How To Add a Portfolio To LinkedIn?

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Having a nice resume isn’t always enough to stand out on LinkedIn. 😥 Therefore, adding a LinkedIn portfolio to your profile is one of the finest methods to be noticed in this professional social network. That’s why it’s so important to have a fully optimized LinkedIn profile, too! ⚡

You want to present your portfolio works in a visually appealing manner. So that potential clients or recruiters can see what you do and how you can assist them with just one look at your LinkedIn profile. 🤩


What is a LinkedIn portfolio?

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A LinkedIn portfolio is the same as your profile’s “Featured” section. 💡

You can put samples of your work portfolio there so that others who visit your profile can quickly scroll through your portfolio and get a sense of what you do. 🧐

Your portfolio shows exactly what you do. However, your resume only says what you can do. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, it’s nice to showcase some of your pieces directly! Instead of saying that you have experience working with this or that software. 👌

You can share a wide range of stuff there, including online links, photographs, videos, presentations, and more. If you want to upload a specific file, you should know that LinkedIn accepts GIF, .png, .jpg, .jpeg and PDF formats. 😊

To put it another way, maintaining your LinkedIn portfolio is an important component of maximizing your whole profile and getting more views, that is often overlooked. We’ll also cover everything you need to know about your LinkedIn portfolio and featured area in this article. ✍

Alright, now let’s see in the next part what you have to do to upload your portfolio of work to your LinkedIn profile. Shall we? 👇


How to add a LinkedIn portfolio to your profile?

  • Go to your LinkedIn profile and click “Add section” button.
  • Select the menu “Featured” in the options.
  • From there, you may populate your LinkedIn portfolio with several types of content, like:
    • Posts.
    • Articles.
    • Links.
    • As well as Media.


  • Also, you can go straight to your “Featured” area and make adjustments there.
  • You can click on the “+” button to add more content,
  • Or click on the “pencil” icon in order to “Edit” your selection.


Isn’t it simple? 😜

Consider showing various content types in your LinkedIn Featured section, from viral LinkedIn posts to ways for your leads to contact you (for example, a link to have a demo with you). 🚀

There are many various sorts of content you may include in your LinkedIn web portfolio, ranging from professional webpages to interactive presentations, etc. ⭐

The possibilities are endless! 💫


What should you put on your LinkedIn profile?

As previously said, you can include several types of content in your portfolio. 💯

However, your career and/or achievements will play a big role in this. 👩‍🎓

So, think about what sets you apart from the hundreds of thousands of other people with the same job title. 🤔 For more info, refer to this article!

In your portfolio section, you should include content or updates that are essential and meaningful to you, such as a job update, a notable achievement, the next step in your career, and so on. 💪

But don’t worry if you’re not a well-known thought leader in your field; there are still lots you can do to showcase your achievements, as we’ll discuss below. 👍

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Well optimized LinkedIn profile example:

Let me present to you our beloved UX/UI Designer at Waalaxy, Pauline Beauté! 😍

She’s an example of a well optimized LinkedIn profile, as I explained at the beginning of this article. 👆

Let’s take a look at the elements that make her profile stand-out:

  • Firstly, she paid special attention to her LinkedIn banner and profile picture. As you can see, she’s using them to promote our special Black Friday deal this year! Hence, the black colors for her profile picture. 🖤
  • Secondly, we see that she has an appealing Job title (like in the article I shared earlier 😉). It explains what she does, what company she works for, and she even uses emojis that are eye catching. Believe me, these little details can go a long way! 👀
  • Lastly, since she’s also a photographer in her spare time 📸, she put a link to her online portfolio to showcase her work/hobby in the “Featured” section of her profile. ⚡


That profile looks really nice and appealing, don’t you think? 😉

I hope these portfolio examples inspire you to do the same for your LinkedIn profile portfolio as well! Get creative and let your personality shine through. 💥


How much content should you include in your LinkedIn portfolio?

You can upload an unlimited number of files or links to your LinkedIn profile! 🌌

That means, you can build a portfolio that expands as your career progresses and keep it updated. 🪐

As a general rule, while adding content to your LinkedIn portfolio, you should include 2–5 items that fill out the space and provide a basic idea of you as a person, your skills, your branding, etc. 😏

Furthermore, try to showcase a diversified portfolio of your work and employ various material genres to catch your target audience’s interest: use highlighted posts, video presentations, portfolio website links and so on… 🧲

It doesn’t matter if you’re giving something away for free, advertising yourself, or using fun facts and numbers. The main thing is to stand-out from other profiles. 🏆


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Here’s how you can do it! 🤲


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How to create a portfolio on LinkedIn?

