Everything You Need To Know About Recruitment Automation!

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In a hyper-competitive and constantly evolving job market, any company today faces the enormous challenge of finding the best talent. 🌟

Human resources teams and recruiters are often overworked, and struggle to manage all the tasks involved in the recruitment process. 😮‍💨

Consequence? ❌ Competitiveness in the job market suffers, as do candidate and company satisfaction.

🤖Recruitment automation then appears as THE solution, innovative and indispensable, to solve these efficiency issues and optimize hiring processes. 🚀

Would you like to get started too? Good timing! 😌 On the program ⬇️ :

  • Defining recruitment automation.
  • The reasons for use and top 13 benefits of recruitment automation.
  • The main source of automated recruitment.
  • Waalaxy, the CRM tool for automated recruitment.
  • Other recruitment automation tools.

🚫 No more juggling piles of CVs, overloaded interview schedules, long and tedious selection processes, interminable recruitment lead times… ✨ No more failing to meet (ever higher) quality and speed targets!

Thanks to this article, you’ll be able to implement an effective recruitment strategy and process thanks to automation. 🔥

What Is Recruitment Automation?

🤖 Recruitment automation refers to the use of technologies to manage and optimize the various tasks and stages of the recruitment process : ⚙️

  • Publication/Diffusion of job offers,
  • Post and manage job offers,
  • Workflow and information management,
  • Manage the online application process,
  • Space for interaction and answering questions from candidates,
  • Collection, analysis and sorting of CVs/applications,
  • Identification and pre-selection of the best profiles using algorithms,
  • Interview planning and follow-up,
  • Check references,
  • Employee integration with onboarding,
  • Career and skills planning…

The aim of marketing automation is to make the recruitment process more efficient, faster and more consistent. 🎯 While reducing repetitive/administrative tasks and the overall workload for HR teams.

In short, it’s a modern and effective approach that you should be using! We’ll explain why and show you the benefits of this approach. 👇🏼

Top 13 benefits of automation recruitment

Overall, recruitment automation makes it possible to gain in efficiency, cost and quality, while offering a better candidate experience . 🚀 But that’s not all!

1. Profits on the corporate side 💼 :

No.BenefitAutomated TaskData/StatisticsExplanations
1Time and Efficiency GainsCV sorting and analysis78% of recruiters state that ATS reduce hiring time by 20% to 30%By automating repetitive tasks, accelerating the recruitment process and facilitating decision-making.
2Cost ReductionInterview schedulingAutomation reduces recruitment costs by an average of 17%By reducing the time needed for recruitment and optimizing recruitment budgets.
3Improved Hire QualityCandidate pre-selection88% of recruiters find more qualified candidates through automationBy eliminating human bias and ensuring a more objective assessment of candidates.
4Optimized Data ManagementCentralization of information and reporting70% of companies report better HR data managementBy facilitate data management and analysis for more informed decision-making.
5Increased ScalabilityJob posting on multiple platformsAbility to post on 100+ job boards in a single actionWith the ability to manage a larger volume of applications, and thus adapt more easily to company growth.
6Real-Time Monitoring and AnalysisGeneration of automated reports and analysisCompanies using ATS report a 35% increase in recruitment efficiencyManagement of recruitment data for continuous process optimization.
7Increased ProductivityAutomation of repetitive tasks (emails, reminders)Recruiters can devote 40% more time to higher-value tasksMembers can allocate the time saved to other tasks, or to improving the overall quality of their process.
8Improved ComplianceProcess tracking and documentationCompanies using automation report a 60% increase in compliance with regulationsBy ensuring consistent documentation and adherence to standardized recruitment processes.
9Increased Candidate EngagementSending follow-up and informational emails55% of candidates are more engaged with regular and personalized communicationsHigher retention rates for new employees, thanks to more accurate identification of candidates matching needs.

