Email Marketing Kpis = 13 Metrics You Must Know : ROI, Open…

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Want to know the best metrics to follow for your email marketing KPIs and campaigns?
Discover the 14 simple calculations to know if you are making good campaigns.
Throughout the article you will discover tips:
  • Email marketing best practices.
  • 🚨 What not to do in your campaign.
  • 🔝 The most important rate calculations and how to track them.

For example, 100 emails were opened, but only 5 people clicked on the link in the email. Then the click-through rate for the opening will be 5%.
Warning. 🚨 It’s not enough to know how many buy, but more importantly how many don’t buy and why. If you can identify what is preventing your targets from taking action, then you can improve your conversion tunnel, and therefore, your conversion rate will go up.
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