How to find ideas for LinkedIn posts?

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You know that LinkedIn is a great channel for generating leads. You have understood that the algorithm is lenient and that there is no excuse not to start.

So you said to yourself: I’m going to follow the advice of the Waalaxy team and write my post ideas on a document.

The first 4-5 topics arrive quite quickly and then… nothing.

4-5 posts, it’s a bit short, isn’t it? You need ideas.

Here are some tips for finding ideas for LinkedIn posts.

Look at what already exists

There you say… Thank you for the advice, I did not need to read an article to know that.

But seriously? Thousands of people post every day on LinkedIn. In dozens of languages.

  • Find LinkedIn influencers who interest you, who talk about topics that appeal to you. Don’t copy obviously. But get inspired. Tweak your style.
  • Do you speak another language? Subscribe to people who speak this language and then take up themes in yours. You will save considerable time

Cut out blog posts

The great thing about posts on LinkedIn is that you bring content to the audience. Content that they would not necessarily have read in an article if you had shared the article directly.

However, an article is often divided into several parts. Use these parts and make a series of posts!

You recycle your own content or that of others (be careful not to copy/paste, we are not talking about plagiarism but about inspiration!).

For example, I could do a series of posts on “How to find content ideas on LinkedIn” and split this article into 9 posts.

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Make “top” content

“Oh no tops”. Oh yes!

Lots of people are looking for content. Are you monitoring your industry? No? Well now yes.

Prepare tops of content in your industry. Examples:

  • Top 5 growth hacking newsletters
  • 3 podcasts to listen on lead generation
  • 5 LinkedIn influencers to follow

You even have two options: make a post that presents only the best or make a series of posts that present them 1 by 1 with detail. With this technique, you can even invite the audience to follow you or add you to see the next ones.

Follow the news

News has a lot to say. And humans like what’s trendy (especially if it’s a bit negative #primaryinstinct).

You can talk about news in general (#covid19 at the time of this writing) or news from your industry.

You are SEO experts: talk about the change of the Google algorithm (it changes every 2 days it’s not hard).

Talk about what you are passionate about, your expertise

You must have expertise. Personal and professional experience.

Talk it over! Are you passionate about music and are you into lead generation? So what? If you don’t speak only of music and the themes treated are original, go for it.

My personal opinion is that we can talk about everything on LinkedIn. It is the regularity and diversity of content that pays.

Ask your family and friends

Granny may not be the best counselor. But your professional colleagues and friends of the same “rank” can surely help you. Ask them for ideas, topics they would like to see covered.

Once you have an audience, you can even ask them! If it likes your content, it will be happy to give its opinion.

Look for blog articles that give ideas for finding article ideas

Type “Find an article idea” on Google. It will give you ideas 😜

Speak about yourself (but not too much)

Do you have interesting news? Talk it over.

Avoid exceeding 10% of content that speaks about you. But that already represents a publication out of 10.

Speak about kittens

Or rather re-use what works. Potentially what works on other networks, by adapting and remaining professional of course. (I am sure that even on LinkedIn kittens pictures are very successful).

Kitten Facts - Fun Facts About Baby Cats

Use sourcing tools like BuzzSumo or Scoop-it

To find your inspiration, articles on your theme, news or even keep your watch, use BuzzSumo or Scoop-it. These tools allow you to follow trends, find content. You will just have to swallow and disburse on LinkedIn posts. 🤮

This article presents a touch of irony. But I hope that some of you, during the reading, will have had an enlightenment and will have returned to taking note of topic ideas for your strategy on LinkedIn.😉


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