2. Candidate benefits 🙋🏻‍♂️:

No.BenefitAutomated TaskData/StatisticsExplanations
10Better Candidate ExperienceAutomated and personalized responses60% of candidates abandon applications due to lengthy processesThanks to track the progress of their application and reduce the wait time for a response.
11Bias ReductionUse of algorithms for evaluationAutomated tools reduce recruitment biases by 30%Through standardized evaluation and selection criteria that are more objective and fairer for candidates.
12Reduced Hiring TimeScheduling and managing interviewsHiring times are reduced by an average of 50% with automationBy streamlining interview scheduling and candidate management processes.
13Increased Candidate EngagementSending follow-up and informational emails55% of candidates are more engaged with regular and personalized communicationsBy ensuring timely and relevant interactions throughout the recruitment process.

All these benefits contribute to attracting and retaining the best talent in companies. 🏆 But you still need to know which recruitment sources are suitable for automation to find them! 🤔

There are many sources (social networks and professional platforms…), but we’re going to focus on the most important of them: LinkedIn! 🔗

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What Is The Main Source Of Recruitment For Automation?

🌐 LinkedIn is, of course, an essential platform for recruitment professionals.

Recently, LinkedIn has also become the leading source of automation-friendly recruitment thanks to its vast database and advanced search and connection features.🤝

Why Recruit On LinkedIn?

With over 750 million members worldwide, LinkedIn offers direct access to a wide range of talent, spanning diverse industries and experience levels. 🪭

This feature makes it easy to find qualified candidates for virtually any position.🤩 That’s the main reason why you should recruit on LinkedIn!

Recruitment automation: LinkedIn member network.

Here are other reasons to use LinkedIn to recruit ⬇️ :

  1. Targeted search to filter candidates according to specific criteria and quickly identify the most relevant profiles.
  2. Dedicated recruitment tools integrated into the platform, designed to offer powerful functionalities (thanks to algorithms) as well as to optimize sourcing and selection/pre-selection.
  3. Visibility and promotion of the employer brand by sharing content that attracts active candidates, as well as passive professionals potentially interested in new opportunities.
  4. Networking, connections and referrals are facilitated, enabling recruiter to leverage their existing relationships as well as the networks of their employees.
  5. Automation and efficiency in decision-making with the integration of tools that help reduce the time and effort needed to find the right talent.
  6. And if you want to know more, here are some more.

Last but not least, LinkedIn is particularly well-suited to recruitment automation, thanks to its robust API that ensures the integration of various tools (ATS, CRM…) 📲 for data extraction, profile analysis and real-time candidate management.

But, do you know how to recruit on LinkedIn with automation? 🧐 That’s what we’re going to find out! 👇🏼

How To Recruit On LinkedIn Quickly And Efficiently With Automation?

Friends recruiters, automating recruitment on LinkedIn, requires a strategic approach and the use of appropriate tools. ⚒️ Here’s how to do it in 8 simple steps 😌 :

1️⃣ Use LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, to search for candidates with filters to refine your search (skills, experience, location, other relevant criteria…).

Recruitment automation: search for candidates with LinkedIn Recruiter.

🎁 As a bonus, LinkedIn provides you with many tutorials, including on how to find candidates.

2️⃣ Integrate your LinkedIn account with an ATS (or application tracking system) to automate certain tasks and centralize all information.

3️⃣ Use a Chatbot, to be included on your career page, to provide real-time answers to candidates’ questions, launch the process, filter by asking specific questions…

4️⃣ Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to target the right candidates and schedule the automated sending of personalized follow-up messages and InMails. You can complement it with an external prospecting tool.

Recruitment automation: target candidates with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

5️⃣ Set up “new candidate” alerts to keep you informed of profiles matching your search criteria. This allows you to react quickly and contact a potential candidate.

6️⃣ Use the analyses and reports generated by LinkedIn to track performance and optimize recruitment campaigns (sources, response rates, stages at which candidates drop out, etc.).

7️⃣ Automate interview scheduling, using Calendly or Microsoft Bookings (which are integrated with LinkedIn) to synchronize calendars and reduce e-mail exchanges.

8️⃣ Optimize your company page to keep it up to date, and your job offers to make them attractive. Regularly publish engaging content and post sponsored jobs to increase the visibility of your ads.

