Everything You Need To Know To Buy Sales Leads!

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The reason that drives companies towards buy sales leads? 🤔

A poor lead generation strategy! 🚨 With expensive marketing campaigns that don’t generate the qualified leads you desperately need.

💰 Buying leads is a controversial practice that holds the promise of success, but also carries many risks…

Sounds like a quick fix to feed your sales pipeline, but at what cost? 😬

👀 That’s why it’s not a decision to be taken lightly! On the program ⬇️ :

  • How lead buying works.
  • Buy sales leads : Best practices.
  • Platforms and tools for buying leads.
  • Buy sales leads : Risks and the alternative to this practice.
  • Unlimited sales lead generation with Waalaxy.

As a reminder, despite the advice given in this article, we don’t recommend you resort to buying leads. ❌

💡 We believe, it’s always best to seek to optimize your lead generation plan and choose the right tool to achieve your goals and maximize ROI.

We’ll explain it all, let’s get started! 🪄

How Does Buying Leads Work?

Buy sales leads (BtoB or BtoC) is a fast way to generate qualified sales leads, which is a relatively common practice in marketing. 🤑

👉🏼 A company purchases information from a supplier, about individuals or companies, who have expressed a potential interest in its products or services (a sales lead).💡

Here’s how it usually works ⬇️ :

  1. 🔎 Identification of lead generation needs to feed the sales pipeline (specific objectives or need to compensate for gaps in organic lead generation).
  2. 🎯 Definition and selection of the profile of sales leads to be acquired (based on the buyer persona (s) defined upstream), and how these sales leads will contribute to your growth objectives.
  3. 💼 Lead supplier search and selection via online databases.
  4. 💸 Purchasing sales leads according to a specific model: either prepared and sold in batches, or in real time (information is fresh and potentially more reactive).
  5. 📲 Use acquired sales leads and integrate them into the marketing/sales process(email campaigns, phone calls, or other conversion tactics).
  6. 📊 Measure and analyze results to assess lead buying effectiveness, adjust strategy and optimize future sales lead buying investments.

💎 In short, buying leads requires careful planning, compliance with current regulations, and ongoing evaluation of the quality and profitability of acquired sales leads.

⚒️ We recommend a number of best practices to “buy sales leads well”. 👇🏼

How To Buy Sales Leads (well)?

By following these tips and best practices, you’ll know how to significantly improve your sales lead buying practices, increase the quality of your sales lead and your sales effectiveness.💥

Assess The Quality Of Purchased Sales Leads

If you ever need to purchase sales leads, we wholeheartedly encourage you to prioritize quality over quantity. 🙏🏼

👉🏼 So, here’s a method for evaluating the quality, relevance and freshness of sales leads offered 💎 :

  1. Examine the source of proposed sales leads: favor reputable providers and avoid those whose collection methods are dubious or non-compliant with current regulations. 🤮
  2. Check that sales leads have shown genuine interest in your products or services. Avoid generic or unqualified sales leads that could dilute your marketing efforts. ❌
  3. Check that sales leads correspond to your defined criteria and profile. Outdated or poorly targeted can considerably reduce your conversion efficiency. 📉
  4. Make sure that sales leads can be easily integrated into a CRM tool or sales management tool. Efficient lead management makes it easier to follow-up sales leads and convert them into customers.
  5. Conduct pilot tests with a small sample of leads to measure responsiveness and quality before committing to larger investments.

This proactive approach will maximize your lead generation efforts and improve your return on marketing investment. 📈

But be prepared to test different sales leads sources and optimize your marketing campaigns on an ongoing basis… By tracking the performance of purchased sales leads! 👇🏼

Track The Performance Of Purchased Sales Leads

⚙️ Only by regularly monitoring the performance of purchased sales leads can you quickly detect what’s working well and what needs fine-tuning.

📊 To do this, you’ll need to use metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) tailored to your business objectives and interpret the results :

1. The conversion rate at which sales leads are converted into actual customers, to assess the effectiveness of your purchasing strategy.


👉🏼 High score: Purchased sales leads are well qualified and receptive to your offers, so conversion should be effective.
👉🏼 Low score: Purchased sales leads are not converting effectively. This may be due to poor lead quality or inadequate follow-up.

