10 Examples of a professional meeting request email!

When you are going to contact a professional by email or mail, there are certain formulas to end an email. 💯 Email is nowadays the most used tool to communicate with clients, prospects or suppliers, take the examples of professional meeting request email presented here, to make sure you are read. 🥸

Now, let’s move on to our 10 examples of professional meeting request emails, shall we? 💫

10 Examples of Professional Meeting Request Email

1. Sample Email for an Appointment Request Following an Interview


🟢 The advantage of this model is that it allows you to revive your interlocutor in a clear way, with a specific request! 📍 In this case, it’s to read a document and make an appointment to sign it.


2. Example of a Request for a Professional Meeting by Email to Propose a Commercial Meeting


🟢 The recipient of the email presented a project at a conference and the sender would be interested in collaborating. 🤝 He sets the context, compliments the interlocutor, then offers solutions to highlight his achievements.


3. Example of a Request for a Professional Meeting by Email for Cold Contact


🟢 As part of the SEO activity, this shipper searches for potential customers on the Internet. So he sends an email that starts with a compliment, then points out the need that prospect might have. Finally, he personalizes the message, presents a solution and suggests a meeting. 🧲


4. Sample Request for Appointment Confirmation by Email


🟢 Prospects can contact you in several ways: confirmation email, website form, etc. As you can see, this email is written in a very generic way to adapt to all possible types of appointments. ✨

We recommend customizing it to match your company branding.


5. Sample LinkedIn Professional Contact Request


🟢 In this case, the sender wishes to contact a member of the LinkedIn social network. When he looked at his website, he realized that his services could be useful. So he sets the context, starts with the positives, and raises the issue.

Finally, he brings her a solution by proposing a solution to work together.


6. Model of Request for an Appointment Reminder by Email


🟢 You have sent your first contact message but have not received a response, your prospect may not be completely convinced yet. 🙈 Therefore, with this type of email, you can make him understand what advantage he can get from this appointment.


7. Example of a Professional Appointment Request by Email for an HR


🟢 In this example, the sender is trying to contact a recruiter and invite an appointment for a new position. This relaxed approach shows that he is motivated and wants to exchange as soon as possible. 😏


8. Example of a Professional Meeting Request by Email for a Client


🟢 The sender of this message first found this prospect by email and offered him a phone appointment. He therefore sent her an attractive message to offer her his services.

He personalized the email and offered to set up an appointment by phone, thanks to a registration link.


9. Example of a Meeting Request by Email to a Director


🟢 This email provides the context of the situation, a specific appointment request and the objective of this meeting with a director and his sales teams.


10. Model of Professional Appointment Request by Email


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How to Send a Professional Email Requesting a meeting?

To set up an appointment by email efficiently, the sender must first personalize his message so that appointments can be easily arranged by email. 👌 To do this, you need to use a personalized and consistent sending address, avoid addresses you had in college like “joker1999@hotmail.com”. 🤡

Also, take care of your email signature by mentioning your first name, last name, company name and contact information at the bottom of the message. Nowadays, there are many tools to create it! ⚒️

Furthermore, the sender can only send an email to one recipient at a time and can possibly add someone as a copy or additional recipients. The email must be personalized by including the customer‘s name in the body of the message. 📩

Bulk emails generally have less impact on prospects and customers, and they may also be automatically classified as “spam” (junk email), by email services. 👀

At the same time, the email subject lines should be simple, clear and effective. 💎 In fact, this element is the first thing that the recipients read, since it is also the only text they see when they open their mailbox.

The recipient should be able to quickly understand what the email is about. 🧐 Typically, subject lines consist of 5 to 6 words. The body text is usually up to 15 lines, ideally containing 5 short sentences. Note that the first sentence is read more carefully than the second.


👉 Therefore, the sender should follow the inverted pyramid principle when writing. Get to the point, get to the point from the beginning, and finally get into the details.

Also, the content should be clear and concise. ✍️ The sender should clearly state the action he/she expects from the recipient. In our case, the goal is to make confirm business appointments, not to sell products right away!

On the other hand, consider adding a call-to-action button to close the email, 🛎️ when relevant. For example, you can offer reservations via a reservation scheduling software.

Finally, pay special attention to spelling and syntax of emails. Words should not be underlined, bolded or capitalized. 📣
This format is reserved for hyperlinks or key dates/locations.

Exclamation marks, question marks, and ellipses should be used in accordance with conventional punctuation rules, and the emojis may be used in small doses to keep it professional. 🤠

Finally, the sender should check the recipient‘s address and proofread it before sending an erroneous email 🫠 and also remember to insert the necessary attachments, when it is the case.

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Tips for Asking for a Response to a Business Meeting Request

Did you know that when someone sends an email, you only have 3 seconds to decide whether to read it or not? 🤫

Therefore, it is important to know how to write marketing emails that are relevant that quickly catch the recipient‘s attention, especially when you want to invite them to a meeting. 📆


👉 To conclude, if you have common interests, it’s always a good idea to start the email with a compliment. This can help smooth things out. For example, you can apply the AIDA method as well, to stir up your prospect’s desire!

You now have several templates that you can customize for your company. They are a source of inspiration to improve your approach from appointment setting to lead nurturing.

And most importantly, never forget to run several tests to determine which emails are most successful with your prospects. 💥


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Conclusion: Professional Meeting Request Email

The most important sales activity that a salesperson has to undertake is to make an appointment with a potential customer. 🤓

Email is a very simple and effective tool that he can use to achieve this. This marketing channel is obviously less formal than a letter, but it is much easier to send.

However, in order for your message to be read, and especially to be able to start a relationship however, in order for your message to be read, and especially to be able to start a business relationship, you must also respect certain rules of writing or “copywriting”. 🪶 In this article, we have seen 10 examples of professional meeting request email that work in all cases.

You may have noticed that these different types of emails contain information about the prospects. 🧲 This is an important point to consider, as it allows you to take a personalized approach when writing emails.

For example, if you share the same interests as your prospect, don‘t hesitate to mention it in your message with personalization via Waalaxy.  😉

💡 Its also important to be specific with your content. But remember that the main purpose of the email is to get a meeting, not to sell a product or service.

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FAQ of Professional Meeting Request Email

How to Write a Professional Email to Request a meeting?

You want to know how to start a start your email? 🦶 In this article, well show you the 5 best greetings to send an email on any occasion. 💯 Remember that first impressions are irreversible. 👀 So when sending business or personal emails, make sure you introduce yourself to get off to a good start! 🤝


How to Write a Letter to Request a Professional Appointment?

Here’s a sample letter to properly word a professional appointment request: ⏬


There you go, now you know the best practices and the top 10 examples of professional meeting request email or mail. 📨


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