With a solid strategy, following this method and using the right tools… You can considerably improve the efficiency and speed of your recruitment process on LinkedIn! 🙌🏼

No easy task? Certainly! 😬 But, we’re here to show you the way and recommend, in addition to LinkedIn, an ideal CRM tool for automating recruitment. 👇🏼

Waalaxy, The CRM Tool For Automated Recruitment

Waalaxy is a CRM tool, in the form of a Chrome extension, best known for automating sales prospecting via LinkedIn and Email. 📧

But, you probably don’t know, the tool also specializes in recruitment automation! 😦 Stay with us, we’ll show you everything. 👀

Waalaxy’s Recruitment Automation Features

Waalaxy is the simplest , most intuitive and most effective digital solution on the market! 🚀

Recruitment automation with Waalaxy: search and contact with candidates.

The tool exploits its functionalities dedicated to cross-channel sales prospecting and applies them to recruitment. ✨ Thanks to Waalaxy’s cross-channel sourcing tool, you’ll be able to ✅ :

  • Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and external databases (.csv, .xlsx, etc.).
  • Send connection requests in automation.
  • Set up personalized follow-up sequences.
  • Send automated, personalized messages.
  • Access to an automatic scoring tool (inspired by lead scoring).
  • Collect and send e-mails from your future gems.
  • Integration with LinkedIn and other recruitment automation tools (ATS).
  • Detailed reports on recruitment campaign performance.

What’s more, unlike most tools on the market, the solution is accessible to beginners and more advanced profiles alike. 😇

Want to see exactly how it works? 🧐 Let’s go for a demonstration! 👇🏼

How Can I Automate Finding And Contacting Candidates On Waalaxy?

1️⃣ Use LinkedIn’s free advanced search to find relevant candidates. 🌟

Enter the vacancy keyword on LinkedIn to find profiles matching your vacancy. 🔍 You can perform a Boolean search and apply other targeting filters on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, to search profiles more precisely. 💡

2️⃣ Next, import your LinkedIn candidate list (or external file) into Waalaxy and launch a campaign to automatically contact candidates.

Recruitment automation with Waalaxy: Start a campaign.

#3. Then, choose how to contact them, via LinkedIn or email! 😌 And, let the tool guide you!

  • Choose a sequence/template for your campaign. For LinkedIn, we recommend: profile visit + invitation + message(s). And, by e-mail : profile visit + Email Finder+ emails.
  • Select the list of candidates to be contacted and categorized in the tool when uploading your file.
  • Optimize and personalize your message with a checklist of elements to include and an AI assistant to help you write. You can even save a message template for reuse.
  • When you’re satisfied, you can validate and launch your campaign. 🚀
Recruitment automation with Waalaxy: Launch your automation campaign.

Once they’ve replied, 📞 their messages will be visible in the Waalaxy Inbox, and you’ll be able to schedule your first interview!

Recruiting automation is that easy with Waalaxy! ✅ Use our solution if you want to save time and increase the efficiency of your recruitment campaigns. 👇🏼

🎉 To finish convincing you, we wanted to share with you the testimonial of a company that has implemented recruitment automation, with Waalaxy and successfully. 👽

Testimonials From Companies That Have Used Waalaxy Successfully

“Since we’ve been using Waalaxy, to automate candidate search and contact, our team of recruiters has been able to save a considerable amount of time.

The tool has enabled us to identify more precisely the profiles corresponding to our needs, and to eliminate repetitive tasks.

As a result, we’ve been able to concentrate more on selecting, interviewing and monitoring the best talent. At the same time, the quality of our hires and the candidate experience has improved significantly.

In short, it really is an indispensable tool for automating recruitment! 😉”

Antoine, HR Manager at Tech Innovators.

Other Recruitment Automation Tools

As a complement to a CRM tool, such as Waalaxy. There are also two other types of recruitment automation tools: ATS and AI ChatBots. 🤖

Humanly, Your AI ChatBot

Recruitment automation: Humanly, AI ChatBot.