2. Cost per lead (CPL) and return on investment (ROI) to determine the profitability of your campaigns.


👉🏼 Low Score: You obtain quality sales leads at a reasonable cost, maximizing your return on investment.
👉🏼 High score: Lead acquisition is expensive in relation to the value generated, which can reduce the profitability of your campaigns.

3. Response, open and click-through rates on your marketing communications to assess sales leads engagement.


👉🏼 High scores: Good lead engagement with communications, and therefore continued interest in your offer.
👉🏼 Low scores: Sales leads are not receptive to your communications, which may be due to poor segmentation or irrelevant messaging.

Only by monitoring and comparing these indicators and results obtained with your initial expectations, can you adjust your marketing strategy, improve the quality of sales leads purchased and maximize your chances of success in converting prospects into customers. 🚀

Now you’re probably looking at where to buy qualified sales leads? 🤔

⚒️ We explain how to choose the right lead buying tool and provide a list of recommended platforms. 👇🏼

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Which Platform To Use To Buy Sales Leads?

Before we suggest several platforms to use to buy sales leads, we’ll give you a few tips on how to choose the right one. 😉

Once you have reviewed the players on the market, we suggest that you check a number of factors to help you make your selection:

  • 📚 Their history and reputation in the field,
  • 💎 The quality of the sales leads offered (as explained above),
  • ⚙️ Their data acquisition methods,
  • ⚖️ Compliance with current regulations,
  • 📢 References, testimonials and reviews from other customers, to assess the satisfaction and reliability of their services.

There are several platforms available for buying qualified leads, each with its own advantages and specific selection criteria. ⬇️

Top 21 Best Tools To Buy Sales Leads

🏆 Here are the best online suppliers and databases to buy sales leads (which comply with the various selection principles mentioned above):

  1. Pharrow offers several lead search filters for buying qualified sales leads (by sector, cost, etc.).
  2. Kompass with a list of contacts in global companies.
  3. Lead concept, with the assurance of exclusive sales leads that are rarely solicited by competitors.
  4. ZoomInfo offers detailed information on companies and business contacts.
  5. D&B Hoover’s offers company information and contacts for business development.
  6. DiscoverOrg offers precise, up-to-date data on companies and contacts.
  7. Leads Farmer, first place in lead buying and real-time appointments.
  8. Trouve Ton Lead, allowing users to find potential business contacts based on specific criteria.
  9. Lead Value, is built around the purchase of sales leads and the processing via a dedicated SaaS software.
  10. Seamless, the first rated sales lead AI software for businesses to do B2B 
  11. Lead 411, offers company and contact information, helping users find qualified sales leads for their sales and marketing activities.
  12. CIENCE GO Data, offers you access to qualified sales leads through a highly targeted lead database.
  13. SalesIntel, focuses on providing accurate business and contact data.
  14. VoilaNorbert, to get and utilize sales leads for numerous uses (sales, recruiting, material marketing, company progress, or PR).
  15. Salespanel identifies high-quality sales leads and qualifies them under behavioral and firmographic data.
  16. Salesfully, offers a user-friendly tool for purchasing your business sales leads. 
  17. Belkins, helps businesses in over 50 industries worldwide. 
  18. Adapt, offers highly accurate and reliable lead contact data to reach out to your sales leads confidently. 
  19. LeadFuze, buy lead lists and prospective customers with instant artificial intelligence analysis.
  20. RightHello, delivers data segmentation, data enrichment, and data confirmation services.
  21. RocketReach offers access to a vast database (700 million profiles, and 60 million companies).
  22. Coresignal, offers data and insights on potential prospects, based on behaviors and online interactions.

Of course, there are many other lead buying tools and platforms, unannounced in this selection. 🤷🏻‍♀️

🙈 But, you can visit the websites of the tools suggested in this selection for your lead buying with your eyes closed! 🤩

What Are The Risks Of Buying Leads?

As we told you, buying leads is a controversial practice. 😬 Why?

❌ Precisely because of the significant risks it presents for companies looking to expand their potential customer base.

