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If you want to get a “disposable email” address to receive promotions 🗑️ or you need to use a temporary email for testing your website against spam, for example. ⚡ So, here is the list of the 11 best disposable email tools

👉 Create a Disposable Email Here!


What is a Temporary Disposable Email?

What is Meant By Disposable Email Address?

A disposable email is an email address used to avoid receiving unwanted emails or corrupting your main mailbox with ads.

The disposable email works on a simple principle: 👇

This solution will either generate a specific email address associated with your name domain name, or offer you to create an email address associated with your domain name yourself (e.g. test123@tempmail.com). You can use this disposable email address to fill the forms with the site. The mailbox associated with this disposable email address is accessible simply by using a password or by visiting a specific link associated with this email address. After X days, the mailbox is destroyed and assigned to another person.


How Do I Create a Disposable Email? (“Temp Mail”)

Here is an example of how to create and use a temp mail or temporary email: ⏬

  1. Create a name address email disposable on TempMail.com (for example, test123).
  2. Use this address email on the website, to which you must register (for example, test123@tempmail.com).
  3. Go back to Temp Mail, enter your created email address and click on “Verify Email”.
  4. Go to the list of emails that you have received in the email temporary (the email is public so that several people can see the information).


👉 The main services of messaging disposables (YOPmail, Temp Mail, etc.) are generally rejected by some Websites (Facebook, Twitter…) In this case, a lesser known service is used to send temporary emails.

Most temporary emails cannot be sent to a “normal” address (so not an unrecognizable disposable email), but they can be forwarded to another address.

Of course, it is legal to use a temporary email… to avoid drowning in the spam! On the other hand, emails are mostly deleted after X days, so make a copy if this information is important.

If you are a website publisher, I recommend checking the list of these tools to see if your database contains too many emails from TempMail, Mailinator, etc. In fact, these emails are rarely referenced

Video gif. A cat sits at a table in front of a laptop, banging its little arms on the keyboard as if it were furiously typing.


What is the Best Throwaway Email? List of the 11 Best Disposable Email Tools!

Here are some of the most popular disposable email address solutions:

  1. Temp Mail.
  2. YOPmail.
  3. 10 Minute Mail.
  4. Email Jetable.org.
  5. Mohmal.
  6. Maildrop.
  7. TrashMail.
  8. Mailinator.
  9. EmailOnDeck.
  10. Guerrillamail.
  11. Bonus: Waalaxy!


👉 This list of disposable email address services are not sorted by preference. You can choose according to your needs (permanent, disposable email address or to use single use for temporary emails with a retention period of 8-30 days).


1. Temp Mail:

Temp Mail ensures the security and cleanliness of your official email by providing a personalized temporary email address. You can avoid spam, promotional emails and hacks by using this email address to publish your emails on the Temp Mail website.

Your inbox is accessible directly from the Temp Mail website (free public access).

The service also has handy iOS and Android mobile applications for receiving emails on your smartphone.

💡 Price: Free and Premium 10/month (your own name domain, 10 forwarded email addresses, private email addresses, etc.)


2. YOPmail:

The interface is very basic and a bit naive, but it is the most well-known temporary email service.

YOPmail allows you to create a personalized and disposable email address (define a temporary email address to use) that can be used for Internet registration.

The email address is generated automatically and is accessible simply by entering the name of the email address, so there is no need to register on disposable email address creation sites and no password is required.

The messages are kept for 8 days, and you can access your emails directly from the website.

However, you can‘t send anonymous emails from this service, the sending works only to another YOPmail address.

💡 Price: Completely Free!


3. 10 Minute Mail (10 Min Email):

“10 Minute Mail” provides a disposable email address that can only be used for 10 minutes.

If you wish to use an additional 10 minutes, please click on “Get 10 minutes”.

As such, it is a very useful service of messaging useful temporary feature if you sign up for a site that requires you to enter an email address to receive confirmation emails.

Here’s how to protect and clean your official email address from spam, ads and even scammers.

You can generate an email address as many times as you want without wasting time registering on the site. A new email is generated each time.

The service is completely free and easy to use thanks to its clean and ad-free interface (unlike numerous services free!).

💡 Price: Free and without Ads!


