How to retrieve profiles that have commented a LinkedIn post?

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Being able to retrieve LinkedIn profiles of people who comment on a post is very useful.

Whether it’s for one of your posts where you promised content to people who commented, or you simply want to personalize your prospecting strategy by retrieving a list of the people who commented on someone else’s post.

I’m going to show you 3 ways to retrieve the profiles of people who commented on a LinkedIn post.

1. ProspectIn’s Triggers feature

This technique is very useful if the LinkedIn post has just been published. Keep in mind that it will not allow you to retrieve profiles of people who commented on the post before you set it up. In other words, it is not retroactive.

However, it is an ideal solution for when you want to retrieve the profiles of people who comment on your LinkedIn post asking you to send them content. With this method the message will be automatically sent as new comments are posted. No manual action required 😄. And even if a prospect comments 2 weeks later, they will receive the promised content.

Here is how to set up the retrieval of profiles using this technique:

1. Create your campaign and your associated message or connection request in ProspectIn

2. Create the trigger as shown in this gif:


Tip: Depending on what you want to do, I advise you to create two triggers: one for people you are already connected with and one for people you are not.

Essentially, you cannot perform the same actions for both. Depending on whether you are connected with the individual or not, you have to send an invitation request OR send a message.

Learn more about Triggers here!

2. Retrieve people who have already commented on a LinkedIn post

There are many tools that allow you to do this, like PhantomBuster.

Here, I chose a free technique that only takes a few seconds. (Gotta give thanks to Benoit Dubos for sharing this trick with me).

  1. Find the post in question
  2. Copy the link and open it in a new tab

retrieve profiles LinkedIn

3. Scroll until all the comments on the post have been loaded.

retrieve profiles LinkedIn

4. Open the browser console

5. Copy this small piece of Javascript code into the console and press “Enter”

$$(« .comments-post-meta__actor-link »).forEach(a => {

retrieve profiles LinkedIn

LinkedIn URLs are displayed directly in the console.

6. Copy the URLs and paste them into an Excel workbook.

7. Separate the contents with a “Space” separator.

retrieve profiles LinkedIn tutorial

You will get a list of LinkedIn URLs, ready to import into any tool.

8. (Optional) Save your file in CSV and import it into ProspectIn

retrieve profiles LinkedIn tutorial

3. Retrieve a list of people who liked a LinkedIn post

Yes, getting details of people who liked a post is not exactly the same as getting a list of people who commented on a LinkedIn post. Nonetheless it’s still very useful to get one’s hand on this information.

So, now for the how:

Similar to previous process, there are different methods to do achieve this. Here I’m going to show you the simplest one, with the use of ProspectIn.

retrieve profiles LinkedIn tutorial



Now you know how to retrieve profiles from a LinkedIn post. Doing this allows you to personalize your prospecting or to automate time-consuming tasks. 😜

FAQ of the article

Are there other ways to retrieve a list of profiles that have commented on a LinkedIn post?
Absolutely, with tools like PhantomBuster. I’ve simply presented the most straightforward and cost-effective way.

Is there a limit to the number of profiles that I can export, or is there a risk?
To my knowledge, no. It’s just a matter of recovering profile’s URL’s, so there is no limit and no risk for your LinkedIn account.

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