Mail tester: Check the deliverability of your emails

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Want to verify or test an email address? Then you need a mail tester. 🤔

In this article, we’ll explain how it works and which tools to use! ✍️

What is email deliverability?

First things first, email deliverability is the ability of an email to be delivered to the recipients’ inbox. 📥

This is a metric used in marketing to measure the probability of an e-mail campaign reaching a subscriber’s inbox, depending on the ISP, bounces, spam issues, etc. 🧐

10 Tools for testing the deliverability of your emails

There are many SaaS B2b “mail tester” tools, some free, and some paying. 🤑

Here, we’ll get to know their features, hoping to help you better choose the one that best suits your business. 🚀

5 Free Mail Tester Tools

1) “MailTester” free tool

This free online tool lets you send emails to test addresses and measure the likelihood of the email reaching its destination. 🚢 It’s very intuitive to use, and you can immediately check the quality of your email address.

When you visit the MailTester website, you’ll be asked to email a general address. 🔎 Here are a few features.

Main features:

  • Email content.
  • Your SpamAssassin reputation score.
  • Authentication levels (DKIM signature, DMARC tests, server mapping, etc.)
  • Potential blacklists* you may be on (see FAQ*). 😉

Rates and free trial:

  • Free trial available: the tool is completely free.

2) “ZeroBounce” mail test online

“ZeroBounce” offers freemium services that include inbox placement testing and regular infrastructure testing. ✅

This tool also lets you check recipients‘ e-mail addresses to eliminate “bounces” and “spam” (the freemium version includes 100 e-mail addresses). 👇

Main features:

  • Check the recipient’s e-mail address.
  • Evaluate activity for each e-mail address.
  • Process large quantities of data with the API.
  • Eliminates bounces.
  • Avoid spam traps.
  • Integration with numerous platforms such as Slack, Zoho, Shopify, etc.

Rates and free trial:

  • Free trial available: freemium version available for 100 credits.
  • Starting prices: from $20 for 2,000 e-mails to $2,750 for 1 million e-mails.
  • With an annual subscription, you’ll receive a 10% reduction. Business offer on request.

3) “Spam Checker” free mail tester

“Spam Checker” by Postmark, is a free transactional email solution that ensures deliverability and provides online spam assessment services. ☢️ To use it, copy the email source, paste it into the field provided and click the button.

Next, Postmark provides a “SpamAssassin” score (one of the most commonly used spam filters) and a report on any problems detected.

The goal is to maximize your chances of getting past spam filters and keep your spam score as low as possible. 👇

Main Features:

  • Quality of HTML content and links.
  • Compliance with domain authentication standards.
  • Text/image ratio.

Pricing and free trial:

  • Free trial available: The tool is completely free.

4) “MXToolbox” mail tester

“MXToolbox Deliverability” and “SuperTool” are essential services for monitoring and improving email deliverability and the health of your server. 🩺

Main Features:

  • Email Deliverability Testing: Analyses issues affecting email delivery.
  • Blacklist Monitoring: Checks IP addresses against email blacklists.
  • SMTP Test: Checks the cold mail settings of the SMTP server.
  • DMARC, DKIM, and SPF testing: Ensures email authentication standards are properly implemented.

Pricing and free trial:

  • Free trial available: Freemium version available, with limited features.
  • Advanced paid plans offer more comprehensive monitoring and analysis tools. 👉 “Deliverability Center” at $129 per month and “Deliverability Center Plus” at $399 per month.

5) “Mailtrap” mail tester online

“Mailtrap” is a popular email testing service designed primarily for development teams to capture, display and analyze email messages sent from development and staging environments without forwarding them to the actual recipients. 🫢

The trial version is “free forever” but includes limited features. 👇

Main Features:

  • Email Testing Sandbox: Safely test sending emails without spamming real customers.
  • Analysis and Debugging: Inspects emails for spam score and HTML issues.
  • Team Collaboration: Allows you to share inboxes within teams for better coordination.
  • Automated Testing: Integrates with CI/CD pipelines for automated email testing.

Pricing and free trial:

  • Mailtrap offers a free plan with basic features and limited email testing capabilities.
  • Starting price: Paid plans start at $14.99 per month, offering additional features and higher email volumes.

5 Paid Email Address Testing Tools

1) “Email on Acid” mail spam tester

“Email on Acid” is a comprehensive email testing and analytics platform designed to help businesses ensure their emails look perfect on all major email clients and devices before sending them. 📧

Here is a brief overview of its features and prices. 👇

Main Features:

  • Campaign Pre-Check: Automated checklist to streamline and optimize email campaigns.
  • Email Testing: Unlimited insights across 100+ email clients and devices.
  • Email Analytics: Track your email marketing KPI metrics. 📈
  • Email Accessibility: Ensures emails are accessible to all users.
  • Image Validation: Checks images for cold emailing mistakes. ❄️
  • Inbox View: Shows what emails will look like in different inboxes.

Pricing and free trial:

  • Free trial available: A free trial is offered.
  • Starting price: $74 per month for the Basic plan, with more comprehensive features available in the Premium ($134/month) and Professional ($449/month) plans.
  • Annual billing options allow for 25% savings.

2) “Captain Verify” mail tester

Captain Verify” typically offers email verification and validation services, helping companies clean up their mailing lists by identifying invalid, at-risk or non-functioning email addresses. 🤫

Main features:

  • Real-time email verification: check the validity of email addresses as they are entered.
  • Mass mailing list cleaning: download and clean lists of email addresses.
  • Detailed reports: provide information on the quality and deliverability of mailing lists.
  • API integration: enables integration with websites or applications for real-time verification.

