Prospecting actions: What are the limits in Waalaxy?

Depending on your Waalaxy subscription, there are some limits on prospecting actions: limits in lists, limits in the application, limits in the prospect lists, or in the daily actions you can do. Let’s take a look at it all together. 😍

Business Subscription: Limits

Here are the limits in Waalaxy if you have a Business subscription. 👇

Limits in the application

In Waalaxy, with a Business subscription you can have maximum 50,000 leads. Once this number is reached, you won’t be able to import new ones.

You will have to do a little housekeeping to clean up your existing database in order to import new leads. In order not to lose these leads, you can export them to a CSV file, so that you can keep track of them. The leads and all their data will be exported. 😎

Limits in prospect lists

You are not limited in terms of leads in a single list with the Business subscription, provided of course, that your total leads do not exceed 50,000. 😊

Limits in campaigns

You can set up as many campaigns as you want, and at the same time, you are not limited here. However, for a campaign to work properly, you don’t need to overload it with leads, which is why you are limited to 5000 leads per campaign. (Active campaigns or paused campaigns) Always prioritize Quality over Quantity to carry out your campaigns.

Daily quotas

To protect your LinkedIn account from being restricted for spam, we set maximum daily action quotas

This is what governs your campaigns, and the sending of its actions.

Once your quotas are reached for the day, the actions stop and automatically resume the next day when your quotas are updated.

Here are the quotas according to the type of action for the Business subscription. 👇

  • Connection requests: 200 per week
  • Messages: between 120 and 150 per day
  • Follows: between 80 and 100 per day
  • Visits: between 120 and 150 per day
  • Message requests: between 120 and 150 per day

Advanced subscription: the limits

The limits for the Advanced subscription are all exactly the same as for the Business subscription. ☝️

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Freemium subscription : The limits

In Freemium subscription, you have 3 quotas per day.

Limits in the application

You can have maximum 10,000 qualified contacts in Waalaxy app with Freemium plan. If you want more, you will have to upgrade your subscription to a Pro, Advanced or Business plan. 😊

Limits in lead lists

You can have maximum 1000 people per lead list. You are not limited in the number of lists.

Limits in campaigns

You can have as many campaigns as you want running, or paused, you are not limited on that. On the other hand, you can only have 2500 leads per campaign. (active or paused campaigns)

Daily quotas

In order to protect your LinkedIn account from being restricted for spam, we set maximum quotas for daily prospecting actions

. This is what governs your campaigns, and the sending of these actions.

Once your quotas are reached for the day, the actions stop and automatically resume the next day when your quotas are updated.

You are limited to 3 actions per day for each type of action.

Special cases

For all former users who have already reached these limits, and for Prospectin users who transfer their data, a 30% variable will be added to each limit.

FAQ: your prospecting actions on Waalaxy

If you have more questions, come talk to us in the chat. 😁

Do I have to put the maximum number of leads in a campaign when I create it, or can I edit it in progress?

You are limited to 5000, 2500, 1000 leads per campaign, depending on the subscription. When you create a campaign, you are not obliged to put 5000, 2500 or 1000 leads at once. You can put a lower number and, edit the current campaign to add leads. 😊

How do I create a list of leads?

You can create a list of leads from the “Prospects” tab, then, “Create a list”. 👇

How do I delete a list of prospects?

If you delete a lead list, you permanently delete all the contacts in it, so use this feature carefully. Go to your list, click on the three little dots, then “Delete”. 👇

How do queues and action processing work?

To get all the information about how actions are processed in the queue, go to this dedicated article ➡️ How do queued actions work?

What exactly are share quotas?

Quotas are the maximum limits of actions to be sent daily to protect your LinkedIn account. For more information on this topic ➡️ How LinkedIn action quotas work.

Can a lead be duplicated in the tool or in a campaign?

Waalaxy handles duplicates. Therefore, it is impossible to import the same lead twice into the tool. A lead cannot be in several lists, or in several campaigns.

How to segment my searches to find the right prospects?

Segmenting your searches to get the right prospects is the most important work to do in your prospecting strategy. To help you with this, we have made two guides especially for you! 👇

Conclusion on your prospecting actions

Limits were put in place for several reasons, indeed, it is not a good practice to have thousands of prospects in prospect lists. You privilege quantity over quality, and this is not a good thing. The limit will force you to segment your research, find the right targets, and focus on the quality of your prospects and your actions. Campaign limits were put in place for the same reason.

You are limited by daily quotas, contact your prospects by thousands into a single campaign with quotas of 30 or 100 would take you months to process. Prioritize the quality and priority of certain prospects to be treated in a campaign to follow up accurately. This is the type of strategy that will allow you to turn your prospect into a lead. 😎

Bonus ➡️ How to establish your Persona and target?

And there you have it, you know all about the limits of your prospecting efforts!

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