LinkedIn InMail: Top 5 Tips to Increase Your Response Rate!

As most professionals are aware, LinkedIn is the best B2b network, so it can be a goldmine for you 💰, whether you’re seeking to grow your reach or produce new customers. The platform comes with a number of InMail features to help you in your marketing and sales efforts. Therefore, in this article you will find LinkedIn InMail tips, but you will also find out why it might not be the best solution for you. 🤫

What is an InMail on LinkedIn? (Sponsored Message)

One of the most essential services on LinkedIn for marketers and salespeople is the InMail message service. 📩 They’re simply promotional communications, through LinkedIn Ads, that you may deliver to demographically targeted LinkedIn members.

InMails can help you connect with industry experts and produce fresh B2B prospects. They allow you to broaden your platform’s reach while also promoting your message, business, or service. 🧲

Even if we don’t recommend LinkedIn InMail because it has the phrase “sponsored” at the beginning of the message, which depersonalizes the approach right away, if you insist on using it… 😬 Then here’s a video that will show you how to set it up:

Although some still refer to it as sponsored InMail, LinkedIn recently changed the name of their sponsored offering to Message Ads. 👀

Top 5 LinkedIn InMail Tips

There are a few etiquette rules you should know before sending mass messages, 🙊 since there are many elements of LinkedIn and social networking to keep in mind if you want to avoid landing in the spam messages.

These 5 LinkedIn InMail Tips can help you stay on the good side of the potential customers you’re trying to reach, but also maximize your influence. 🙏

👇 We’ve highlighted some of the Best practices you need to employ Message Ads correctly, in the sections below:

#1 Choose your target

You don’t want to message everyone on LinkedIn since there’s just too many people!  😵‍💫

LinkedIn Premium accounts, have a better filtering option to help you focus your search. It implies that the leads you’re aiming for, are the ones you want to interact with. Do your homework and listen to what others leads have to say, to see if you’re using the right approach. ✍️ Because you only get a certain amount of InMails each month, make your message as good as possible.

#2 Personalize your approach

Look through your target audience for shared hobbies, relationships, or professional experiences, and utilize these to personalize your approach. 🎾

Prospects who share important experiences or interests with you are more likely to reply. InMails may be used to start a discussion and establish rapport. Make your first move via message, and then describe your solution in a meeting or over the phone. ☎️

#3 Go straight to the point

Don’t over do it! Nobody wants to read a page-long explanation of why you’re contacting them. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. 🎯

More than half of InMails are read on mobile. To enhance your chances of receiving a response, keep your unique message short (150 words or fewer), like shown in this previous case study about the best connection request messages. 🤓

#4 Remember to use a CTA

Make use of a call to action. A call-to-action encourages your audience to participate in your marketing or sales effort. 🦾

Include a CTA containing a link to join, download, sign up, register, or do anything similar. 🤗 Use InMail to start a conversation rather than to close a transaction, the idea is to get familiar with your prospect, and vice versa.

#5 Have an optimized profile

Prospects will visit your profile after seeing your InMail. 👀

To gain credibility and trust, present yourself and your firm in the best light possible. That’s why you need to make sure your profile is fully optimized, before you start creating new connections on LinkedIn. You can read this tutorial in order to get ready! 🤩

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Alright, those were our Top 5 LinkedIn InMail Tips! Use them wisely. 😋

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InMail LinkedIn Templates Examples

Based on those tactics for your InMail LinkedIn messages, I have prepared the examples below, to show you what you should be sending to your prospects. 👌

Excessive customization is used in today’s messaging, which makes them stand out. ⭐ Nowadays, candidates get so many advertised communications, going above and beyond with personalization is the greatest approach to stand out. ⚡

If you want to stand out from the crowd, be sure to mention at least 2-3 distinctive information from their LinkedIn profile. 🔎

There are no restrictions on the topics you may discuss; anything from employment to education, mutual connections to similar hobbies, is acceptable. 😊

Here are two message examples that you can copy-paste: 😘

💡 I hope these examples give you some good ideas on how to go about in your approach using LinkedIn InMails.

