfect playing field to prospect. Indeed, more and more professionals choose to use LinkedIn to show their activities and grow their qualified network.

Inviting people into your LinkedIn network is very useful: on one hand, you can interact with their posts and articles, on the other, you can also be up to date on the news regarding your market. However, your LinkedIn network can be even more useful. People’s email addresses are a real business asset.

Sending targeted emails to your prospects can convert a lot more than just LinkedIn visibility. Spice up your newsletter mailing list by getting your LinkedIn contacts’ email addresses!

How to use the LinkedIn email extractor feature on ProspectIn?

First things first. You should download ProspectIn on your Chrome browser to extract the information on your contacts. Then, ProspectIn will process this data for the next steps of your mailing plan.

Once the automation software is installed, you’ll just have to download your 1st-degree connection’s data. To do so, click on “network”, and then “connections”. Now, click on the ProspectIn icon on the right upper part in your browser. There, you will be able to import data to ProspectIn: you’ll have to create a dedicated campaign and choose the number of contacts to import. You can import up to 3,000 per day.

Why 3,000? Well, if you are a new user of ProspectIn, you might have one or two questions about quotas… Read our reassuring article to understand our ethical priorities!

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How to process this data to get my prospect’s email addresses?

Once your contacts are all showing in ProspectIn interface, the next step is to download the CSV file containing all your contacts’ data. How to do it? From the page of your dedicated campaign, click on “download” then export all the prospects of this campaign. Set the email address you would like to receive this CSV file.

The job is not done yet, because your goal is to get emails only. The file you’ll get from LinkedIn email extractor has much more information like location, company, position, etc. To sort out the table and get only your prospects’ email addresses:

  • On your Excel document, select the first column, then click on the “data” tab;
  • Click on “convert”. On the menu, choose “delimited”, then hit the “next” button;
  • Select “comma” and click on “next” and “finish”.

Now you have a nice and clean file showing each category. Your prospect’s email addresses are on the third column. Next step is for you to use this mailing list in a smart way to boost up your lead conversion rate!

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