As we saw above, creating a portfolio for LinkedIn, is easy indeed! 🔥

Just try having as much variety of content as possible. 😋

In this example, we can see a video product demo in the first place, then a featured LinkedIn post with tips and finally, a direct link to our website to try out our automation tool, Waalaxy. 👽


Unlike this other profile example, where the “Featured” section hasn’t been optimized at all. 😥 It only has plain text from previous LinkedIn posts… We can all agree, it’s kind of dull, right?! 👎


Okay, I hope these examples were clear enough to show you the dos and don’ts to create the best LinkedIn profile portfolio! ✨


Use visuals that stand out and capture the attention of profile visitors

When someone visits your LinkedIn profile, you’ll want to grab their attention and reassure them that they’ve arrived at the correct spot. 🎯

You can do so by adding your most important work in your “Featured” area, as we discussed before. 👌

If you’re going to use a visual, make sure it’s easy to grasp and matches your identity. 👩‍🚀 People on LinkedIn first and foremost trust other people. There’s a lot more to this social media network than job offers and enterprises. 💼

So, if you want to come out as more personable and sincere, you can’t go wrong with including your personal branding. 😇

You might be thinking, “That sounds right, but how can I do it?” 🤷‍♀️

Well, I have the answer for you here! 😘 We have prepared a complete tutorial on how to make creative portfolio content for LinkedIn using simple tools:


Create LinkedIn lead magnets using automation

Do you want to get more leads from your LinkedIn profile? 🚀

Try using automation tools to export them from LinkedIn to your CRM, and send them a personalized marketing funnel! 🤩


Also, consider including case studies or guides for the direct visitors of your portfolio site, so they can download it in exchange for their email addresses. 😎


⚡ When promoting information like this, strive to strike a balance between providing value and demonstrating your expertise.

You can also use external websites to promote your blog or design portfolio. 💫


A cold prospect, on the other hand, might not be able to convert right away after landing on your LinkedIn profile. So, if you’re currently posting information on LinkedIn and providing value for free, this technique might work best for you. 💯

Remember to post constantly to attract more potential customers. 👋 And combine your strategy with “pods” to boost your LinkedIn posts, like Podawaa, if you want to have a double impact! 💥


Add content that is both timeless and viral

🤩 Including some of your best material in your LinkedIn portfolio online is one method to keep generating traffic and interaction to it.

Consider doing so with your most popular content, whether it went viral, received a lot of engagement, or is simply a fan favorite among your target demographic. Even if it isn’t directly related to your profession. 💃

Even if the majority of your network has already seen it, as long as people visit your profile, those posts will continue to earn engagement. 🤓

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If you’re constantly networking with more people in your target audience, this method also works well. 💪

When someone connects with you, they’ll be able to know right away what some of your values are and what kind of content they can expect from you in the future. 🔮

Additionally, if your old post begins to acquire traction again, it has the potential to go viral. 🤑


👉 Go check this webinar with our CEO, about the “Avengers strategy” that we use to reach an enormous number of views on LinkedIn.

Now you have no more excuses to make your LinkedIn portfolio and lead generation strategy an absolute success! 🌟

We believe in you. 🙏


Add portfolio in LinkedIn product page

In case you manage a professional company page on LinkedIn or you do freelance business, and you want to create a portfolio as well, then this is what you need to do. 😏

Inside your company page, you have a new tab called “Products” this means that you can add all the products your company sells inside the same company page. Instead of having to create a professional page for each product (like it used to be 🥴).

If you don’t know how the Product page works, then I invite you to read this article, and you’ll know everything there is to know! 💡

This is what the Product tab looks like in the company page:


Anyone who follows your page will also see the related products, and can even add them as “Skills” to their LinkedIn profile. 🤓

In the next part, we will see how you can use the product page to create a professional portfolio for your products or services, and attract qualified B2b leads! 🎯


How to use LinkedIn product page?

The LinkedIn product page is easy to use, and you can take advantage of it to showcase what you can do with your product, kind of like with the “Featured” section in your LinkedIn profile. 👌

This what the “Product media” section looks like in the Product page:


As you can see, in the “Product media” area, you can display your content portfolio in a wide space. 😲 Which makes it easier for the visitors to see all the media content you have to offer.

