Waalaxy Import : 10 tips to follow

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Welcome to our top 10 Waalaxy import tips. There are many ways to import your leads and data into Waalaxy. However, there are some precautions that should be taken, and guidelines that should be respected if you are to optimize your searches, and, your imports. Prepare your coffee, and put on your glasses. 🤓

Waalaxy import via LinkedIn / Sales Navigator

New LinkedIn account: get it warmed up

LinkedIn is very suspicious of new LinkedIn accounts. Before using any form of automation, we recommend you optimize your profile and warm up your account. What does this mean? 🤨 You need to manually add people to your network, people you know, and grow your network manually first.

You can add level 2 people, people with whom you have common relationships; colleagues from your circle, or even former colleagues who you linked with through former work experiences or trainings. Once your profile is optimized, filled out in full, and relationships have been built, you can start using Waalaxy. As you might have guessed, the first step when getting started with the tool is to import your leads.

Waalaxy import is limited to 1000 leads on LinkedIn and 2500 on Sales Navigator

With the classic LinkedIn version, you can only access the first 1000 results. With the same search, you will never reach the 1001st. How to get around this limit?

You will have to play with the filters to access the leads of this search in order to get the maximum number of results. We’ve prepared an article to give you the lowdown on this. 😎 The process is the same for users with premium versions of LinkedIn and Sales Navigator users. However, for Sales Navigator users, you will only be able to access the first 2500 results of your search.

Use the saved search on Sales Navigator

Once you’ve imported the first flock of leads from your search, save that search. Sales Navigator offers you a feature that will allow you to save searches and therefore, only import the “new leads” from the search. You can configure whether you want to see this in weekly, monthly or quarterly format. The advantage?

  • You don’t miss any leads ➡️ Very handy.
  • No risk of duplicates ➡️ Waalaxy sorts through them in any case, so now there’s really no chance of getting duplicates.

❤️ Little bonus, here are all our tips on how to perform a good LinkedIn search, and a good Sales Navigator search.

Did my import work?

The first thing I’m going to bring your attention to, is the export window that appears at the bottom left-hand side of your Waalaxy screen. This appears at the end of your export, indicating that it was a Success.


Secondly, you can get more information about your import from the “settings” and “last import” tab:

You will get the total number of profiles scanned by the tool. The number of successes corresponds to the number of prospects imported into the tool. The number of errors is the number of leads that we couldn’t import. Duplicates are sorted out by Waalaxy, you can’t import a lead already in the tool. If you have any questions about this, you can let us know via the export support, who can then pass it on to the technical team when needed.

Your Waalaxy import remain at 1%?

The import can stay at 1%, but the profiles can still be scrolled and taken into account by the tool, it is only a display feature meant to be used as a guide:

However, if the import seems to have been stuck at 1% for a long time, there is one likely reason: duplicates.

Essentially, you had already performed search X, then you tried to export from the same search again to get the new leads (if there were any), but then all of a sudden the import stays at 1%. And stays there.

This is almost certainly because the tool did not find any prospects to import. In fact it scans and scans, but as the prospects are all already in the tool, it struggles and therefore remains at 1%. So no new leads taken into account, only the old ones, which are already in the tool.

Can I choose the start page of the import?

The “Start page” function of the import only works when you have already done a search. I’m looking for people working in Marketing at Waalaxy. This is the first time I’m performing this search:

When I go to perform the import again, on the import window, there will be a line, telling me where the search stopped, and thus, where it resumes:

In my search I see “LinkedIn Users” what is this? Can I import them?

Profiles on LinkedIn are partially hidden when they are 3 connection levels away from you. You then see the first name and the first letter of the name. They are fully hidden when they are at least 4 connection levels away from you. You will then see” LinkedIn user “.

You can’t import these leads. In a search they will be counted as an “error”. LinkedIn will then invite you to switch to their Premium plan in order to access these users:

My import is not working, what’s going on?

1. Prerequisite

If you have the classic version of LinkedIn, have a look in your search and check that you don’t have a message from LinkedIn indicating that you have reached the maximum number of searches. If this is the case, you will have to try again the following day, as LinkedIn applies a system of “reloading” your possibilities. We have noticed that this restriction can occur between 4000 and 6000 exports. Otherwise, you can simply upgrade to LinkedIn’s Premium plan, Sales Navigator.

2. Identify the problem

2.1 Does the import get stuck at 1%?

➡️ If so, a dedicated section has been written in this article. ⬆️

2.2 The import finishes but no URLs appear in our list?

➡️ In your settings tab, check out the report. If there aren’t any errors nor duplicates, you will have to come to your favorite support team, where we will likely ask for you to download Teamviewer so we can diagnose the issue.

2.3 The import does not start or, gets stuck in the middle?

➡️ You will have to try the following:

  • Refresh your LinkedIn page.
  • Log out/log in from LinkedIn.
  • Clear your cache (here’s a tutorial to help you).
  • Delete/reinstall Waalaxy.
  • Update Chrome if it is not up-to-date.
  • Turn off/on your computer.
  • Start the export again
2.4 This is a saved search Sales Navigator?

➡️ It may be in this particular case that the import does not start. This is related to duplicates. There are no new leads in the search and the leads are already in the tool.

Waalaxy imports via CSV file

Your file must not contain more than 2500 lines to be imported.

Your file must contain only LinkedIn profile URLs. URLs of Sales Navigator profiles must be removed.

For the moment, all other information in the CSV file are not taken into account: first name, last name, date of birth, email etc.. This will soon be possible on Waalaxy! 🚀

If you have any questions or suggestions related to the Waalaxy import, contact us on support! 🚀

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