Firstly, a recruitment Chatbot (or conversational assistant) is powered by artificial intelligence and automates communication with candidates. 💬

👌🏼 In our opinion, Humanly is one of the best ChatBots for recruitment automation. It guarantees to improve the candidate experience through fluid, human communication.

Finally, it allows you to ⬇️ :

  • Shortlist candidates according to precise criteria.
  • Answer questions in real time 24/7.
  • Deliver personalized, engaging interactions.
  • Guide candidates through the recruitment process.
  • Schedule interviews.

JobSoid, Your ATS

Recruitment automation: Flartchr (ATS).

JobSoid 📈 is an ATS (Application Management System), a tool that automates repetitive tasks and optimizes every stage of the recruitment process:

  • Automatically publish job offers on over 20 job boards and specialized sites.
  • Single interface for centralized management of information and applications.
  • Team collaboration (comments, rating of candidates, real-time progress monitoring).
  • Automation of repetitive tasks (job posting, CV collection/sorting/analysis, profile pre-selection, interview scheduling, status updates, etc.).
  • Analysis and reporting (job ad performance, sources, conversion rates, etc.).
  • Easy integration with existing HR software (CRM and messaging tools).

Other ATSs go even further, integrating hiring and career management functionalities. 🔭 But, we advise you to use dedicated software for this! 😉

Conclusion – How To Integrate Automation Into Your Recruitment Strategy

So you see, embracing recruitment automation and integrating it into an existing strategy can transform a business. 🪄

🫷🏼Before to get started, it’s crucial to prepare well for this transition to maximize the benefits. 📈This involves careful planning involving all recruiters and a clear understanding of your organization’s specific needs and objectives.

🦾 Finally, to integrate recruitment automation into your strategy, we recommend :

  • Have clearly defined your recruitment strategy and objectives.
  • Assess specific needs in terms of productivity, in particular by identifying repetitive and time-consuming tasks.
  • Determine the budget for implementing and using the tools.
  • Evaluate the level of expertise required (to be sure you’ll be able to use it).
  • Choose the right tools for managing applications and communicating with candidates.
  • Configure these tools to automate specific tasks.
  • Anticipate periods of testing, evaluation and team training.
  • Regularly analyze data and performance to optimize recruitment strategy.
  • Ask your candidates for feedback to improve your process.

☝🏼 By following these steps, you’ll be well-equipped to integrate automation into your recruitment strategy! 🤩

To conclude, why do we recommend acquiring a recruitment CRM first (such as Waalaxy), as opposed to an ATS or Chatbot? 🤔

CRMs go beyond simple application management, creating a genuine database of candidates, to track and re-engage them as needed! 🔥 They’ll facilitate your sourcing strategy, qualification and communication with talent!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

🏁 Don’t go away! We’re sharing more information with you.👇🏼

How Do You Define A Recruitment Strategy?

Here are the main keys 🔑 to defining a recruitment strategy that “sticks” 🛣️ :

  • Analyze current and future needs in terms of skills and positions to be filled.
  • Set clear objectives, such as time to hire and quality of candidates.
  • Identify effective recruitment channels and sources.
  • Set up structured pre-selection/selection processes and use recruitment automation.
  • Measure results and adjust strategy based on performance and feedback.

How Much Does Recruitment Automation Cost?

💸 Obviously, the cost of recruitment automation varies according to the tools and services chosen. To give you an idea 💡 :

  • ATS: between €100 and €1,000/month, depending on features and company size.
  • Chatbots and other AI software: between a few hundred and several thousand euros a year in additional costs.
  • Cloud CRMs are generally affordable, starting at around €100. On-premise CRM can be more expensive (from €15,000 to €500,000/year), depending on the size of the company.

The budget includes selection, pricing, implementation, training and maintenance. It’s quite an investment, but more than made up for by the benefits of automated recruitment. 🤑

Take a look at our various subscriptions. And, if you’re already interested and that you wish to consult our rates, it’s over here! 👇🏼

It’s all over! As promised, now you know all about recruitment automation! 🎉

See you soon. 👽

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