4. Email Jetable.org:

Email Jetable.org differs slightly from other services in that it uses the ephemeral email principle of forwarding messages to a real email address:

  • Give your real email address.
  • You must confirm to receive the email.
  • Finally, Email Jetable.org will create then an email alias (for example, b1v5ibabachdrl38@disposable.org) and will send an email address with a forwarding address hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Email Jetable.org therefore provides a disposable email address intended to receive spam and not belonging to the user. The lifetime of this address is determined at creation.

All the emails received in this disposable inbox will be forwarded to your redirected to your official email address until a predefined deadline.

💡 Price: Totally Free!


5. Mohmal:

Mohmal is a pretty standard temporary email (“tempmail”) composition solution. Visit simply visit the website and start creating your address disposable. After that, it will remain active for 45 minutes.

Once the time limit has passed, the entire contents of your mailbox will be deleted to protect your information if someone else uses it. It can also be deleted before the time is up and updated if necessary.

💡 Price: Totally Free!


6. Maildrop:

Maildrop is a temporary messaging tool, but also, it is an easy-to-use tool.

It is completely open source and has powerful “anti-spam” filters. This is the main advantage. According to them, more than 140 million spam messages have been blocked by Maildrop so far.

Go to the start page to use the tool. Scroll down a bit, and you will find a field on the left where you can enter a custom address. If youre not inspired or just want to get straight to the point, there are randomly generated email suggestions on the right.

💡 Price: Completely Free!


7. TrashMail:

The TrashMail site offers a slightly different solution than other sites. Not only can you create disposable email addresses, but you can also create a complete redirection of emails. This process can be configured to prevent spam in your main mailbox.

Other than that, the disposable email service is pretty much the same as the others. Enter the name you want to give to this “junk” address, enter the main email address (the one you want to clean up), then set the number of times to forward and the duration of validity of the address. The email addresses are permanently deleted as soon as one of these two limits is exceeded.

This tool is free and has limited functionality. It will allow you to do what has already been said before. If you need more, you can upgrade your account to the Plus Planfor €18.49 per year. This gives you 5,000 disposable addresses, but only 25 if you don’t pay. You can also use the paid plan to send emails secure SSL and remove the restrictions on the validity of the addresses.

💡 Price: Free and Plan Plus €18.49/year.


8. Mailinator:

Mailinator allows you to generate emails temporary in a few clicks. These temporary emails are used to test products and services (e.g., receive from messages test emails).

The generated email address can be used on any which site Web and incoming emails are automatically cleaned up after a few hours.

The great strength of Mailinator is that it provides an API to automate actions (e.g. click on all links, send a message to another email address, etc.). This solution also handles SMS.

💡 Price: Free, then $159/month… (2,000 emails read per day, routing rules, free for 1 specific domain name).


9. EmailOnDeck:

EmailOnDeck is a temporary online email address provider service. The disposable email is available in two easy steps. Click on the anti-robot button, which will generate a temporary random email.

The Pro version allows you to purchase EmailOnDeck’s disposable email address service with Bitcoin. This version also allows you to collect 100 emails at a time and send emails anonymous (one of the few services that allow this).

💡 Price: Free or Payed via Bitcoin.


10. Guerrillamail:

Guerrillamail is a service that not only allows you to generate a temporary email address, but also allows you to send and receive emails for free:

  • No registration required for benefit of the service Guerrillamail service.
  • Sign up at simply and Guerrillamail will generate an email address each time that you visit.
  • The email is valid for 60 minutes.

Guerrillamail provides a disposable email address that can be used when registering on any website. The Guerrillamail inbox is available for 1 hour and updates every 9 seconds. You don’t need to register on the site to generate a disposable email address, so you wont spend much time on the site.

Guerrillamail also has a feature that allows users to receive emails with document attachments of 150 MB.

💡 Price: Free!


How to Use a Free “Burner Email”? With Waalaxy!

To finish this list, let’s talk about the bonus emailing tool: our Waalaxy CRM. 👽

Firstly, we need to clarify that Waalaxy is not, to be honest, a disposable email creation tool. 👀

You can, however, use a temporary email to send “cold email” campaigns if you want to.

On the other hand, you risk losing access to this email box, and you won’t be able to find your prospects afterwards…

Thus, to be able to send cold emailing campaigns, the best is to create or use a professional email address that is dedicated only to prospecting.


👉 Waalaxy is an indispensable tool for prospecting B2B. You have the ability to integrate multichannel into your prospecting strategy, i.e. emailing + LinkedIn prospecting, with Waalaxy.

