10 Best ChatGPT Email Prompts

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Love it or hate it, ChatGPT is revolutionizing email communication for professionals around the world. 🌍 From turning long messages into easy-to-understand summaries to crafting well-written replies in just seconds. ⚡ Learn how to use these ChatGPT email prompts to make email management easy.

10 Best ChatGPT Email Prompts

To get started, here are 10 Chat GPT email prompts to help you tackle common tasks with less effort. 👏

Feel free to experiment with the style and structure of these prompts and modify them based on the results you’re looking for: ⏬

1. Schedule meetings and calls

In the professional world, scheduling meetings and phone calls is something we have to do every day. 📞

To create clear and concise emails, you can use the following ChatGPT prompt template:

“You’re writing a commercial email in which you want to schedule meetings or calls.
Insert variables {} like first name, company name. Enter the subject of the email and a professional signature.
In 70 words.”

Tips for scheduling meetings using ChatGPT: 👇

  • Be specific about the purpose, date, and time of the meeting.
  • Suggest multiple time slots to fit your recipient’s schedule.
  • Add relevant links. 🌐 For example: virtual meeting platform or location details.

Furthermore, here’s how to send a professional meeting request email! 🌟

2. Follow up with prospects or clients

Following up with prospects and customers is critical to nurturing relationships and driving growth. 🌱

With ChatGPT, you can create compelling follow-up emails with the following prompt template:

“You’re the {work position} from {Your Company} specializing in {product or service}.
Write a persuasive follow-up email to {name} from {Company Name} who expressed interest in our services during {event where you met}. Highlight the benefits we offer, such as {list benefits}. Keep it under 70 words.”

When creating follow-up emails, you can use ChatGPT to: 👇

  • Remind recipients of previous interactions.
  • Highlight the benefits of your service.
  • Provide a clear call to action. ⚡ Try arranging a call or sending additional information.

3. Ask for specific documentation

Requesting further information or documents to a colleague is a common email task. 🤔

Use the following ChatGPT prompt to make a respectful and concise request.

You can even ask the AI to create several examples: ⬇️

“Draft an email to a colleague asking for {information or action} for the goal of {give the purpose of your request}. Give me 3 examples. In 70 words each.”

If the recipient hasn’t responded to your request yet, and you need one quickly, you can use Waalaxy’s emailing campaigns to set up your scenarios.

For example, if the person doesn’t reply in 2 days, you can send them a brief reminder. 👌

Learn more about how to send a reminder email, here! 📩

4. Provide project updates

Keeping employees updated on project progress is important for transparency and collaboration. 🤝

Create well-structured progress reports using this ChatGPT prompt:

“Create an email updating {person or group of people} on the status of {project}, including {list of completed tasks, upcoming milestones, and any challenges encountered}.
Enter the subject of the email and a professional signature. In 70 words, max.”

Furthermore, use collaboration techniques for your company like “Smarketing”.

The goal is to work better, not harder! 💪

5. Summarize a meeting

Meetings can be incredibly time-consuming! 😖

The average manager has between 11 and 15 meetings per week. 😤 No one has the time or mental capacity to remember everything that was said…

Moreover, long texts are a pain to read. 🧨

So, why not ask ChatGPT to summarize your meeting notes and turn them into bullet points, so you don’t forget key details? 🪄

“You’re writing an internal email in which you want to summarize what was said in a meeting, into bullet points. Enter the subject line and use a professional tone.”

From here, you can turn your summary into an email or memo, so you can quickly get an overview of what’s important. 💡

6. Send an invoice or payment reminder

Sending invoices and payment reminders can be a delicate task. 🤐

To create a polite and professional email, try these ChatGPT prompts for blogging:

“Write an email to {client’s name}, attaching their invoice for {your service} for the total amount of {cost of services} and kindly reminding them that the due date for payment is {enter date}.”

Are you rushing and need to write a payment request quickly? 😥

Save your personalized email templates in Waalaxy, and send them any time you need. 🙌

7. Apologize to a customer

Handling customer complaints sensitively and professionally is critical to maintaining trust and satisfaction. 🤗

Moreover, using the right ChatGPT email prompts can help you craft a respectful apology, like this one:

“You’re writing a personalized email to apologize to a customer for {issues with delivery, wrong product, etc.}.
Write a 70-word apology email offering {a discount, free delivery, gift card, etc}. Use an empathetic tone.”

