Smarketing Ultimate Guide: Sales + Marketing

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Smarketing is a combination of “Sales” and “Marketing”. 🤝

This refers to the alignment of a company’s marketing and sales departments and processes.

Thanks to this organizational mode, you can achieve many results. 🚀

These include generating leads, increasing sales, improving efficiency and more.

Smarketing Definition

Smarketing is an increasingly common B2B term. The word is a combination of two English words: “Sales” and “Marketing”.

Behind this Anglicism lies a simple definition. 👉 Smarketing is about marketing & sales teams working together to pursue a common goal.

Thanks to this management technique, actions are coordinated within the company. It’s an action that ensures growth!


Why is Smarketing important in B2B?

Marketing is more than just a buzzword. Above all, it’s an engine for growth. 💥 This alignment motivates the team towards a common, SMART goal.

It improves communication and cohesion, enabling teams to work together to improve customer lifecycles and conversion funnels.

Thanks to Smarketing, you can implement a sales method that enables you to generate B2b leads faster.

Content creation is better adapted to the target audience, and it also makes it easier for sales reps to generate leads.

Indeed, data has become the key to sales. 🔑 The more you know your prospect, the more arguments you will have to close a sale.

For example, by analyzing browsing data, we can personalize offers according to the user’s interests, improve the targeting of advertising campaigns, or even predict purchasing trends to adjust stocks accordingly.

Indeed, your company’s performance and results will improve! 👏

How to implement Smarketing in your company?

Get the whole team on board and make Smarketing part of your culture

Combining the work of marketing and sales employees often requires building a pre-sales team capable of handling leads. 🌟

This creates lead qualification specialists who route only the most relevant leads to sales.

Because they act as a bridge between two departments, their effect is twofold. 👌

It lets marketers know that all leads are being processed. While salespeople see their work optimized.

Only prospects interested in the project will be contacted. 📞

They focus only on warm leads, increasing the chances of a sale, but also for the relevance of the contact.

In addition, you need to set up a precise customer journey to help you monitor the steps between your teams.

Each team will be able to see the results of its actions as well as the work done by the other party.

customer journey

With this strategy, sales and marketing don’t work separately. 💡

Yet, they work together as a single team specializing in products, customer segments, geographies, content, etc.

The “Smarketing” strategy is therefore an integral part of the company culture. 🤗

It’s a great way to increase your revenues, and it also helps put an end to any friction between teams.

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waalaxy dashboard

How do I set up a lead management process?

In this part, we’re going to talk about several things, how to get leads simultaneously from sales and marketing, and how to act to bring these two strategies together. 🤲

How to get leads and how to act to bring these two strategies together? Here are some examples of methods you can use: ⏬

1. Persona & Lead scoring joint effort

Implement a lead scoring system developed jointly by sales + marketing to ensure that only the most qualified leads are passed on to sales. 🗣️

Firstly, you need to define “personas”, as this is one of the essential pillars of a B2B strategy.

But, to make them useful for the whole company, it’s important to co-construct personas with the sales team. 🖌️

Here are a few tips: 👇

  • Get everyone involved: first, by asking them the right questions. For example, ask sales people to name the last customers they signed who represent ideal prospects for them. By naming real companies or people, the personas exercise will become more concrete.
  • Present personas to teams: once you’ve finalized your personas, present them to your teams. Explain how these personas will have an impact on marketing actions, but also on their sales approach.
  • Work together to improve them: communicate regularly with your sales team throughout the year to gather feedback on interactions with prospects.

All this information allows you to update your personas without having to create them from scratch. 🪚

Working in close collaboration makes persona tracking more efficient.

Example of lead scoring

Lead scoring is a technique used to evaluate the quality of leads in sales prospecting. 🎯


This is the process by which a company categorizes potential customers or “leads” according to their interests and likelihood of becoming customers. 🤩

This enables companies to focus their sales and marketing efforts on the most promising prospects.

