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Are you interested in taking online training courses offered by LinkedIn Learning? In this article you will find out how to access the best videos and benefit your career or business. 🎯

What’s LinkedIn Learning?

The online learning platform is offering a wide selection of video tutorials and online training. Once you have completed the virtual training, LinkedIn Learning then gives you access to a certification. You can then publish your success on your LinkedIn news feed.

The platform allows you to:

  • ✅ Increase your skills on hundreds of business topics, with high-quality learning programs (HR, accounting, SEO, sales…)
  • ✅ Gain credibility with LinkedIn certifications directly downloadable after the learning training.
  • ✅ Develop your career by training 100% remotely thanks to online classes.
  • ✅ Discover new areas or business sectors by learning online.

The courses talk about various subjects and are accessible to everyone. You don’t need to have any particular qualifications or skills to start the training courses. You will simply have to start with the so-called “basic” or “beginner” courses before embarking on more advance courses.

So you can learn quickly and easily, every day.

Plus, I think the design is so well done. 🤓

LinkedIn even offers you to set a “training time” that you will dedicate to yourself every day or week to create your own goals and self-motivate yourself. 💪

linkedin learning goal

How LinkedIn Learning Works?

LinkedIn Learning platform is the YouTube of professional training.

You will find thousands of high quality virtual training, and thanks to the intuitive interface, it is quite easy to find the topics that interest you. (The course catalog contains +13 000 online teaching.)

Let’s take a closer look the instructional design. 😉

  • #1 The banner shows you the latest in curricula to follow.
  • #2 As mentioned above, you can set a goal of anywhere from 15 minutes to 120 minutes of your learning program per day. Of course, LinkedIn won’t slap you on the wrist if you decide not to meet your daily goals, they’re just there for guidance. 😊
  • #3 The reminder of what you’re currently watching. Similar to Youtube, LinkedIn Learning has a personal library where you can access three browsing histories (what’s in progress, what you’ve saved for later, what your organization or company has saved for you).
  • #4 LinkedIn Learning selections, just for you. 😏 When you create a M Learning account, the social network suggests topics of interest to you. By entering your interests, social media will highlight topics, on line learning and videos related to your affinities. How can you fill in these preferences? We’ll get to that very soon 😉
  • #5 Each field filled in your preferences will stand out in the first page in order of relevance. For my part, I’ve been watching more videos on personal development and writing, so those are the first two topics to come up. The more you like something, the more similar content the learning system offers you, just like all social networks.

How do you fill in your preferences and find courses on LinkedIn Learning?

As mentioned earlier in the article, you can choose the “skills you are interested in,” to help  LinkedIn Learning algorithms to offer you training that matches your profile and your learning needs.

To do this, you must

  • First, create a LinkedIn Learning account.
  • Open your LinkedIn Learning account.
  • Go to the “You” tab.
  • Click on “skills.”
  • Choose the skills you are interested in by noting the associated keywords in “search for skills.” (You can also use the “suggested skills” help to find topics that might interest you.)

linkedin learning skills

Once you have done so, go back to the home page by clicking on the “IN Learning” (left corner). You’ll find a lot of new content that is relevant and relevant to your current interests.

How do I take a LinkedIn Learning course?

Once you’ve chosen a course title that inspires you, just click on it to instantly start the full course.

Don’t worry, you can pause your training at any time and get back into it later. 😌 As long as you have a current subscription to LinkedIn Learning solution , you’re going to be able to enjoy access rights to all training, whether you started this one the day before or 6 months before.

Okay then, what does the virtual classroom look like?

linkedin learning example course

  • 1# Video. Again, this is pretty similar to Youtube in terms of digital learning design. 😃 Your streaming video is pre-recorded, you can see how long the video is, pause it at any time or “skip” and go to the next one.
  • 2# The full curriculum. In this tab, you have a good overview of what will be covered and you can already see the chapters, topics and duration per video. There is also a tag on the right that allows you to save the video that added the most value to you in order to come back to it later.
  • #3 The course description. In this one, you will find a lot of interesting information:
      • The trainer’s LinkedIn page: It’s important to know if the person training you is competent in the field. Usually, they are experts who know their stuff, but you never know. It is also very interesting to be able to contact the trainer if you have any questions, for that, go to the discussion forums > Q&A button.
      • The details of the training. The introduction gives you some indication of what you’ll see during the course, as well as the “skills covered” tab which is a good indicator of the tools that will be covered. 👨🏫 Also remember to check the full length of this one, to make sure it matches the training time you had set for yourself. ⏰ You can also see the difficulty level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced). 🤓
      • User feedback abou their learning experience. We all know how much the opinion of other platform users influences our final decision, and that’s entirely normal, it’s a great indicator of content quality. 🌟 Feel free to take a quick look at the number of followers and the number of likes.
      • Use the “Notes” tab. As the name suggests, it’s there to help you take notes throughout your learning journey. (It’s even better than a traditional classroom). 😎
  • #4 Similar Content. As you can imagine, the developers of the tool are smart. They’ve sprinkled similar content all over the place for you, easily accessible with one click on your LinkedIn Learning pages. The goal? To pull you into the continuing education spiral. 🌀

Most Popular LinkedIn Learning Courses

Not sure what you really want to learn? Afraid you’ll end up with a course that adds little value? Or do you want to know what’s trending in the B2B market?