Want to know more about client retention strategies? 👈 We got you!

8. Ask for referrals

Referrals or recommendations are invaluable in growing your business and building credibility. 👀

To create a compelling request, you can use the following prompt:

“Write a personalized email in which you ask for referrals or recommendations. Address it an ex-colleague or client that knows you and insert variables {} like first name, company name. In 70 words.”

Furthermore, learn how to endorse someone on LinkedIn, in this article! ✍️

9. Decline an invitation

Have you ever received an invitation to an event but can’t attend? 🙈

ChatGPT can help you politely decline the offer. 👉 To do this, use the following prompt:

“Write a polite and professional email declining {invitation or event}, thanking them for the opportunity, and explaining that you are unable to attend for {reasons you cannot attend}.
Explain it briefly in under 100 words.”

By the way… Have you tried launching LinkedIn events yet? 🧐

It’s a great way to boost your B2b prospecting strategy!

10. Submit a CV application

We all know how hard it is to find work, specially freelance jobs. 😪

In this competitive job market, you need to make sure your CV application email stands out from the crowd. 🌟

Jobseekers can use the following prompt to impress potential employers:

“Write an email application for the position [Job Title] at [Company Name], express your enthusiasm for the position and the company, and attach your resume. Maintain a professional and engaging tone, address the email to the recruiter at [Recruiter Name], and include a CTA to schedule an interview. Keep it under 80 words.”

It’s a well-known fact that ChatGPT has difficulty expressing one’s feelings. 😐

When writing a job application email, you want to let the recipient know that you’re enthusiastic about the position, so remember to include the tone you want into your prompt. 🗣️

Limits of using ChatGPT prompt email

Speaking of which… 🫢 Now, we’ll discuss what are some limits of using ChatGPT prompts.

There are 3 main limitations when using ChatGPT to create email responses: 👇

  • Lack of personalization: ChatGPT can produce professional and consistent emails, but without detailed input, it cannot capture the unique voice or specific nuances of a person’s or company’s communication style. This may result in a response that seems too generic.
  • Misunderstanding context: Because ChatGPT relies on the text provided, it can misinterpret complex or subtle requests, resulting in a response that does not fully address the sender’s intent or question. 🫣
  • Current information: ChatGPT training data is only updated to a certain point in time. This means that accurate and relevant email responses may not include information about current events, updates, and context that are important.

Don’t worry, though!

In general, the benefits of using artificial intelligence are higher than the difficulties. 😇

Conclusion: ChatGPT Prompts for Email Marketing

Nowadays, emails have become an essential part of our lives. 📧

However, just sending an email isn’t enough… 🙊 It needs to convey your message effectively, and leave a good impression on your recipients.

ChatGPT is here to help you with this task. 👏

But, keep in mind that you may not always be satisfied with the results given by the AI.

In some cases, it may get the wrong idea or the answer is not the one you want. 🤫  Therefore, don’t press “Send email” right away.

Always check the results and make changes if necessary. 👉 Remember, the answer you get is only as good as the prompt you gave.

Try to provide as much context as possible or use the “Regenerate” button, to get a different result. 💎 As some people say, “practice makes perfect”.

So, why not give Chat GPT email prompts a go! 😏

FAQ: ChatGPT Email Marketing Prompts

Can I use Chat GPT for work emails?

Absolutely! 😍 ChatGPT can be used for work emails.

Imagine this: you’ll be able to write emails faster with customized responses and a creative flair while maintaining a professional feel. 💼

Whether you want to schedule meetings, track projects, or process customer service requests, ChatGPT acts as your personal email assistant.

💡 Remember: It’s a good idea to add a personal touch to your email before hitting send so it matches perfectly your tone and company culture.

How to use ChatGPT to answer an email?

Using ChatGPT to respond to emails is like having an assistant at your fingertips. 🪶

Just enter the gist of the email you received. 👉 And watch it produce an answer tailored to your needs.

Customize the tone, style, and details to match your company or personal branding.

It’s a time-saving tool that will help you respond efficiently and captivate your recipients, with professional emails. ✅

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Great, now you know the best ChatGPT email prompts. 👏

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