How to boost a post on LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn is the ideal social network to position yourself as an expert on a theme and develop your branding. But the large number of publications can quickly cause your post to be lost in the midst of this continuous flow of information. What if we explain how to boost a post on LinkedIn?

The quality of the post to guarantee its success

There is no secret, regular publications, quality content will invite likes, shares, comments, which will also please the LinkedIn algorithm.

For that, think about taking care of :

  • Tone: Dare to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to use an offbeat tone if it suits you!
  • The length: you have enough characters in a post to develop your ideas. Don’t be shy!
  • Quality: try to provide concrete information for content that adds value. If you were your own client, what would you want to read?
  • Call-to-action: what better way to get your readers to react, to make your posts known to as many people as possible!
  • A visual: to catch the eye and grab attention rather than a long, soulless text!

All these elements will allow you to make a difference among the different posts spread throughout.

Interaction, the best tip to boost a post on LinkedIn

Publishing content will have even more impact if the interaction is present. The presence of a call-to-action is of course part of the essential tips, but responding to your comments is just as important!

Take the time to respond to the comments and any questions your audience may have. Some reactions could inspire you to create new content, it would be a shame to miss it! And publishing for publishing’s sake is useless, your readers have taken the time to react, so do the same!

Don’t forget that the people in your network have access to your activity, they are the first to know about your ads. If they react, LinkedIn users in their network will then have access to your post. By inviting comments, you have a good chance that someone who is not (yet) part of your network will see one of your posts in their feed.

Solicit your network to boost a post

Your network, more or less close, could help you to boost a post on LinkedIn. For example, you can send them your last post via the messaging system with a personalized message explaining that this post might be of interest to them if they haven’t seen it yet.

And to boost your visibility, have you thought about pods? Pods are groups of members who share a common theme. When one of the members publishes on LinkedIn, the other users of the pod are informed of this publication and invited to react. This can be done automatically or manually.

The pod is of interest only if it is well-chosen in relation to your activity, your objective. This increases your engagement rate.

By using an appropriate tool, you can vary the audiences of the pods and thus deceive the LinkedIn algorithm in addition to making yourself known to more people. Using this type of tool also represents a real time saving in your communication since you can automate everything. To go further in this process, you can use prospecting tools. They allow you to create scenarios according to your objective, and you can control your activity in the blink of an eye from the dashboard. Ideal for adjusting your communication campaigns.


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