Buy LinkedIn Followers: We Tested For You 2 Sites

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Did you know that buy LinkedIn followers is a common strategy to quickly build a brand-image of your company and boost its visibility? 🧐

LinkedIn is the 1st crucial professional social network in the whole world, and to differentiate yourself 🥇, you need to be visible.

In this article, we will discuss the following:

  • Is it possible to buy LinkedIn followers?
  • How to buy them?
  • Is it an illegal practice?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of this practice,
  • How to have several followers on LinkedIn without spending anything?

Are you ready? Good thing we are too! 😁

Is it possible to buy LinkedIn followers?

The answer is: YES! 👍🏼

This practice is quite common on the internet, especially on social networks such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn.

Buying followers is not the only option. You can also buy connections, likes, or even views. 👀

In order to generate interest and build trust with someone who visits your profile, it is best to have a certain number of followers, whether it is on your personal account or your company page.

Has it ever happened to you to choose your restaurant or business based on the number of stars on Google or positive and negative feedback? ⭐

Here, it’s kind of the same principle: the more subscribers you have the more impact you have the more credibility you have. 📈

However, if you use this method, make sure you buy followers that are real, with real profiles (profile picture and cover photo, subscribers etc), on reliable sites. 🖥️

Who are they?

You’re probably wondering who these profiles you’re buying are? 🤔 Well, there are two types of subscribers:

  • Fake accounts: these are randomly created and generated people.
  • ✅ Real accounts: these are people who come from a network of different sites and game apps who have liked a page in exchange for a reward.

How much does it cost to buy LinkedIn followers?

You should know that the price of subscribers can vary depending on the sites where you buy them. On the safest sites we will present below, the price varies depending on the number of potential subscribers, but here is an average to give you an idea:

  • 100 LinkedIn subscribers ➡️ between €8 and €20.
  • 200 LinkedIn followers ➡️ between €15 and €40.
  • 500 followers ➡️ between €30 and €70.
  • 1,000 subscribers ➡️ between €50 and €140.
  • 2,000 subscriptions ➡️ between €90 and €260.
  • 5,000 LinkedIn followers ➡️ between €170 and €300.
  • 10,000 LinkedIn followers ➡️ between €300 and €500.

Of course, these price ranges can vary depending on the sites you choose. It is possible to buy cheap LinkedIn followers, but think about what I said above, think about the quality of your followers! ✅

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How to buy LinkedIn followers?

The steps to buy followers are pretty simple. Here they are: ⬇️

  • 🔵 Go to a site that offers this feature: below, we recommend two reliable sites that we have tested.
  • 🔵 Enter the URL of your LinkedIn profile or company page.
  • 🔵 Select the offer of your choice. Usually, it’s per 100 subscribers.
  • 🔵 Proceed to payment.
  • 🔵 You will receive your subscribers within a few days.

Even though this practice is quite trendy right now, I don’t recommend it and we will see later in this article why. 🤔 However, if you want to buy LinkedIn subscribers, we have tested for you two reliable sites that offer this practice. Let’s check them out. 👀

1) Sosvues

Let’s start with Sosvues, which is basically a site focused on selling views on Youtube. 📹

For a few years, it has diversified by reaching other networks, such as TikTok, Instagram page, Facebook, and even LinkedIn. ✨ For LinkedIn, you have the possibility to buy followers or likes.


You have several options when it comes to purchasing LinkedIn followers, in increments ranging from 100 to 10,000 subs and prices that range from $8.99 to $299.99!


We tested the 100-subscriber offer at €8.99 and published a post to compare the before/after. 👇🏼

Sosvues website test

Lola had 1,596 subscribers and 496 profile views. We wrote a post to see the stats! ⌨️

Before subscriber purchase:


Lola has 17 reactions and 8 comments on her post.

After buying subscribers:


Lola has 22 reactions and 9 comments on her post, nothing transcendent right? 🤔

As a reminder, at the beginning, she had 1,596 subscribers and 496 profile views. By the end, she has 1,729 followers and 616 profile views. 🔢

So there was a little bit of engagement on her profile, which can be explained by taking the 100 subscribers all at once, but the engagement on her post does not match up to the purchase.