What’s more, CRM tools are often used to set up automated lead scoring systems that help you track and optimize your customer acquisition performance. ✨

2. Coordinated Smarketing Campaigns

Launch Smarketing campaigns that directly support sales objectives, such as targeted inbound promotions or events that generate qualified leads. ✅

In the dynamic world of sales & marketing, S-Marketing is an innovative strategy that combines the strengths of the teams to maximize campaign effectiveness and consistency. 💪

Here’s how to achieve this synergy: ⏬

  • Transparent communication: the key to success lies in open and regular communication. 🗝️ Hold weekly meetings to adjust targets and share customer feedback. This ensures that all teams are on the same wavelength and increases the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Data sharing: marketing teams have valuable information on customer preferences and behavior. By sharing this data with your sales department, you can create more targeted and personalized campaigns, and increase your chances of conversion.
  • Shared objectives: set clear, measurable objectives that cover both sales + marketing. This fosters close collaboration with a common focus on objectives like increasing sales and improving customer relationship.
  • Continuous feedback: adaptability is essential. Encourage continuous feedback between your teams to continually refine your strategy and respond quickly to market developments. 🏹

Integrating these principles into your campaigns not only creates synergy between your teams, but builds the path to your company’s success. 🧨

Embark on the “Smarketing” adventure and see your campaigns become more successful than ever! 😉

3. CRM integration and Automation

“S-marketing” and the integration of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools with automation is its sales funnel foundation. 🥸

Why? 🤔

Because it provides a unified vision of the customer, consistent communication and optimized sales processes.

  • Step 1: Choose the right tool – Choose a CRM and marketing automation platform that can be easily integrated. Make sure they meet the specific needs of your teams.
  • Step 2: Align your data – Synchronize data between your systems. This includes customer information, interactions, and purchase history. A 360-degree view of customers is essential for an effective Smarketing campaign.
  • Step 3: Automate processes – Use automation to send personalized email marketing templates, manage leads and track campaign performance. Automation ensures smooth, consistent communication with customers.
  • Step 4: Training and adoption – Train your team to use these tools effectively. Acceptance by all groups is essential to the success of your Smarketing strategy.
  • Step 5: Analyze and adjust – Use the data collected to analyze performance. Adjust your strategy based on the information gathered for continuous improvement.

By integrating CRM and automation, you create an ecosystem in which marketing and sales work in tandem, helping to better understand customers and increase sales performance. 🎯

What’s more, you can use Waalaxy to cross-channel LinkedIn email. 📧

If you add tools to automate posts like Podawaa, you’ll get a “Smarketing on LinkedIn” strategy, all rolled into one!

Example of a “Smarketing” campaign

For example, at Waalaxy we do coordinated campaigns, like Black Friday, where all our SEO, customer support and media teams work together to unify this ephemeral offer. 🤩

  • The SEO team wrote blog posts around the Black Friday promos, to drive traffic to our website,
  • The SEA team created a dedicated “landing page”, to make payments flow smoothly,
  • The media team shared posts on all our social networks, as well as emailing campaigns,
  • The support team was ready for the influx of requests and had prepared scripts to better guide new customers.
  • The development team had fixed all the bugs before the launch, and much more…

In this way, we managed to make a quarter’s turnover in a single day! 🖤

Black Friday Software Deals for Your Content Business | by Tina Lopez | ILLUMINATION | Medium

Finally, you can also use the “Sprout Social” tool for your automation and to create a strategy on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

This software lets you easily manage your professional social network campaigns, 👌 while maintaining smooth communication between your teams.

Conclusion: S-marketing Ultimate Guide

In conclusion, S-marketing is not just a trend, it’s a revolution in the way companies approach their sales and marketing strategies. 🎉

By closely integrating these two sectors, you create a powerful synergy that can drive growth and enhance the customer experience.

Tools like Waalaxy, Podawaa and, again, “Sprout Social” facilitate this integration, making the process seamless and efficient. ⚡

Apply Smarketing for a unified vision, consistent campaigns and impressive sales results. 🚀

Embark on this strategic adventure today and watch your business reach new heights!

Article FAQ

What exactly is Smarketing?

Smarketing is a strategic alignment between teams to work cohesively towards common goals, improving overall efficiency and business growth. 🌱

How do you measure the success of Smarketing?

Smarketing success is measured by key indicators such as revenue increase, sales improvement, customer satisfaction and campaign effectiveness. 🤓

To choose the right metrics, identify those that best reflect the joint goals of your sales and marketing teams.

As explained before, indicators must be quantifiable, aligned with strategic goals and capable of showing a direct correlation with the actions undertaken.

Allowing strategies to be adjusted in real time to optimize overall performance.

Moreover, find out how to improve your customer centric culture, here! 👈

Can Smarketing be adapted to all company sizes?

Absolutely! 😏 Smarketing is flexible and adaptable to any structure, from small businesses to large corporations, it helps optimize performance between teams.

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