Buy sales leads : 5 risks to avoid.
  1. Unsatisfactory lead quality : purchased sales leads may not correspond precisely to your target, so your teams will waste time and resources trying to convert prospects who aren’t really interested in your offer.
  2. Incorrect data (erroneous, out-of-date or obsolete): this sometimes creeps into the databases of purchased sales leads, making it difficult (if not impossible) to get in touch with these prospects and rendering the investment totally useless (possibility of conversion compromised).
  3. Legal risks , if the data is in non-compliance, i.e. collected without respecting the standards in force. As a reminder, using data without consent can result in severe fines and damage to a company’s reputation.
  4. Lack of prospect engagement: even if contacts are correct and data valid, purchased sales leads are not always engaged prospects. If they haven’t expressed a genuine interest in your offer, this reduces the chances of converting them into paying customers.
  5. External dependence for long-term growth : can limit your ability to develop organic and sustainable lead generation/prospecting strategies, which are often more effective for long-term business growth.

We’ve already given you some valuable advice on how to minimize these risks. 💎 So you see, if you’re embarking on the purchase to buy sales leads, a well-planned approach is essential to maximize ROI and avoid pitfalls.

🌟 But, to totally eradicate them, we suggest an alternative, already mentioned at the beginning of this article: focus on your (organic) lead generation strategy! 🎰

What’s The Alternative To Buying Leads?

🌱 Generating qualified sales leads organically represents an alternative, sustainable as well as more secure and efficient approach to lead buying. 🔐

It focuses on naturally attracting 🧲 prospects interested in your products or services, rather than acquiring external data.

This strategy is based on ⬇️ :

  • ✍🏼 Creation of value-added, relevant and informative content, regularly (blog articles, case studies, videos, webinars…) to naturally attract your target audience and establish your expertise.
  • 🌐 SEO and site optimization essential to improve your website’s visibility on search engines , and therefore attract qualified organic traffic, ready to explore your offerings.
  • 📲 Content marketing and inbound marketing: Constant engagement with your audience through the continuous provision of valuable information, building trust and encouraging prospects to get in touch.
  • Opt-in and explicit consent from sales leads, increasing the likelihood of your marketing messages being opened and their engagement. Unlike lead buying, where contacts may not have given their consent.
  • 🍴 Follow-up and lead nurturing with personalized, relevant communications (additional content, special offers, invitations to events…) to reinforce their engagement and/or guide them through the customer journey.

To conclude, generating qualified sales leads (organically) takes time and constant effort 🦾 but it offers lasting benefits, such as:

  • Lead quality,
  • Reduced cost per lead over the long term,
  • Building a committed and loyal customer base.

So, at the very least, we recommend that you complement buying leads with a solid lead generation strategy, and at best, concentrate totally on it. 🫶🏼

🚀 In any case, let us introduce you to a revolutionary tool you’ll love for generating and no longer needing to buy sales leads: Waalaxy! 👽

Get Unlimited Leads With Waalaxy

No need to buy sales leads anymore, all you need is a Waalaxy subscription! 🪐

Waalaxy is a marketing automation and CRM tool, in the form of a Google Chrome extension, that presents itself as the simplest, most intuitive and effective digital solution on the market! 🚀

Lead buying VS lead generation: Waalaxy home page.

It’s the perfect tool to obtain/generate unlimited leads, thanks to two features in particular: the Email Finder and lead enrichment. 👇🏼

Email Finder With Waalaxy

You want to contact your prospect, but he hasn’t accepted your invitation, and you don’t have his email address… Therefore, you can’t send him any messages 😔.

📩 You should opt for email enrichment, which consists in retrieving your prospects’ email addresses so you can contact them directly afterwards.

What if I told you that Waalaxy made it possible for you to do it in just 30min/day? 🤩 And yes, it’s now possible and what’s more, you don’t need to be a growth hacker to use the Email Finder! 🔍

🤖 Emails are retrieved thanks to an algorithm for searching and verifying email addresses, enabling us to comply with the CCPA and offer up-to-date emails. 💪

Thanks to Dropcontact integration (managed automatically), we ensure that all emails are professional and verified, to avoid any unpleasant surprises 🔗

🪙 Finally, the Email Finder can be directly included in your campaigns and works on a per-credit basis (from 25 to 500/month depending on the subscription). You can also purchase additional credits 😉

Lead buying VS lead generation: The Waalaxy Email Finder.

