What is a White Paper? Learn How to Make the Most of it

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Want to find out how to create a white paper to promote your company? Then you’ve come to the right place! 🌸


What is a White Paper?

📘 Well, it’s a bit like bait on the end of a hook! 👀 A white paper is a document, often in PDF format, that dives deep into a specific subject, for example, “The X methods for developing your sales”.

It’s there to enlighten and inform its reader on super-specialized subjects, but also to gather valuable information about that prospect to turn them into a customer.

The idea is to “nurture” the customer. (We look at this in more detail in the article). 😉


How can a Company Stand Out from the Crowd with a White Paper?

First and foremost, a white paper highlights your company’s expertise. By choosing a topic that fits perfectly with your field of activity, you show that you have a real understanding of the challenges and opportunities that concern your potential customers, You then prove your expertise. 👀

By offering an informative, well-argued document, you show that you’re there to educate your potential customers. It creates a connection, a mutual trust that can tip the balance in your favor. 🫶


The 4 stages of Writing a White Paper

1) Captivating introduction

The opening of your white paper must be captivating. It must arouse interest and convince the reader to immerse themselves in what you have to offer. 🎁

Let’s take the example of personal finance management, a fairly boring subject at its core, absolutely must become attractive, This is the type of intro I would have made.


2) Understanding the Problem

Understanding your customers‘ problems as well as they understand them is the key to getting them to trust you.🫶

For example, if you offer marketing consultancy services, talk about the sleepless nights spent thinking about the perfect strategy, and the campaigns that didn’t reach their full potential. 🤓 The reader should feel that you’re walking alongside them, ready to solve these problems.

Here’s an introduction to the problem that works (of course, you’ll then have to argue according to your tool):


3) Presentation of the Solution

The long-awaited moment when you unveil your solution has arrived. Bear in mind that this part should be a demonstration, not a promotion! ❌

The solution should make up the majority of the pages of your guide, there should be statistics, templates, testimonials, results… in short, anything that can prove that the solution is viable. ✅

Let’s say you’re developing a fitness tracking application, highlighting the features that make the experience unique and valuable. Avoid overdoing it, as the quality of your solution should speak for itself. 🗣️

An example of the start of a response to the solution in your white paper (of course, you’ll then have to argue the case for your tool):


4) Persuasive conclusion

The conclusion is the last stage of your journey together (your prospect is you), so where you want to take them. This is where you connect the dots, showing how your solution is the key that unlocks the door to a better future for your future customers. 🏹

If you offer project management consultancy services, share past successes, and stories of customers who have overcome similar challenges thanks to your expertise, and, above all, please remember the Call to action. 📞

Here’s an example of the end of a white paper:


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Examples of White Papers in B2B

Waalaxy’s white paper on converting prospects into customers.

white paper example waalaxy

Hubspot’s guide to developing your digital marketing.

white paper hubspot

Salesforce‘s e-book for mastering the art of selling.

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The White Paper is online: What Happens Next?

Now that you’ve created it in several stages, you can move on to phase two of the process, i.e., using this e-book or guide to generate leads. 🧲


You Gather Key Information

Every prospect who downloads your white paper will leave you their email address, so you’ll be able to build up a database of warm prospects. 🔥 The next step is to keep adding to this database by contacting your prospects.

With Waalaxy, you can automate and personalize the sending of emails and messages on LinkedIn to prospects. 😉 Waalaxy lets you import lists of prospects or extract them from external sources. You can then create personalized message templates.

These templates can include dynamic fields that will be automatically filled in with each prospect’s specific information, such as their first name, company, etc. 🤖


Do your “Lead Nurturing”

Lead nurturing is a marketing strategy that involves maintaining and developing relationships with potential customers (leads) over time.😀 The main aim of nurturing is to guide these leads through the buying process, providing them with relevant information and gradually building trust.

How do you do lead nurturing? Well, by sending automatic personalized messages on LinkedIn or transactional emails after receiving the document, for example! 😻


You send Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are automated messages sent to a user in response to a specific action. After downloading a white paper, here are a few examples of transactional emails you could send: 👀

  • Thank you emails.
  • Follow-up emails.
  • Email with additional content.
  • Invitation to a webinar or event.
  • Feedback request emails.
  • Exclusive offer emails.
  • Subject update emails.

Here’s a sample thank-you email to get you started: ⏬


You are analyzing the results of the White Paper:

Analyzing the results of a white paper 📚 is super important.

It gives you valuable insight into how your content is performing. You see what really attracts your audience and where you could improve… 🤔

It guides you to adjust your future content, change your strategies, and show that you’re always looking to improve. Ultimately, it also helps you provide more relevant and engaging content for your audience while maximizing the ROI of your white paper initiative.

Here are the KPI’s that should be analyzed as a priority. 👩‍🏫

  • Download rate: Measuring how many times the guide has been downloaded gives you an idea of the level of interest in the content.
  • Origin of traffic: Identify the source of the traffic that led to the white paper being downloaded. This could be via the website, social networks, advertising campaigns, etc.
  • Conversion rate: Calculate the percentage of visitors who downloaded in relation to the total number of visitors who visited the download page.
  • Retention Rate: Monitor how many people who have downloaded the white paper remain engaged with your content or brand over time.
  • Feedback and Comments: Consider the feedback from those who have downloaded it.


FAQ and article conclusion

Other White Paper Names

They are also called “Expert Guides”, “White books”, “E-Books”, or even “Masterclasses”. 🚀


What is the main purpose of a White Paper?

A white paper 📚 is like a detailed guide that explains a specific topic really well. It’s used to teach people and convince them about something important. Companies use it to show they know a lot about a certain subject and gain new clients.


Why is it Called White Paper?

It’s called a white paper because essential documents used to have white covers. White gives a feeling of being fair and important. In business, they use the term to discuss documents that are perfect at explaining things. 🙌


Can Anyone write a White Paper?

Yes, anyone can write a white paper. ✍️ But to make it perfect, the person should be an expert on the topic and have the right marketing mindset. It’s even better if it’s written by someone who is known and trusted in that area. That way, people will take it more seriously.


SEO and White Paper

Yes, the white book 📚 is part of a complete SEO strategy, it’s a great asset to your marketing strategy. It gives you authority and credibility. What’s more, it generates super-relevant content that attracts visitors.

It helps you attract prospects and build up your database. And if you choose your keywords well, you’ll improve your visibility in search results. And best of all, it stays active for a very long time, since white papers are changed about once a year. 👌


Where can I put a White Paper on my Site?

There are several ways of placing a white paper on a blog to maximize its visibility and accessibility. 🚀

  • A button on the home page or navigation bar.
  • Integrate calls to action (CTAs) to the white paper in relevant blog posts.
  • Pop-ups or Modal Windows when a visitor is reading an article.
  • Category pages if your blog is divided into categories.
  • At the end of blog posts, in the footer.
  • On resource pages.

You can also create a landing page dedicated to the white paper, where visitors can learn more about its content and download the document.

This page should be optimized for conversion, with a clear contact form and persuasive information about the benefits of downloading, plus a CTA. 💥


By combining these strategies, you’ll increase the chances of your white paper being seen and downloaded. 😉


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