LinkedIn InMail Subject Line Message For Recruiter

Did you know that 35% of people read emails just based on the subject line? 😮‍💨

It’s critical to include a current business topic or a personal touch in your subject line to get their attention right away. 😍

To get you started, here are some subject line ideas for a message to the recruiter.

An excellent LinkedIn subject line should be memorable and catchy. 😜

  • Are you familiar with [insert a topic]?
  • The benefits of [insert a topic here].
  • {{firstName}}, [insert inquiry here].
  • What is your plan for [insert business field] in light of [insert fact/stat]?
  • Have you thought about [insert a “change” topic]?
  • Do you want to know how [insert firm name] used [insert action/tactic] to accomplish [insert stat/results]?
  • We’re looking for the perfect talent, and it looks like it could be you {{firstName}}!

👉 Simultaneously, you should introduce yourself and make your intentions known. Take a look at the following original subject lines that you could use:

  • “Knock knock…”
  • “Hey [first-name]! just kidding, hi {{firstName}}”
  • “I have a quick question about (subject)”
  • “Congratulations on your new job!”
  • “I really enjoyed your (subject) blog posts!”
    Additional description and information.

Showing your sense of humor can be a real “ice-breaker” 🧊, so don’t be afraid of sounding “too familiar”, on the contrary! Nobody wants to be contacted by a robot, right? 🤖

If you use Recruiter Lite, then we have some info you should check out in this article, right here! 😏

How Effective are LinkedIn InMails?

Premium LinkedIn InMail vs Messages with Waalaxy CRM

❌ In order to be able to use LinkedIn InMails you will need to have a Premium LinkedIn account, this could be a little bit costly if you’re trying to reach a lot of people at the same time. 😞

Nevertheless, you can find out which Premium LinkedIn account could be the best for you in this article! 👈

❌ When utilized appropriately, the typical response rate of a LinkedIn InMail is between 10% and 25%. 😧

❌ We don’t recommend LinkedIn InMail because it has the phrase “sponsored” at the beginning of the message and this can be an instant turn-off for your recipients! 👎

✅ Nevertheless, if sent correctly, a LinkedIn InMail can more successful than conventional email campaigns. Learn the basics of cold emailing if you want to increase your response rate. ❄️

💡 Here are the 14 mistakes to avoid while doing cold emailing, I’m sure this will be very helpful if you’re still trying to decide which way to go! ⛷️

However, this depends also on the strategy you use and the importance of have multichannel B2B prospecting to increase the chances of reaching more qualified prospects. 🏆

Sending LinkedIn InMails Using Waalaxy

✅ Did you know that you can automate your LinkedIn InMails in order to boost your prospection? Have incredible acceptance and conversion rates? Without having to spend a crazy amount of money? 🤯

Here’s how you can use Waalaxy CRM to send mass messages, like LinkedIn Inmails, for less money, without the dreaded sponsored label and without having a Premium subscription! 🪙

✅ Message requests allow you to send a message to a person with whom you are not connected on LinkedIn, provided: 👇

  • You are in the same group,
  • You are part of the same event,
  • You are in the same company,
  • That the person has an “Open to work” profile.

✅ We can see in this example that you can send a message to a person wtihout having a premium account, even if you’re not connected, which is normally impossible.  👀 Simply because we are in the same group. So the message request arrives in the LinkedIn messenger, in the form of a small notification insert.

demande de message en attente

❌ However, Waalaxy will allow you to send message requests, when possible, up to 80 requests per day. This is a new “type of action” and is therefore only available in specific sequences.

Conclusion: How Does LinkedIn InMail Work?