2) Achatlikes


The second site we suggest is Achatlikes. Known for buying likes on different social sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and even LinkedIn.

On Achatlikes, you will be able to:

  • Buy LinkedIn followers, 🧑🏻🤝🧑🏾
  • Buy likes, 👍🏼
  • Buy comments. 💭


You have several options as to how to purchase LinkedIn followers in increments ranging from 100 to 2,000 subscribers and prices that vary from $19.99 to $259.99! 😊

We tested the 100-subscriber offer at €19.99 and published a post to compare the before/after. 👇🏼

Testing the Achatlikes website

Cassandra originally had 1,295 subscribers and 485 profile views. We wrote a post to see the stats! ⌨️

Before subscriber purchase:


Cassandra has 2 reactions and 5 comments to her post.

After buying subscribers:


Cassandra has 3 reactions and 5 comments on her post. Inconclusive right? 🤔

As a reminder, at the beginning, she had 1,295 followers and 485 profile views. By the end, she has 1,573 followers and 484 profile views. 🔢

As you can see, the engagement rate hardly increased at all. With the two tests performed, we showed you that buying subscribers does add, yes, numbers to your subscribers but has no added value in terms of engagement, which is the most important thing.

Don’t worry; further down in this article, we explain how to get more subscribers on LinkedIn for free! Have a little patience 😉.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery times are, most of the time, fast delivery, but they vary from company to company. Generally, you have delivery within hours of your purchase, and sometimes between 24 and 48 hours.

However, if beyond these time frames, you still have not received anything on your LinkedIn account, do not hesitate to contact their customer service. That’s why it’s important to choose a website that has a responsive customer support!

3 other tools for buying LinkedIn followers

1) Useviral

Useviral is a social media marketing platform that offers services to stimulate the growth of your account and thus, increase visibility on various platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok or even Twitter. 😇

As far as prices are concerned, here’s what they offer:

  • 🔵 100 followers = $6.
  • 🔴 250 followers = $13.
  • 🔵 500 followers = $25.
  • 🔴 1 000 followers = $49.
  • 🔵 2 500 followers = $99.
  • 🔴 5 000 followers = $189.

2) Sidesmedia

Another tool is Sidesmedia. Like the others, you’ll be able to buy subscribers, likes, views, and comments to help grow your online presence. 👀

Quickly, here are their rates for buying subscribers on LinkedIn :

  • 🟤 100 followers = $6.
  • 🟤 500 followers = $25.
  • 🟤 1 000 followers = $49.
  • 🟤 2 500 followers = $99.
  • 🟤 5 000 followers = $189.

3) Socialwick

Last but not least, SocialWick allows you to increase your visibility on various networks by buying comments, likes, or subscribers.

One of their special features is that you can define the number of subscribers yourself. Nevertheless, in order to be as comparative as possible on prices, we’ve used the same price brackets as our competitors:

  • 100 followers = $3.
  • 250 followers = $7.50.
  • 500 followers = $15.
  • 1 000 followers = $29.99.
  • 2 500 followers = $74.98.
  • 3 000 followers = $88.97.

The legal framework for this practice is still unclear. 🌫️

If you didn’t know yet, LinkedIn has some pretty strict terms and conditions. Even if you make sure to choose a company that cares about your growth on LinkedIn, I can’t reassure you that LinkedIn won’t suspend or ban your account.

The advantages of buying LinkedIn subscribers

There are some benefits to using this practice, but you will quickly realize that these benefits are limited!

They bring visibility

At first, LinkedIn’s policy will be in your favor because it favors the most popular pages and accounts.

However, when LinkedIn realizes that your interaction rate is not changing, that’s when you will be less visible. 😿

If you didn’t know, LinkedIn works with an algorithm. Here’s a summary of how it works:

  • 🥇 When you post content, it’s displayed to a small portion of your network, which acts as a sample, and this varies depending on how well your post is optimized.
  • 🥈 The algorithm observes what the engagement rate (reactions, likes, comments…) is on this sample.
  • 🥉 Based on this rate, the algorithm expands the audience by prioritizing people from your network but also the network of people who engaged with your post and have similar profiles.
  • 🏅 If the engagement rate continues to be stable, the number of post views will grow.