AI Lead Enrichment With Waalaxy

Our new lead enrichment feature is inspired by Spotify’s functionality. 🎧

It’s designed to help you find prospects more easily & more quickly. ☄️

💭 It uses a recommendation algorithm using artificial intelligence (AI) to boost your productivity and prospecting. 🤖

👉🏼 In short, based on 10 prospects, Waalaxy analyzes your LinkedIn searches, your existing or external lists… And, recommends up to 1,000 similar profiles to enrich them! 🤩

All you have to do is activate the “AI Prospect Finder” feature to launch the search. 🪄 And, our AI will spring into action:

  1. Collect data on your prospecting habits.
  2. Analysis of prospect characteristics.
  3. Pre-processes data to organize and clean it.
  4. Using machine learning techniques to create predictive models. 👀
  5. Recommendations based on the criteria and behaviors of selected prospects.
  6. Collects your feedback to refine models and improve recommendations. 🔥

💥 Your lead generation strategy is about to become unstoppable thanks to Waalaxy! The tool still has a few features that could serve the effectiveness of your campaigns. 👇🏼

Waalaxy’s Main Features

You can go even further with more advanced campaigns to generate organic sales leads, on LinkedIn and via Email, and find customers! 🤑

✅ Here are its main benefits and features:

  • Automated lead generation and import.
  • Launch of automated multichannel marketing campaigns, on LinkedIn and by Email.
  • Using artificial intelligence to prospect and retrieve emails.
  • Optimization and personalization of messages for conversion.
  • Monitoring responses and engagement with LinkedIn Inbox messaging.
  • Multi-channel performance management with the dashboard.
  • Integration and compatibility with other tools.
  • Follow-up and qualification of prospects throughout the sales cycle.
  • Market leader, the solution with the most satisfied users.
  • Interface accessibility and user support.

You don’t have to do a thing! Waalaxy works for you. 🔥 Try it now. 👇🏼

Conclusion – Buy Sales Leads Or Generate Them?

To conclude, I hope you’ve understood the risks associated with buying leads. ❌

HS: If you’re embarking on this strategy, definitely don’t listen to tools that offer to “buy sales leads for free” (if you don’t see the problem, re-read that sentence several times). 🤡

🌟 Once again, by generating qualified sales leads rather than buying them, your company will benefit from greater control over the lead generation process.

🎯 In addition, in a competitive environment, you will be able to ⬇️ :

  • Target your audience precisely,
  • Build a quality database,
  • Increase ROI and long-term organic growth. 🤑
  • Build long-term customer loyalty,
  • Establish long-term sustainability and commercial success 🏆

Finally, whether you choose to supplement your efforts with purchased sales leads or opt entirely for organic generation. 🦾 It’s crucial to choose the path that best matches your business objectives and your company’s long-term vision. ☀️

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

🏁 To conclude, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions on the subject. 👇🏼

What Is A Lead In Marketing?

In marketing, a lead refers to an individual or company who has expressed an interest in a company’s products or services. 🤩

👀 This proof of interest often translates into action towards the brand, and represents a qualified business opportunity. 👉🏼 For example: filling in an online form, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading content, or other interaction indicating a potential willingness to buy.

Companies seek to convert leads into customers, nurturing and developing the relationship through targeted, personalized marketing campaigns. 📲

What Are The Legal Aspects To Consider When Buying Leads?

💸 When you buy sales leads, there are several essential elements to consider, ensuring compliance and avoid legal risks ⚖️ :

  • Compliance with personal data protection regulations (RGPD in Europe or the CCPA in the United States), guaranteeing that sales leads have consented to their personal information being used for commercial purposes.
  • Verification of lead origin to prevent the purchase of unethically or illegally obtained data.
  • Ensure that contracts with lead suppliers include compliance and liability clauses.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Leads?

In general, prices can range from a few cents to several tens of dollars per lead. 💰 The cost can vary considerably depending on several factors 👇🏼 :

  • Quality and origin of sales leads,
  • Specificity of filtering criteria,
  • Lot size purchased,
  • Market niche and/or sector competitiveness,
  • Lead acquisition method.

💎 Highly qualified, and exclusive sales leads are more expensive, while lower quality (or shared) sales leads are cheaper, but of course with less conversion potential.


Finally, it’s essential to carefully evaluate value for money and potential profitability before investing in lead purchasing. 🔍

We always recommend lead generation, but now you know to buy sales leads! 💸 See you soon! 👽

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