Rates and free trial:

  • Free trial available: one free trial and 100 free credits.
  • Starting prices: from $7 for 1,000 e-mail checks, up to 5 million checks for $2,000.
  • With the annual subscription, you get 2 months free and a 10% discount.

3) “MailGenius” test mail

“MailGenius” is one of the leading email service providers (ESP). 👉 Based on the same principle as “MailTester”, you can check in seconds whether an email address is undesirable.

Main features:

  • Schedule a free 30-minute call to confirm deliverability with an expert.
  • Estimate the effectiveness of your e-mail subject line.
  • Ensure compliance with certification standards.
  • Avoid spam filters.
  • Check your content for broken links.
  • See the census for “blacklists”.

Rates and free trial :

  • Free trial available: a free trial.
  • Starting price: $10 per month for the Newbie subscription and $97 per month for the automated subscription.
  • If you take out an annual subscription, you’ll save 20%.

4) “GlockApps” mail tester app

The “GlockApps” SaaS platform lets you maximize the deliverability of your marketing campaign with detailed delivery reports, reputation checks. 👉 Plus bounce analysis, content and HTML code validation, and much more.

You’ ll receive a code to paste into your message and a list of e-mail addresses (real addresses) from different e-mail providers. 🤓

Once sent, “GlockApps” provides an average deliverability rate and detailed reports for each email provider. 📊

Main features:

  • Spam test: checks your e-mail against several spam filters.
  • Inbox placement test: shows where your e-mail arrives on different e-mail services.
  • DMARC Analytics: monitor and analyze your DMARC reports for authentication.
  • E-mail deliverability monitoring: track deliverability over time to identify trends.

Rates and free trial:

  • Free trial available: three free credits.
  • Starting prices: from $85 per month for the “Essential” subscription, $142 for “Growth” and $185 per month for the “Enterprise” subscription.
  • If you take out an annual subscription, you’ll save 30%.

5) Kickbox mail tester score

Similar to Zero Bounce, “Kickbox” lets you verify your recipient’s e-mail address before sending the e-mail. 📩

Kickbox is a leading email verification and deliverability platform designed to help marketers and developers send emails with confidence. 👇

Main features :

  • Real-time e-mail checking: quickly validate e-mail addresses to improve list quality.
  • Bulk e-mail checking: cleans up mailing lists to reduce bounce rates*. (See FAQ*) 😉
  • Integration: easily integrates with leading email platforms and email marketing strategy tools. 📍
  • Deliverability tools: provide information to improve e-mail performance and deliverability.

Rates and free trial :

  • Free trial: a free trial with 100 checks.
  • Starting price: from $5 for 500 checks with flexible pricing for larger volumes. 👉 Up to $4,000 for 1 million checks.

How can you optimize the deliverability of your campaigns with Waalaxy?

As we’ve seen here, there are several tools for checking the e-mails in your database (MailGenius, Zerobounce, etc). 🤗

If you use Waalaxy, you know that we work with Dropcontact for email enrichment. 🤩 So, with our “Email Finder”, you can search for prospects’ email addresses on LinkedIn and build your database from start to finish. 💪

Dropcontact is directly integrated and automatically checks the validity of e-mails, so you don’t have to do a thing. 👉 If you’d like to test our tool, you can easily download it here.

Remember to pin it to your Google Chrome extensions, so you don’t lose sight of it. 👽

To find out how, check out our foolproof method for importing e-mail addresses! 👈

Conclusion: How to use a mail-tester?

It’s essential to check the quality of your database with a mail tester to help your business grow. ⚡

An incorrect e-mail address can cost you potential customers. 🙈

Before sending out each emailing campaign, 👉 you need to analyze your database with a mail tester to make sure it’s not classified as “spam” in your prospectsinboxes.

What’s more, if you’re having trouble collecting addresses to send sales emails, you can also get them directly from LinkedIn. 😏

FAQ Test Mail

Why test a mail?

It’s important to test your email before sending it to make sure it’s well received and appears optimally to all recipients. 👀

This helps you detect and resolve layout problems, broken links or items likely to trigger spam filters. 🚫

It also helps improve recipient engagement and optimize the click-through and average email open rates. 💥

In other words, testing your e-mails increases the effectiveness of your e-mail campaigns by ensuring that your messages reach their recipients as intended. 🕊️

What is an e-mail blacklist?

The e-mail blacklist is a real-time prospecting database that lets you decide which e-mails to classify as spam. 🙈

It’s essentially a filter that determines whether an e-mail reaches the recipient’s inbox or not. 🪄

How do I test an email address?

To test your e-mail address, use an online verification tool or “mail tester”, as seen in this article. 💡

These tools analyze addresses to ensure that they are valid, active and not marked as spam. 👉 Syntax, domain existence and responsiveness of the mail server associated with the address are checked.

This approach is essential for maintaining the health of your mailing list, improving e-mail deliverability and avoiding bounces. 👍 It also helps protect your sender’s reputation and maximize the effectiveness of your e-mail campaigns and company reputation.

What is the bounce rate?

A returned e-mail is an e-mail that could not be delivered. 😥 Specifically, permanent or temporary delivery errors related to server problems or spam.

Bounce rate is usually a measurement expressed as a percentage of subscribers who have not received a message. 👉 There are two types of bounces: hard and soft.

Hard bounces are caused by an unreachable e-mail address, while soft bounces are caused by technical issues with the target’s inbox. 🎯

Now you know all about mail tester tools. 🏌️ Now it’s your turn to play!


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