How To Block Someone On LinkedIn ?

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In this article, we will tackle an uncomfortable subject, how to block someone on LinkedIn? 🙊

I know this it’s not very pleasant, but sometimes it’s necessary… it’s good to know that you can do it easily by visiting the person’s profile.

These are the 3 steps on how to block someone on LinkedIn:

  • Go to the person’s profile and click “More”.
  • Click on “Report / Block” at the end of the list, and a pop-up will open.
  • From there, choose “Block (the person’s name)” and click “Block”. 

That’s all! 🙌

phew GIF









The person has been already blocked without them knowing, LinkedIn will not send any notification from your end. Even if you visited their profile page to do it, this visit will not appear either. 🤫

How to block someone on LinkedIn without them knowing? 

Good news is that every time that you block someone on LinkedIn, they will never know! 

That’s good to know indeed, because if you were hesitant to do it, now you do not have to worry anymore. 👌

Here is the visual step by step: 

  • Step 1 click “More” + “Report / Block”: 

block profile LinkedIn














  • Step 2 click “Block (person’s name)”: 

block report LinkedIn









  • Step 3 select block. 

block on LinkedIn








There you have it, it wasn’t as scary as it seemed! 😅

Blocking someone on LinkedIn is pretty straight forward, even if you have to go to the profile you want to block each time. 😐

How to block someone without visiting their profile? 

This is not possible, unfortunately! 😰

However, there’s another way of blocking someone on LinkedIn without visiting their profile with your name or profile picture showing. 🤞

This one is a little sneaky haha 👀, but it’s in case you want to take an extra precaution. 

  • Go to “Me” in the top menu, and open “Settings & Privacy”: 


settings & privacy LinkedIn









  • In the “Visibility” section, go to “Profile viewing options” and click on “Change”: 

viewing options LinkedIn










  • There you will have the option to display your profile as “Anonymous”: 

private mode LinkedIn












Then, when you visit or do any other action in someone else’s profile, your name will not be visible. 👻
This allows you to block someone in “incognito mode” but there is no other way for blocking on LinkedIn, without visiting the profile first.

Sorry, LinkedIn doesn’t have an automatically blocking feature yet! 🤷

sorry GIF

What happens when you block someone ? 

Great! Now that you know how to block someone on LinkedIn, you might be wondering what happens next?? 🤔

Are you still following them? Do they follow you? Are you still part of their network? Can they still see your posts or send you messages? No panic! 😵

no panic GIF

We have all the answers below. 🙏

When you block a user on LinkedIn, here’s what will happen:

  • Can’t access each other’s profiles on LinkedIn.
  • Can’t message each other on LinkedIn.
  • Won’t see each other’s shared content. 🙅
  • If already connected, won’t be connected anymore.
  • Can’t see each other in “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”.
  • No notification about their upcoming LinkedIn Events.
  • If already subscribed to your Newsletter, they will no longer receive it.
  • All endorsements & recommendations from that user will be removed.
  • Won’t see each other in “People You May Know” and “People also viewed”.
  • Only you can unblocking the user and no notification will be sent. 👍

When you block user in groups & shared accounts:

  • Group members can’t block admins (since they control posts, memberships, moderation, etc.) To block admins, their admin permissions need to be removed first.
  • To block a manager of a LinkedIn group you’re part of, you have to leave the group first, then block that person. 🚫
  • If you manage a group and want to block a member, you have to delete that user-account from the group, then block them.
  • Group members can ask admins to block a member. 🗣
  • If you block a user that you share a LinkedIn Recruiter account with, the user will be notified about the block, in order to effectively manage that Recruiter account.

A blocked user may still view your profile and posts in these cases:

  • If you block a person, they can still see your public information, such as profile, content posted, shares and comments. You can review your public profile settings to prevent this. 🧐
  • Mutual connections can share content created by the blocked person into your feed. You can hide these updates from your feed any time.
  • If you can access LinkedIn via mobile or API, you may see cached data regarding the blocked member’s profile. To refresh your cache, sign in and then sign out, then remove cached data. 💬

Furthermore, to limit people’s access to you, you can also:

  • Hide your public profile (otherwise people who aren’t on LinkedIn can still find you through search engines).
  • Hide your profile photo. 🤡
  • Change your display and username.
  • Adjust the account settings to send you invitations. 📩
  • Turn on / Turn off your Open Profile.
  • Remove first degree connections.