LinkedIn’s sponsored messaging service, also known as Message Ads or Sponsored InMail, offers a number of advantages. You may generate qualified leads based on a variety of demographics and other factors. 🧐

It could be one of the most beneficial tools on the site if you’re a salesperson looking to acquire new businesses. However, if you don’t plan ahead of time, you’ll wind up squandering money and scaring away potential prospects. 😫

As with any digital marketing efforts, you’ll want to take your time to create a great inbound marketing strategy. Make careful to write a message that will resonate, then track and optimize your outreach messages. 🙌

Therefore, a marketing automation platform like Waalaxy can really save you a lot of effort. So why not switch to safe automated messages, now? 🤩 Plus, you have a free plan that allows you to perform 15 actions per day at zero cost!

Start saving time and money! 🤑

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FAQ: LinkedIn InMail Best Practices

How to send InMail Message on LinkedIn?

To send an InMail message, follow these steps: 👇

  • Go to the profile of the individual to whom you want to send an InMail message.
  • From the messaging page or chat window, you may easily search for a member and send a new InMail message.
  • On their introduction section, click the “More” button.
  • From the dropdown menu, choose “Message” [Member’s Name].
  • In the New message pop-up box, type the “Subject field” (optional).
  • In the text box, type your message.
  • Send the message.

You can use InMail messages to send a message to a LinkedIn person with whom you are not linked. 🔗 An InMail message to a LinkedIn user may be sent through their profile’s introduction section or by sending a new message.

The subject line of an InMail message can be up to 200 characters long, and the body can be up to 2000 characters long. ✍️

How to Buy LinkedIn InMail Credits (Per Month)?

Depending on the sort of LinkedIn premium subscription you have, you are limited to buy only a certain amount of InMail credit. 🔎 For example, the “professional” edition of LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to send 20 InMails every month.

A certain number of InMail credits may be found on your Premium subscription page, but here’s the recap:

  • Career plan – 3 InMail messages per month.
  • Business plan – 15 InMail messages per month.
  • Sales plan – 20 InMail messages per month.
  • Hiring plan – 30 InMail messages per month.

How Do I Know If Someone Has Read My InMail on LinkedIn? (Read Receipt)

In order to know if your InMail has been read, here’s the email list of sent InMails statuses that you will see displayed on the “Sent InMails” page: 👇

  • Accepted: the message has been read and approved. You should have received a response from the recipient.
  • Rejected: the recipient has rejected your message request.
  • Pending: the recipient has not yet responded to the sent message.

How do I delete a LinkedIn InMail?

You can’t delete a message from your LinkedIn InMail inbox, 😓 but you can archive the thread so you can put the message in “Archived” for later retrieval.

Please note:

  • You can only edit or delete a classic message within 60 minutes of sending the message.
  • Deleted messages cannot be restored.
  • Deleting a message will delete the message from everyone in the conversation.
  • When a message is modified or deleted, all participants in the chat will see the “modified or deleted” badge displayed in the message.
  • You can report inappropriate messages even if they have been edited or deleted.

What Does InMail Mean on LinkedIn?

The term InMail means that it’s a message directly to the recipient’s inbox on LinkedIn. It’s critical to perform your research and learn about the recipient’s background, hobbies, and commonalities. It’s critical to customize your LinkedIn InMail by digging deep into the recipient’s LinkedIn profile for shared hobbies, connections, or job / volunteer experiences. 🤗

It’s about them, not you, in your LinkedIn InMail. Make a point of mentioning their first name at the opening of the message and again at the end. Don’t attempt to sell your products or services immediately away, and don’t try to impress the individual. 🤐

Here are 3 bulletproof email templates for connection messages, that are proven to work every time! 💫

The secret to obtaining outstanding results while using LinkedIn, is to make sure you don’t become discouraged by a lack of (or bad) answers. 🥵

Channel 9 Reaction GIF by Married At First Sight

Not everyone will be interested, and it’s vital to realize that you’re more likely to hear ‘no’ than ‘yes’ (no matter how amazing your communications are). 🤷‍♀️

Maintain an optimistic attitude and continue to send personal messages to prospects, about opportunities that they might be interested in. In addition, follow these methods for better LinkedIn InMail results!

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