Waalaxy is the best alternative to Lusha

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Waalaxy is the best alternative to Lusha
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Lusha is a multifunctional tool that allows you to capture information from your prospects. It evolves on the B2B prospecting market.

Established for several years in the United States and specializing in data collection, Lusha is far from competing with its competitors and especially with its best alternative recently released: Waalaxy.

In this comprehensive article, you will understand why our tool is far better than Lusha, in every way.

Features: Waalaxy outperforms Lusha by far

Lusha offers 3 main features that are very basic

  • Email and phone number scrapping.
  • Export of leads.
  • Contact segmentation by filter.

There are also a few other features, accessible in the more expensive plans, but very little useful for prospecting effectively.

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On the other hand, thanks to our Waalaxytool, you will be able to do much more like (in addition to the Lusha features):

  • Contact your prospects via multi-channel (LinkedIn, Emailing, Twitter, etc.).
  • Create automated cross-channel prospecting sequences.
  • Perform ultrapersonalization through advanced data segmentation.
  • Set up intelligent triggers to boost your ROI
  • Native integration with your CRM.

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The big plus of Waalaxy, and that Lusha does not have

Waalaxy has a prospecting software integrated to our data collection tool. So, there is no need to export all your contacts to any CRM

Here with Waalaxy, you have everything at your fingertips: collection in our pre-integrated CRM and omnichannel prospecting.

The best part? It’s that the user experience (UX) within the Waalaxy tool is much more developed, giving you unmatched ease of use Want a tool in your language, except English? Avoid Lusha. However, Waalaxy is a tool designed in France and available in several languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc. Finally, here is the big plus of Waalaxy, and that Lusha doesn’t have: the possibility to collect data on your prospects , in a much more important way

Indeed, Lusha allows you to extract only the email and phone number of your leads. Here with Waalaxy, the possibilities are endless. You can contact them via email, phone as well as LinkedIn, Twitter, postal mail, and much more.

Where Lusha used to do 10% of the work, Waalaxy does the other 90%. 

Choose high performance with Waalaxy

Our team of developers and UX/UI designers thought of everything: a high-flying dashboard, surgical performance analysis and state-of-the-art graphical visualization

You can directly analyze your KPIs such as your open rate or response rate on your different channels, the most powerful triggers on your ROI, etc.

You can also classify data by periodicity, country, acquisition channel, language, company, business, tag and more. With Waalaxy, your prospecting enters a new dimension. You can personalize and automate your sales approachas you wish.

For example

  • D+0: send a welcome message on LinkedIn.
  • D+1: send a thank-you email.
  • D+2: follow up the prospect on Twitter.
  • D+3: send a personalized postal letter.
  • And the possibilities are endless!

Lusha is too expensive for basic functions

Already the big black point of Lusha is that the freemium versionis really very limited. Do you have to pay to fully test a tool (out of beta), and see if it fits you? This is not our vision at Waalaxy.

We think it’s important to have a complete tool with a lot of features that is accessible to anyone. For example, beginners in sales prospecting certainly don’t want to invest in expensive subscriptions. Especially not at the beginning.

Lusha offers a freemium version, which is a good thing, which 2 things block:

  1. Only 5 monthly actions are available as credits.
  2. Impossible to export contacts and to prospect.

In the end, retrieving a handful of data without being able to process them immediately, what’s the point? Do you see the difference with Waalaxy? There is no doubt which one to choose. You know deep down which one is the best tool.

Lusha is an expensive tool (as you understood, the price doesn’t justify its features) that starts at $99 per month for the “Professional” version, then $199 per month for the “Premium” plan and finally a custom plan for enterprise.

With Waalaxy, you know that the features are much more elaborate and advanced. And with the ProspectIn touch, since we are the company that created both tools. So, cheaper and so much better than Lusha.

A version that is too limited in use

Lusha is a tool that should be added to other tools to get an efficient prospecting. Nevertheless, the addition of subscriptions can easily be very expensive.

You are therefore limited in the possibilities with Lusha.

Whereas with Waalaxy, the field of possibilities is open with an all-in-one tool to prospect at a world-class level.

The best alternative to Lusha – what should we remember?

In the end, the real question is “should you use Lusha for your B2B prospecting?”.

The answer: no.

Here are the answers that prove it:

  • It is a solution with too few features.
  • It is too limited in use.
  • It is too expensive for a $99 subscription.
  • It’s less worked on the user experience.

On the other hand, we encourage you to discover our Waalaxy tool . We are confident in our new software because

  • We enable multi-channel prospecting to gain trust from your prospects much faster.
  • We offer deep analysis and segmentation of your prospects’ data to better communicate with them.
  • We have a real workflow system to automate your commercial prospecting in an intelligent way.
  • Plus, we have chat support!

Now you know that Waalaxy is the best alternative to Lusha! 🚀

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