As I told you a few lines ago, there is nothing like the opinion of other professionals in the network. It’s a bit like a restaurant, if no one is eating there, it’s because something is wrong with the menu. On the other hand, if the tables are full, it’s worth the effort.

Taking a LinkedIn Learning course is like choosing a diner. 🍣

We care about the opinions of others and LinkedIn knows that. So they’ve highlighted on your homepage what’s trending in your industry and what videos are most popular.

linkedin learning trending

You’ll find the following tabs, among others:

  • Trends right now.
  • Trends on LinkedIn Learning.
  • New online courses.

Best LinkedIn Learning Courses

Studyrama did a part of the survey for us, they came to a conclusion, soft skills training are more and more in demand on the learning platform.

What are soft skills really? 💡 Because we talk about it a lot, but actually not many of us know the definition. It’s about relational intelligence, communication, the ability to interact in interpersonal relationships, but it even goes beyond that by taking into account certain aspects of an individual’s character: their empathy, their ability to be understood and accepted by a professional group. In short, it is like self-analysis and therapy combined with known and proven techniques.

The study gives us numbers:

From July 2019 to June 2020, the French have taken over 500,000 hours of courses on LinkedIn Learning, an increase of 141%, and are becoming increasingly passionate about soft ones.

There has been a real boom 💥 in that kind of skill, it has become fashionable, everyone loves it.

But it’s not the only topic that has seen the interest of professionals grow exponentially. The numbers show that marketing and communication strategies, sales techniques, and digitalization in general are growing. 🚀

The surge in sales automation and content planning tools have a lot to do with it, as companies are increasingly digitizing and modernizing to compete.

We take a look at the trends in a few numbers… 👀

Popular on LinkedIn Learning

  • #1 PowerPoint Quick Tip: +13,000 learners.
  • #2 Digital transformation: +11,000 learners.
  • #3 All about SQL: +16,000 learners.

LinkedIn Learning Trends

  • #1 The basics of communication: +15,000 learners.
  • #2 Remote Management: +10,000 learners.
  • #3 Conducting a negotiation: +8,000 learners.

LinkedIn Learning: what is the price?

To access the training on the LinkedIn network, the price is $29.99 monthly and $19.99 annually. That’s between $240 and $360 per year.

You have the details of the offer right here. 👇

linkedin learning price us

LinkedIn Learning: Is It Worth It?

Now that you know how it works, how the training is screwed up and what your pricing options are, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth it to shell out that budget to get access to the platform.

There are several options available to you:

  • In some cases, the employer may decide to provide elearning courses access to employees to help them upgrade their skills, you can ask your boss. 😁
  • Some schools and training centers have a student-learning access to education courses for every student.
  • Last option, personal funding. 💲

In the case of personal financing, you need to ask yourself several questions:

  • Why do I want to take this subscription? Is it to learn new skills or to be able to apply for other positions later?

It’s important to ask this question because LinkedIn Learning courses grant you certifications, but these are not accredited. So whether LinkedIn Learning is worth the cost, that’s going to depend on your goals. 🎯

Is LinkedIn Learning certificates useful?

It is therefore natural that we will zoom in on the LinkedIn certification. 🌟

Here’s a little example of what it looks like.

linkedin learning certificat

It looks great, doesn’t it? 😎

Know that you need to have read all the videos in a training curriculum to get that nice white paper. Often, and at the end of each chapter, you also need to know how to take quizzes to validate your skills.

So yes, in principle, it’s all class as a document except here’s the thing, there are drawbacks. ❌

  • No. It is not an accredited certification: it is above all a “witness” document that indicates that you are serious and diligent in your learning process. But it is not proof. You may very well have left your computer running without sound 🔇 throughout the video. Employers know this, and won’t be satisfied with a LinkedIn certification to ensure you have the skills listed.
  • No package options (only the monthly and annual subscription). You can’t choose to take only one course. (But you still get one month free 😉 )
  • Few advanced level courses. If you are already very strong on a topic, don’t expect the experts to come and divulge growth hacking secrets or miracle techniques.

