Campaigns Infos And Delays With Waalaxy [Tutorial]

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You are on the tutorial to learn about Campaigns’ Infos and delays with Waalaxy!

A prospecting campaign on Waalaxy is governed by several elements: actions, deadlines, and conditions. These elements allow prospects to move forward or not in the campaign. We’ll explain it all to you. 😍

What is a campaign?

A campaign is a way to execute several actions on a list of prospects. Once the campaign is ready, the queue will launch and execute the actions from Waalaxy on LinkedIn. A campaign that has several actions in a row, must validate each action, a condition, and a deadline.

What are the steps to launch a campaign?

To launch a campaign, you will need to:

  • Import leads previously from LinkedIn, Recruiter Lite, and Sales Navigator, or by CSV file into a Waalaxy lead list.
  • Choose the type of campaign you want. (What actions do I want?).
  • Select the prospects from the list and put them in the campaign.
  • Fill in the different contents of the campaign.
  • Launch the campaign.

To have details about each of these steps, you can read this article. 😎

What is a condition?

In order to make sure that prospects check the conditions necessary for the execution of a given step, or simply to condition their progress in the campaign, there are different “condition” steps.

User case :

Campaign entry conditions

You have just launched a campaign and it appears in red with 0 leads in it. This may be because your prospects are not eligible for the campaign, they do not respect the entry conditions of the campaign.

Leads with the status“connected” and “pending” are not processed here, they are automatically removed. Only “not connected” leads can be processed in this campaign. If you put leads that don’t meet the entry condition in a campaign, they exit right away.

Waiting for “Time + Invitation” condition

Case example: You chose an “Invitation + Message” sequence and included a list of prospects in it. You see that all invitations have been sent. Your campaign now appears with an orange dot and it says that you have “no open leads in the queue”.

This is normal. In order for the messages to send, the prospects must accept the connection request sent. Until this is done, the condition is not met. Therefore, prospects remain in the “Pending Condition” stage and no action is required at this time. As soon as the connection request is accepted by the prospect, the condition will have been met. The delay will start and the next action will be sent.

It is important to know that on LinkedIn you are not allowed to communicate with people who are not in your network, so Waalaxy does not allow you to do so either. According to the sequence you have chosen, the prospects have X days to accept the connection request, and therefore fulfill the condition, at the end of these X days, they leave the campaign as “finished”.

Waiting for the “time + message” condition

There are two conditions that follow the sending of a message:

  • The condition “Did not see the message”,
  • The condition “Did not reply to the message”,

Depending on whether the condition is met or not, the prospect will move forward in the campaign or on the contrary will remain “waiting for condition”.

Case study: You have chosen a “Message – Message” sequence, you have put your LinkedIn relations in this campaign. The first message has been sent. Your campaign appears in orange and “no action in queue”. You can refer to the prospecting campaign to know what is the condition following the sending of the first message. the condition is “Did not respond”.

This means that if the prospect does not respond to message 1 within 5 days of it being sent, then he has fulfilled the condition and the next action will be sent to him.

All you have to do is look at the structure of your automated campaign to see which condition your prospect has to fulfill in order to move on to the next step and follow this from your campaign.

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What is a delay?

A delay is a waiting time, either between two steps, or before validating a condition. It can appear as a separate step “Delay” or associated with another condition like “Not connected && Delay 15 days”. In the first case, the prospect will go to the next step as soon as the delay is over. In the second case, he will go to the next step as soon as the deadline is exceeded IF the condition is valid.


What is the red, orange and green dot in the campaign?

Depending on the state of your prospects in your campaigns, your campaigns will show a small circle of different color with the following meaning:

  • 🔴 Red circle: you have no more leads in this campaign.

  • 🟠 Orange round: you have leads in progress in this campaign but no action in queue, so it means that the remaining leads in this campaign are leads waiting for a condition to move to the next step (for example a deadline or the lead accepting your connection request).

  • 🟢 Green circle: you have actions queued for this campaign.

The computer must be on for my Waalaxy campaigns to run?

You must have a LinkedIn

tab open and your computer must remain on for the actions to run. This allows us to send requests from your account with the same IP address without putting your account at risk.

On the other hand, you don’t need to have a Waalaxy tab open (but make sure you have the extension active though) 😉

Conclusion : Campaigns Infos And Delays

You know everything about Campaigns Infos And Delays!

A prospecting campaign is governed by several elements to ensure its proper functioning. Once you understand how it works, you can do more complex sales campaigns, or with more prospects. All you’ll have to do is track the results! 🤠

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