What is marketing? Definition, jobs, examples

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What is marketing? (English word – “Marketing”) – Simple definition of marketing and marketing approaches…

What is marketing? A simple definition

Marketing appears at all stages of the sale:

  • 🎯 Upstream, to define the sales offer, the target (s) and by which communication means to reach these personas.
  • 📢 During the sales process, by setting up marketing campaigns: advertising, events, emailings,
  • 📶 Downstream, in order to analyze the results of the campaigns and take new strategic measures.

Marketing is therefore at the heart of a company’s strategy to launch, boost and sustain its business over time.

Which jobs exist in marketing?

In order to succeed in all these objectives, several jobs exist in marketing, such as

Marketing jobs Mission
Marketing Director – He/She will manage the operational teams.
Marketing product manager – He/She will launch projects. His/her role is to define the offer and the target.
Branding/brand image manager – He/She has a 360° vision of the company’s communication and verifies/adapts the company’s storytelling.
Marketing and communication manager – He/She will think about the best marketing campaigns and channels according to the product to be sold.
Social Media Manager (or Community Manager) – He/She will execute marketing actions and launch campaigns, such as on newsletters or social networks for example.
Marketing analytics/Data – He/She will check the results and interpret the figures.
sales team – They usually execute the actions chosen by the marketing director (they will travel to a trade show for example)

Of course, there are many derivatives of these jobs. Everything will depend on the organization you work for, the size of the structure, the number of products, the types of actions. In short, these are only examples of marketing jobs, not exhaustive, but they give you an idea of the marketing organization within a company. To understand the missions that are required, it is best to look at the marketing job offers on the Jobboards

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What are the salaries in marketing?

In order to know the salaries in marketing, it is important to know that everything depends on the job and the professional experience. Marketing salaries can vary from $35,000 per year to +$90,000 per year for a marketing director. Operational jobs such as community manager are generally less well paid than strategic jobs such as acquisition manager or director.

However, it usually takes at least 5 years of experience to reach management positions. Of course, everything will depend once again on your skills and past professional successes, as well as on the structure that hires a marketing manager.

The salary will also depend on the city and the company. A small local company usually pays its employees less than a large firm (the marketing budget will also be reduced).

B2c marketing

B2c or Btoc means “business to customer”. That is to say that the commercial target aimed by the company is a direct consumer. For example: A clothing store and a hairdressing salon are B2c companies.

B2b marketing

B2b or Btob means “business to business”. It means that the commercial target aimed by the company is another company. For example: A communication agency or an office renovation company.

What are the different approaches in marketing?

First of all, what is the definition of “marketing approach”?

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is also the set of actions that allow the promotion of a brand or its offers, according to the analysis of consumers’ needs. The difference between “digital marketing” and “classic marketing” is that only digital channels will be used to launch marketing actions. So you are wondering which channels can be used for digital marketing? Here is the list of the most used marketing channels:

  • Social media,
  • Videos (Youtube, Webinars).
  • Online advertising (Google, Instagram, LinkedIn..).
  • Brand influencers.
  • SEO blogging.
  • Email marketing and newsletter.
  • Sponsoring.

Strategic marketing

Strategic marketing appears before operational marketing. It allows to analyze the market and to think about the best tactics to adopt. To be feasible, it is based on several tools such as :

  • The SWOT,
  • The 5Ps of porter,
  • The Pestel,
  • The identity prism,
  • The BCG matrix.
  • Product positioning.

Operational marketing

Operational marketing is the realization of all the marketing missions defined during the creation of the global marketing strategy. It can be :

All about Strategic vs Operational

Relationship marketing

Definition of relationship marketing:

Relationship marketing is there to anchor the consumer in buying habits with the brand, and to make him live a privileged experience that we call: the customer journey. There are several ways to work on the relationship marketing of a brand, for example:

  • Create a series of emails to the customer: To ask for news, to propose privileged offers.
  • Flash offers for the customer’s birthday.
  • Have a loyalty card.
  • Ask the customer to participate in the creation of the new product (Like Nike which launches the @teamNike on Twitter).

Transactional marketing

Definition of transactional marketing:

  • Create a simplified path on the website by proposing products that they often buy, and that they might like.
  • Standard promotions (one product offered = one product bought). 🎁
  • Or like here, on Decathlon, by proposing combinations of products to buy together

Promotional marketing

Promotional marketing aims at boosting the notoriety and popularity of the company. In order to do promotional marketing we will use :

  • Google Ads (Adwords),
  • Instagram, TikTok
  • LinkedIn and LinkedIn Ads.
  • Advertising via radio or via TV,
  • Radio,
  • Billboards and banners.

What is the Marketing Mix?

The Marketing Mix of a company is the set of 7P’s of a company.

The 7Ps are the 7 ways for a company to differentiate itself from the competition.

What is the SWOT in marketing?

Definition of SWOT in marketing:

This step is the first marketing step, even before creating the marketing persona. It allows to better understand the product and the market in which it is located. The SWOT will allow you to immediately identify the resources available and the limits that will challenge the realization of the marketing project.

Each part of the SWOT should be listed in a 4 box table. Here is the example to fill in. 👇


After completing the SWOT, you will need to build the persona and then create the offer and message.


💡 There you go, you can now answer :

  • What is marketing,
  • What are the jobs and salaries in marketing?
  • What are the different actions of digital marketing?
  • And how to start its marketing analysis thanks to the SWOT.

Marketing Faq

What education is needed to work in marketing?

Generally, the classic course of study to work in marketing is through a business school. You can study from one to five years, up to an MBA degree in Marketing.

You can also start by finding a job as a marketing assistant without having gone through the classical curriculum and developing your skills and knowledge. However, to reach marketing management positions, you will have to wait longer. Moreover, if you are passionate about marketing, you will be able to find plenty of online training 😉

What is customer experience in marketing?

Customer experience is the way he is going to be treated and accompanied during the whole buying process. Working on his customer journey is an excellent competitive advantage. Especially nowadays, where the purchasing process is often partially or completely digital. And there you have it, you now know what marketing is and what the different approaches are.

Now discover how to use it in your business strategy.👇

Building a marketing strategy 🚀

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