FYI: You can include up to 3 videos (tutorials, demos, etc.) and 2 screenshot, for a total of 5 visuals only (try to keep the video content under 3 mins to increase visibility)! 🔥

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In addition, at the top of the page you can add a CTA (Call-To-Action) button, like “Learn more” with a link to your demo website, or “Ask for a demo” and open a contact form. 🤗

This will save you tons of time and money if it’s well synchronized with your lead pipeline! 💪


How to add media content to your LinkedIn product page?

First, make sure you have admin rights on the company page to be able to create a product page. 🧐

Once that is okay, you can start filling in the details of your product page:

  • Header section with the “Product info” and “Call to action” button, you can include any kind of link you want in both,
  • About section with an “Overview, Media, Customers, and Product users”, this is used to describe your product and your target audience,
  • In the “Media” tab, you can “Add media” and choose from images or videos, and links to Vimeo/YouTube.


This media section will turn your product page into a beautiful catalog for the potential leads to look at, and you can even target them directly by adding the customers your product/service is intended to! ⚡

Don’t you think it’s amazing? 😍


Conclusion of LinkedIn portfolio

As you might have suspected from what we covered in this article, your LinkedIn portfolio can contain a wide variety of content. 🤗

If you’re not sure where to begin, aim for a balance of useful information and content that emphasizes your experience as a thought leader. You should gain leads as well as engaged followers this way. 💯

To wrap things up, here are the questions that we reviewed about your LinkedIn profile portfolio:

  • What is a LinkedIn portfolio?
  • How to add a LinkedIn portfolio to your profile?
  • What should you put on your LinkedIn profile?
  • Well optimized LinkedIn profile example
  • How much content should you include in your LinkedIn portfolio?
  • How to create a portfolio on LinkedIn?
  • Use visuals that stand out and capture the attention of profile visitors
  • Create LinkedIn lead magnets using automation tools
  • Add content that is both timeless and viral
  • Add portfolio in LinkedIn product page
  • How to use LinkedIn product page?
  • How to add media content to your LinkedIn product page?
  • Where to put a portfolio link on LinkedIn?
  • What else to showcase in your LinkedIn portfolio?

In conclusion, you can begin outreach and increase your prospecting efforts after you’ve linked your portfolio to your LinkedIn account to promote your best work and thoroughly optimize your profile, as well as your professional pages. 🚀

Let’s say you want to use LinkedIn to start producing leads or seeking employment. In that situation, you may start automating some of your manual outreach chores, such as interacting with your target audience and following up, using Waalaxy & Podawaa, of course! 🥳

Discover Waalaxy 🪐



FAQ LinkedIn portfolio

Where to put a portfolio link on LinkedIn?

🌠 Furthermore, if you want to add a link to your digital portfolio on LinkedIn, you can do it this way:

  • Go to your “Featured” section and click on the “+” button,
  • Then click on “+” in the “Links” option.


  • The pop-up “Add a link” will appear, where you can paste or write your link,
  • Next, click on “Add” button below.


  • Finally, another pop-up will preview the content of your link,
  • You can modify the “Title” and “Description” sections,
  • Click on “Save” to upload your work online.


Well done! 🤗

The link to your website portfolio or personal page will be available for anyone who clicks on the “Featured” display here:


You can even modify your selection afterward, using the “pencil” icon button in the upper-right corner of the “Featured” are of your LinkedIn profile. 💥


How to add a PDF portfolio on LinkedIn?

PDF portfolios can also be uploaded to your LinkedIn page. 😁 To do so, just follow these steps:

  • Go to your LinkedIn profile and scroll down to the “Featured” section.
  • Click on “+” button and choose “Media” to add a new content.


  • Select your portfolio, resume, or CV in PDF format.
  • Upload it, preview it and “Save” your work.


That’s it! ✨ For more information, you can check the LinkedIn help page here.


What else to showcase in your LinkedIn portfolio?

To sum up, if you’re still undecided about what to include in your LinkedIn personal portfolio, 📣 consider the following suggestions:

  • A recommendation letter,
  • Client success and social proof,
  • Sample portfolio of your work,
  • A video introducing you and your company,
  • A condensed version of your résumé (or a PDF carousel version),
  • In an infographic, to show off your abilities and accomplishments,
  • To seem personable and develop rapport, use your personal branding aspects.
  • The next steps for a viewer who lands on your profile meaning: social media to connect with you, a visit to your calendar for a quick call, lead magnet like free guides, your blog etc.
  • An FAQ of your activities,
  • And much more. 👽

“That’s all folks!” 😜

thats all folks GIF


I hope you found this article on LinkedIn portfolio very useful, and that you get some inspiration to improve your “Featured” section.

See you in the next episode! ✌


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