Bug on Waalaxy: What to do?

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A bug on Waalaxy? Oops.🤭 Since our CRM works on LinkedIn, it can happen that some behaviors, some computers or some LinkedIn accounts generate bugs that we didn’t foresee(Mayday, Mayday… 🚨).

Well, don’t panic! Usually, it’s really easy to fix them.


What are the possible bugs with Waalaxy?

  • #1 Your actions do not run in the queue.
  • #2 The lead export stops in the middle of loading.
  • #3 Your campaign could not start because the leads you added are in “Unknown status”.
  • #4 My lead connection request was accepted, but Waalaxy says it is still pending.


Waalaxy Bug: What are the first things to do if you encounter one?

Firstly, here is a small list of actions to do if you encounter a bug on Waalaxy. In 80% of the cases, these will be enough to solve the problem.

  • Refresh your Waalaxy extension.


  • Refresh your LinkedIn & Waalaxy page with the little arrow in your browser.


  • Disconnect/reconnect from LinkedIn.


  • Empty your cache (here is a tutorial to help you).
  • Remove/reinstall Waalaxy.


  • Update Google Chrome if it is not up-to-date. (This can be done with the little “Update” button in the top-right corner of your browser).

  • Turn off/on your computer.

You tried all the above actions, but your problem is still there? No worries, let’s go through the main bugs you may encounter on Waalaxy, and most of all how to fix them. 😉 Here we go!


#1 Your actions don’t run in the queue

💡 There are several things that could be blocking actions in your queue:

  • A. You have reached your daily quota. In this case, you have two options: switch to a higher plan to increase your daily quotas, or wait until the next day for the reset. The choice is yours! If you need help, we’ll tell you more right here. 😊
  • B. You are outside your defined work hours. If you want to view or edit them, go to your Waalaxy dashboard, under “Settings” and then “Account Activity”.
  • C. You have no actions queued. Occasionally, some actions require a condition to be performed (like being logged in to send a message, for example). This may explain why some actions are not performed or do not appear in the queue.
  • D. You no longer have the required subscription to perform an action. For example, if you ran a campaign that required a certain type of subscription during your free trial period. If your subscription has expired, then it will not be possible to perform the action in question. You will have to subscribe to a plan that allows you to perform the desired action.

For further information on this, check out this article, which will detail the causes of a blocked campaign.


#2 Bug on Waalaxy: Export stops in the middle of loading

Your import may be interrupted in the middle of loading, without any specific reason. This is usually a small bug on Waalaxy. To fix it, try the following steps:

  • Click on the little arrow next to your name, in the top center of your Waalaxy interface.
  • Then click on the “refresh extension” button. (The LinkedIn tab should reload).


  • Go back to Waalaxy to check if the problem is resolved.
  • If it is not, uninstall and then reinstall the extension.

If your import still hasn’t resumed after that, please contact the support from the Waalaxy interface or from our website. You can do it using the little blue bubble at the bottom right of the screen!


#3 Your campaign could not start because the leads you added are in “Unknown status”

What do you mean, my leads are in unknown status? 🧐 Don’t panic, this simply means that we were unable to retrieve their status (connected/not connected) on LinkedIn.

So we can’t determine which step in the sequence to send them to. This happens in two cases:

  • You have imported a CSV file. If that’s your case, you just need to put them in a visitor campaign to get their status back!
  • The import is done in someone else’s application, and they don’t have their LinkedIn tab open at the same time.

To resolve the second issue, you can refresh your extension as explained above (the one where the leads are located). The status update will be done gradually on your leads (this can take up to 30 minutes or so, depending on the size of your database).

Be sure to keep the app and the LinkedIn tab linked to the app in question open during the process (unless you have the Cloud feature, which allows you to close LinkedIn and Waalaxy without pausing your campaigns). 👍


#4 My lead connection request was accepted, but Waalaxy says it’s still pending

This sometimes happens when the server and the application can’t communicate well with each other.

What you can do: 👇

  • Pause your campaign and restart it.
  • If that doesn’t work, there’s only one option left. Take the prospects in question out of the current campaign (with the “Delete” option) and put them into a new one that consists of the remaining actions from your previous campaign. You can also put them in a visit campaign to solve the problem.


  • Make sure that your new campaign does not include a connection request! This would automatically exit the prospects that are already connected to your account.


The FAQ of the Waalaxy bugs article

My bug on Waalaxy is one of the ones mentioned above, but it is still not fixed. What should I do?

If any of your issues persist, and you still have a bug with Waalaxy, feel free to write to us via chat on the app or on our site. Our support heroes 🦸 are available from 9am to 6pm to help you succeed with your campaigns on Waalaxy. ✌


My problem is not one of the ones discussed above.

If your problem is not mentioned above, and you’ve already done the steps explained at the beginning of the article, contact our support team saying you’ve already read this article. They will work on finding a solution to your problem as soon as possible. 😇


I want to learn more about LinkedIn and automated prospecting.

If so, you’re or the right place 😉 I invite you to check out our great tutorials to become an expert in automated prospecting on LinkedIn.

😎 You can also check out our YouTube channel for even more tips by our experts!

Then you’ll have all the keys in your possession to solve any little bug on Waalaxy. 😁



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