I hope you find these tips useful to prevent any stalker or weirdo from contact you anymore! Unwanted text-messages could be blocked. 💪

weirdo GIF


When sharing professional or personal information on any social media platform, we should always be mindful of the privacy settings page, to avoid our content being used elsewhere or people knowing how to reach you without your consent! 😫

With Waalaxy, we only scrape the information that is public and visible from your 1st degree connections to respect the GDPR norms. 😇
Unlike our other competitors, like PhantomBuster, Lusha etc. that could put to your account LinkedIn at risk.

Discover Waalaxy 🪐

How to unblock someone on LinkedIn? 

After you block a person on LinkedIn, they will appear in your blocked list. From there, you can manage the people in that block list, in case you ever change your mind and want to “unblock” them, it is possible! 😮

Here are the steps on how to do it:

  • Go to “Me” in the top menu, and on the drop down, open “Settings & Privacy”: 

settings & privacy LinkedIn









  • In the “Visibility” section, scroll down to click “Blocking” and “Change”: 

blocked list LinkedIn










  • Choose the person’s name and click “Unblock”.

unblock from LinkedIn










  • Then enter your password and confirm “Unblock member”.

unblock member LinkedIn









Please note that you need to wait 48h before re-blocking the same person, after you unblock them! Also, you can only block up to 1400 members on LinkedIn. 👍

Conclusion of the article : How to block someone on LinkedIn ?

In this article, we explained how to block someone on LinkedIn, but also :

  • How to block someone without visiting their LinkedIn profile ?
  • What happens when you block someone on LinkedIn ?
  • How to unblock someone on LinkedIn ?

Now let’s go to the frequently asked questions! 🥰

FAQ : how to block someone on LinkedIn

Why block someone on LinkedIn? 

Blocking someone on LinkedIn might seem like to block an extreme measure, but sometimes desperate times caller for desperate measures! 🤪

Now that you know how to block another person on LinkedIn without getting caught and what it implies, you can also consider other ways of cutting them off, like:

  • Unfollow them,
  • Remove them,
  • Report them.

 All this can be done from the “More” section in their profiles as shown here:

unfollow on LinkedIn








These are other options if you don’t want to block them completely, however you can always block and unblocked them, or follow them back etc. So no worries about that! 😌

How to blacklist someone on LinkedIn? 

 In case you’re using a CRM like Waalaxy, to manage your leads on LinkedIn. You can also consider the option of creating a blacklist of the contact list you do not wish to contact anymore via LinkedIn or via email. ✋

Therefore, we have written this article to help you handle your connections on LinkedIn. You can create a blacklist of the users that have declined your messages by using tags in your prospecting campaigns. This will prevent you to contact them again, since it can be very frustrating for your prospects to keep receiving messages from you, when they already told you that they’re not interested! 😬

It’s good to keep the connections, but there’s no use on insisting… otherwise, it’s called harassment, and we don’t want to do that. 🙃

no GIF

How to know if someone blocked you on linkedin?

There are a few tricks to check if someone has blocked you, here they are: ⬇️

  • Type the name of the person you want in the search bar, and if the message “this profile is not available” appears, then that person has blocked you.
  • In the tab “Manage my network”, type the name of the person and if it is not there, then it has blocked you.
  • Directly in your mailbox, search the conversation with this person and see if the message “this message may contain unwanted or harmful”. If so, you know the rest…
  • Last but not least, look for a public post that this person has shared. If you can’t interact or comment on the post, then that person has blocked you.

Can people tell if you block them on LinkedIn?

No, no one can see who you choose to block. 🛑
Note that blocking does not apply to public information, such as posted content, open group discussions, your public profile, your shares, and your comments on posts.

There you have it! 🤲 Do not hesitate to contact me or leave us a comment in the blog if you have any other tips.

Now you know everything there is to know on how to block someone on LinkedIn, without them knowing! 🤫

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