So, when is LinkedIn Learning interesting? ✔📗

  • If you want to learn by yourself, at your own pace, a particular trade or skill.
  • If you don’t necessarily want to get a recognized diploma, but are interested in learning opportunities.
  • If you are aware that you will need experience in addition to your online training course to be truly competent in the subject.

LinkedIn Learning for business

If you want to use LinkedIn to boost your business, we suggest you check out this guide on how to generate 250k per month just from LinkedIn instead. 😱

How to get LinkedIn Learning in your business? 💡

I did the investigation for you, by contacting LinkedIn Learning’s sales department directly. 🕵️♀️

You can contact them directly via this page.

You have a choice:

  • Request a callback.
  • Contact them via chat.
  • Schedule an appointment for a demo.

I opted for the chat, in order to give you some nice screenshots.

To give you a short summary of my exchanges with the salesman, here’s what comes out of it.

❌ Companies are paying more, for the same service! 😱

Indeed there is a business package that offers additional services. If you were dreaming of a preferential rate for a large volume of subscribers… You’ll really have to negotiate, but it will never go below the basic price for an individual access ($19.99). 😯

The salesman then tells me about a learning management system and tutoring that comes on top of the platform access, but what is it? 🤨

When I dig a little deeper to find out what this system is, these are his answers.

  • It’s an algorithm that offers content based on what they consume.
  • You can push content to them.
  • There is no additional virtual coaching.

Finally, these algorithms he talks about are the same as those of the individual version at $ 19.99. It is, however, possible to propose them or to put them in front of certain courses, but does it really justify an increase in the overall price?

What conclusion can we draw from this?

  • ❌ If you want your employees to enjoy access without controlling their actions on the platform, the enterprise offering won’t be for you.
  • 💲 The price is higher, because you are offered to “drive” the projects by highlighting some videos, something you can do without going through the platform, by communicating internally.
  • ✅ If you have a lot of employees and you want to make them learn about a particular topic, or you have a high volume of onboarding per week, using this solution could save you time and improve your internal organization.
  • ✅ If you want to add LinkedIn’s virtual learning to the list of benefits your company offers to employees, LinkedIn Learning is still a very interesting platform full of potential, with or without management courses.

It’s all a matter of priority, budget, and goals. 🎯

Conclusion of the Article

LinkedIn Learning is a very good way to learn new skills, especially on several digital topics. The platform has its advantages (quality, choice, nice interface), but disadvantages (mandatory subscription, few expert-level training, and an unaccredited certification).

My take 🙃: There’s nothing like testing tools to learn by yourself. LinkedIn Learning can be a real benefit to you, but you have to be curious, go see what things look like in real life and get your hands dirty! 🤠

Speaking of curiosity, check out what’s just come out on the market in terms of automation. 👀

LinkedIn Learning FAQs

What LinkedIn Learning courses are free

LinkedIn Learning free Can LinkedIn Learning be accessed for free?

  • You are entitled to 1 monthfree trial upon registration. After this trial month, LinkedIn Learning becomes a paid subscription. (Monthly or yearly.)
  • You can ask your employer or, in some cases, your training center to pay for the course.

Who owns LinkedIn Learning?

The platform was founded in 1995 by Lynda Weinman under the name was later acquired by LinkedIn in 2015.

Finally, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in December 2016. So LinkedIn Learning is now owned by Microsoft as of that date. 🤓

LinkedIn Learning vs. Udemy

In the United States, there are two giants in the digital online learning course – LinkedIn Learning and Udemy.

While Udemy far exceeds its competitor in terms of volume (number of digital trainings), and therefore learners (the more choices you have, the more you increase your chances of getting customers tenfold), LinkedIn is still a powerful media.



LinkedIn Learning +13 000
Udemy +130 000



The second big difference is the price. The advantage of Udemy is the flexibility. We pay for the training so we can decide to follow only one, without being forced to commit.



LinkedIn Learning                       $19.99 per month
Udemy                        Between $9 and $300 per course



It is difficult to judge the quality of the training when the videos are all made by different experts. However, just like on LinkedIn Learning, you can see ratings and comments from participants on Udemy to help you make your choice. 😎

Just like LinkedIn Learning, you also have access to a certification, but again, it’s unaccredited…

If you’re looking for a certificate program or a degree program, LinkedIn learning solutions  may not be the best option for you.

In that case, there are many other options to find personalized learning, on a distance-learning platform offering online degrees. We are sure you’ll find out what is best for you. 🥰

LinkedIn Learning : Login

Nothing could be easier than to log in to your account, once you have created a LinkedIn Learning space.

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account.
  • In the top home bar, click on “products”.
  • Then choose “Learning.

linkedin learning login

And there you go, you’re login to your LinkedIn Learning account, we wish you the best of luck on your learning path. 🥳