So make sure you publish helpful content, post regularly, and have a good communication strategy. 🗣

They bring credibility

For people visiting your profile for the first time, having a certain number of subscribers builds trust, which makes you credible at first glance (we’ll see in the cons why). 👀

The disadvantages of buying LinkedIn subscribers

Here, we will explain in more detail why buying followers is a practice you should not do! ❌

The statistics are skewed

As said before, carrying out this practice will increase the number of followers but will not the engagement. Therefore, the numbers will not match, and you may have too much of a gap. 🤔

For example, let’s take the case of Amandine Bart, who does not practice subscriber buying: She currently has 19,804 subscribers.

Here is one of her posts where she had more than 600 reactions.


To give you an idea, we consider that the average engagement rate is between 0.5% and 0.9%. If it is above 1%, it is good.

If we calculate its engagement rate, it is currently at 3%! 🥰

Think that purchased subscribers do not interact with your posts; they just serve to raise your subscriber counter but don’t help the marketing strategy.

You see, you don’t need money to have a good engagement rate. All you need is a good strategy and time. We’ll talk about it below! 😄

You lose credibility with your community

The first risk of using this practice is that your current community may notice and lose trust in you and your content. 📉

They can also create a “bad buzz” by explaining your practice, which will cause you to lose credibility in the eyes of all of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn can ban you

Since this practice is quite unclear in terms of legislation, LinkedIn can suspend your account for a defined or undefined period of time. ⏲️ If we recap, you can pay to lose your account… Personally, I won’t try it.

How to get more followers on LinkedIn without spending anything?

If you’re on LinkedIn, I imagine you want to stand out from the crowd, and that comes down to your number of subscribers.

The more you have, the more impact you have, the more trustworthy you are to your users.

Enough about buying followers. I’ll tell you marketing tips to get more subscribers without spending anything! ⬇️

Prospecting on LinkedIn

Getting more followers involves lead generation, a necessary step for any business looking to boost its visibility and find new customers. 🎯 LinkedIn prospecting includes finding new customers, via different means of prospecting, such as:

  • 📞 Cold calling,
  • 🙋🏼 Physical prospecting,
  • 📧 Cold emailing,
  • 🌐 Sales prospecting tools.

Here are 5 steps to follow if you want to conduct successful business prospecting: ✨

  1. Identifying your buyer persona, 🔎
  2. Find your prospects with qualified leads, 🔥
  3. Filter your prospect base to target your lead generation, 🎯
  4. Send your prospecting campaigns with personalized messages, ❤️
  5. Try again and do A/B testing to generate more leads. 📈

Tool to generate qualified engagement on your publications

Another way to generate comments on your posts and get visibility is with Podawaa 💜

From writing and scheduling your post to getting thousands of qualified views, that’s what this tool offers.

Indeed, you will be able to write your posts and plan them in the form of an editorial schedule and join pods that help increase the reach of your posts.


What is a pod?

A “pod” or “engagement group” is a group of people who organize themselves, automatically or manually, to comment and like posts in order to encourage the LinkedIn algorithm . The posts come from other members of the group who want to increase the reach of these posts. 📈

I advise you to choose your pods using the PSI (Podawaan Social Index), which allows you to know if the pod members respect or not the good practices of publishing and using Podawaa.

How does Podawaa work?

When you are on your dashboard, you have a category called “pods”. This is the one we are interested in.
With automated pods, there is a difference from manual pods:

  • You don’t have control over the comments that your account puts in, 💭
  • You don’t have control over the content you engage with. 💟


The pods are displayed with the following points:

  • The theme,
  • The way to accept new members,
  • The number of active people in the group,
  • The keywords,
  • The language,
  • The PSI.