But, concretely: “How to send a cold email via Waalaxy?🤗 You have all the answers in this article!

Finally, you need to sync your email box to be able to send emails with Waalaxy.

Here are the steps to follow: 👇


Step 1: Find the SMTP Synchronization Info

Waalaxy allows connections from any provider that allows SMTP synchronization. As you may have noticed, our interface allows you to connect with your account in Gmail or Outlook. The settings for these accounts are already filled in.

Therefore, to connect to another provider, you need to enter the SMTP synchronization settings of the server in question.


Step 2: Enable SMTP Synchronization

To connect to your mailbox using an external tool, you will first have to approve the synchronization or generate a quick password for your application (these are the two most common methods used by your provider). It depends on your provider.

In fact, SMTP synchronization is not considered secure for mailboxes. For this reason, some providers require additional steps. In this case, you should ask your provider how to perform the synchronization.

For example, Yahoo requires that a password be set for each application. To do this, go to your Yahoo account. The account security allows you to automatically generate a password for Waalaxy.


Step 3: Login to Waalaxy

Once synchronized, all you have to do is enter your information into Waalaxy: ✨

  • Your email, name sender name, word of password (if the provider supplier has generated it by default, you must enter a password instead of the real one).
  • Your connection SMTP, your connection IMAP connection.

💡 Once you have entered all of this information, you can click“Test” to make sure the information is correct. Errors can come from vendors, emails, passwords and even SMTP and IMAP connections. Make sure the information is written correctly. 🧐

Validate and you are ready to email your prospects with Waalaxy!

Try Waalaxy Now 👩‍🚀


Get your first customers this week

Take advantage of the power of Waalaxy to generate leads every day. Start prospecting for free, today.

waalaxy dashboard

Conclusion: How Disposable Email Work? (Random Email)

Finally, almost every website, app, store or service (online or offline) asks you to provide your email address. These sign-ups often result in unsolicited emails, ads, etc. flooding your inbox! 🙈

For example, your address can be sold to third parties for commercial purposes, not to mention your privacy is at risk. The trick in this case was to provide a fake email address (or voluntarily give the wrong one), but very often online services send confirmation emails, so this tactic has its limits... 😣

To avoid this dilemma, there are temporary email services that can provide temporary addresses. This often prevents us from providing an actual email address, including your full name. However, keep in mind that some of these services do not have email protection systems. 💥

👉 Any user can see the email, as it does not require a username or password. As a result, do not send or receive personal or confidential information using these addresses. Also, most of them are rarely used as a way to send email, but rather as a way to receive spam.


Is there a “Fake Email” Generator I Can Use? (Fake Mail)

In conclusion, there are two types of disposable email address generators:

  • A “fake email” is generated and obtained directly from the website of a disposable email generator service (e.g. Temp Mail, YOPmail, etc.).
  • An address email temporary which is sent with a duration of life (the temporary mail disappears when conditions expire (1 hour, 1 day, etc.). The address email address is never changed, no message can be sent to you because your real email address is never displayed).

👉 Indeed, only disposable email services can guarantee the anonymity and security of your personal data. They provide one or more temporary dummy addresses that allow you to log in and access the Internet without the risk of being a victim of spam.

This is the end of unwanted emails, don’t expose your address, avoid hacking your account or receiving fraudulent messages. Temporary email systems are anti-spam devices that protect mailboxes and private email addresses.

💡 Most of these services (except “EmailOnDeck”) do not allow you to send messages from anonymous email addresses.


FAQ : Disposable Email

What is a Quick Email or One Time Use Email?

A quick disposable email or one time use emailas its name suggests, is an email address that is only valid for a specific period of time. This temporary email address self-destructs after a few hours, days or months (depending on the service).

After using it to register on questionable sites, forums or blogs, using a disposable email address protects your privacy and keeps you safe from spam. 🚫 It also prevents your personal email address from being resold to third parties for commercial or other purposes. 🤫


How to Check a Disposable Email Address?

To have a disposable email address, you can use online temporary email creation services. Most of these sites are free, so you can use them anytime you need to sign up for a website or a “newsletter” to get access to content or promos, without having to give out your real email address.

If you want to know more about other “growth hacking” tricks, then read this article! ⚡


See Ya Goodbye GIF

There you go, you know how it works and how to create a disposable email. 😉


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