If you ever don’t feel like joining a pod, you can be the master of the game and create your own pods with your theme, ways of accepting new members and define if they accept likes or comments! 🧙🏼

Networking on LinkedIn

Networking allows you to form a network of people who may (or may not) be like you, but not only ⬇️

  • Expand your network, 🌐
  • Make it easy for you to connect with people who gravitate to your industry. 🌍

By learning more about certain areas, you can speak and post on a variety of topics and therefore reach more people online!

Optimize your profile

Think of your profile as a bit like your shop window or resume. It should be consistent and harmonized! ✨ Here are some tips to have a polished profile 👇🏼

  • Professional profile picture: said like that, it may sound logical but, not for everyone! Make sure you have a photo that shows you off and (if you want) can match your company colors! 🌈


  • LinkedIn Summary: Have you been told before, “introduce yourself in 2 minutes” Here, it’s the same principle. It’s a few lines to know more about you, your first and last name, your story, and your background, so don’t neglect it. 👀
  • Caption: inside, talk about yourself, your background, and your experiences so that the user will know more about you and want to add you to their network. 🥰

Tool to get LinkedIn subscribers for free

With the tips we gave you above, you’ll be able to get subscribers on LinkedIn for free! To save time, we recommend using our LinkedIn automation tool Waalaxy 👽. Save time while maintaining quality prospecting. What’s not to love!🎖️ It allows, among other things, to:

  • 💙 Find clients easily on LinkedIn without technical skills,
  • 💙 Visit profiles automatically,
  • 💙 Grow your network to generate opportunities,
  • 💙 Send invitations and messages on LinkedIn automatically.

Enough talk. Here’s a video that explains our business prospecting tool in more detail! ⬇️

Article conclusion: buy LinkedIn subscribers: stop buying, follow this method!

Let’s quickly summarize this article:

  • Is it possible to buy subscribers on LinkedIn?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How and where to buy them?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of this practice,
  • How to gain subscribers without breaking the bank?

We hope our article has helped you stop or not throw your money away on this questionable practice! 💸

FAQs of the article: Buy LinkedIn followers

How do I express gratitude on LinkedIn?

Thank you messages are both strategic and sincere. They can be used in the following cases:

  • After an interview for a job opening or a meeting with a client.
  • To express your admiration within a company.
  • When someone accepts your request to connect on LinkedIn.
  • To contact a person after being challenged by their post.

For example, if you want to thank someone for adding you to their network, you can write this:

If you don’t have any other ideas, check out this article on LinkedIn thank you messages.

How to see the followers of a LinkedIn page?

To see the number of subscribers on a company page, it’s easy:

  • Search for the company page of your choice in the search engine at the top left,
  • Click on the page you want,
  • When you arrive on the page, you will see directly the number of followers that the company page has.

Should I share my password?

If you are ready to put this into practice, you will be happy to hear that it does not require your password – just your LinkedIn URL. So, if a site or provider ever asks you for your password to buy followers, run away! 🏃🏼

Does this method exist on other social networks?

Buying followers is a common practice to build brand awareness, used in many social networks, not just LinkedIn. This method is available on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitch, and even YouTube. You can:

  • Buy Instagram followers,
  • Buy likes on Instagram,
  • Youtube views,
  • Buy Twitter followers,
  • LinkedIn connections,
  • Facebook fans,
  • Comments on Twitter,
  • Dislikes on YouTube videos,
  • Story views on your Insta account.

So yes, buying Instagram subscribers or Facebook fans allows you to quickly build your presence on social media and expand the number of new subscribers but it has no added value on your strategy or on your engagement rate. 📉

Why use LinkedIn in B2B?

Known as the leading professional social network, LinkedIn allows you to build your audience while attracting the attention of your future prospects by developing a quality content strategy. ✨

Now you know how to post marketing content regularly using hashtags that target keywords, post links in comments, increase followers, become an influencer, and improve your branding.

Don’t forget, LinkedIn is a gold mine of information for your network.

Now you know why you shouldn’t buy LinkedIn followers but can get them for absolutely nothing!  😇

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