International Marketing: Definition and Strategies

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What is international marketing?

How to approach foreign markets and the marketing products or services?

What are the 10 tips for developing ambition in other countries?

In this article, we summarize how to implement it! ✅


International Marketing Definition

International marketing is part of marketing in which the company boosts its openness through the world! 🏄‍♂️ It’s the art of applying marketing principles to different countries and consumer habits. Here are a few examples to help you better understand this concept, elaborate an international study:


👉 Let’s take the example of a technology company that sells smartphones.

To conquer new international markets, we need to adapt our products to the cultural and linguistic specificities of each country. It’s a bit like speaking your customers’ language to better understand and satisfy them! 💬


👉 Now imagine a fashion company.

She adjusts her collections according to local trends and seasons in each country where she operates. It’s a bit like creating looks on measure for each destination, agreeing the desires and styles of each individual.


👉 And how about a fast-food company.

The company has to adapt its menu to the culinary preferences of each country. It’s a bit like offering a unique taste experience in every corner of the globe, adapting to local tastes and flavors. 🍔

Each brand positioning will therefore be adapted to the country.


Concept overview

To succeed in international marketing, it’s essential to have a thorough understanding of the cultural, economic, political and legal differences between countries. Companies need to take these factors into account when developing their strategies to international marketing:

  • Customer preferences can vary from country to country in terms of taste, needs, value, and purchasing behavior. It is therefore important to adapt products and messages to suit each market. 🎯
  • Regulations may differ from one country to another in terms of advertising, sales promotion, consumer protection and so on. It is therefore essential to comply with the laws and standards in force in each country. 📜
  • Distribution channels may also vary from country to country, depending on local purchasing habits. 🌍


The specifics of global marketing

International marketing has several specific features that make it unique from national marketing.

It implies more large complexity due to cultural, linguistic, economic and political differences between countries. 🤝

What’s more, it also opens up a host of opportunities for companies looking to expand on a global scale, reaching out to new markets and new public, expand their product and service portfolio, and increase their sales. 💰


What is International Marketing?

Each strategy features its advantages and disadvantages. These strategies must be adapted to the specific characteristics of each market. Thanks to these strategies, companies can maximize their chances of success in international markets. Ready to discover them? 🤔


International marketing strategies

A summary table of 6 techniques and a little further down some key explanations: 👇

International marketing strategy Description
Standardization strategy Offer an identical product or service in all target countries.
Adaptation strategy Adapt products, communications, and marketing decisions to the specific characteristics of each market.
Differentiation strategy Stand out from the competition by offering unique, innovative products or services.
Partnership strategy Create solid partnerships with local players.
Segmentation strategy Divide the international market into distinct segments based on consumer characteristics.
Location strategy Fully adapt what you offer to local conditions.

Here are a few details on these different ways of approaching it:

Standardization strategy:🕵️‍♀️ this approach consists of offering an identical product or service in all target countries. This saves money through mass production, while maintaining the same brand image and quality influence on your global customer base.

Adaptation strategy: 🤠 in contrast to standardization, adaptation means tailoring products, communication, and marketing decisions to the specific features of each market. This allows us to respond to the needs and preferences of local customers.

Differentiation strategy: 🏄‍♂️ this approach aims to stand out from the competition by offering unique and innovative products or services. This involves adjustments to design, functionality or experience. customer.

Partnership strategy: ⭐️ in this technique, a company joins forces with local partners such as distributors, resellers or complementary companies to penetrate the market in other countries. This enables them to benefit from their market knowledge and network.

Segmentation strategy: 👀 this approach involves dividing the international market into distinct segments based on demographic, geographic, behavioral or psycho-graphic consumer characteristics. Each segment is then targeted with a specific solution.

Localization strategy: 🇺🇸 this strategy involves fully adapting the product to local specificities, including the language customs, norms and regulations. This helps build a deeper connection with local consumers.

These strategies can be combined or adapted according to the needs and objectives of each company on the international market.


Examples of International Marketing that works too well

Waalaxy is an excellent example of successful use of international marketing. As a B2B prospecting Chrome extension on LinkedIn, Waalaxy has extended its global reach through effective international marketing strategies.


Here are a few points that can help you develop your global international marketing:

🌐 Translation of our blog into +7 languages : to reach a more international audience. This demonstrates our dedication to providing valuable and relevant information in each user’s native language, reinforcing our credibility and presence worldwide, by automating the auto-translation, we’ve also saved an incredible amount of time (with DeepL).

🎯 Adapting to local conditions : we’ve been able to adapt to the particularities of each target market. We understood the needs and preferences of users in each country, and adapted our messages and functionalities to meet these specific demands. This approach has contributed to our international success.

🤝 International partnerships : we have also established strategic partnerships with local players in certain foreign markets. These partnerships have enabled us to benefit from the local expertise and network of our partners (ambassadors).


10 Strategic Tips for every International Market


These tips will help you start your international marketing with a limited budget, maximizing your resources and exploiting those of the market:

1. Conduct effective research on target markets. (Competitors, buying trends, digital communication appreciated by your personas 🥸…)

2. Use the social media to promote your company in international markets (it’s cheap and easy).

3. Opt for online marketing (SEO, online advertising, SMS marketing or by e-mail).

4. Collaborate with influencers to increase your visibility (ambassadors, influencers).

5. Participate in online events to establish international contacts (webinars, 🎥 Slack groups…).

6. Collaborate with other companies to share costs across the place or for simple cobranding. 😎

7. Use the platforms of e-commerce to sell your products (create a website).

8. Make the most of free online resources (blogs, forums, social networks) to promote your business and create community marketing.

9. Use translation tools to adapt your content to local languages without the headache of native translation to begin with. 😅

10. Establish relationships with trade associations to access networking and business opportunity promotion.


Who is international marketing for?

🌿 Companies adapted to international marketing :

  • Digital companies that can take advantage of machine translation and offer CRM-style digital tools.
  • E-commerce companies offering clothing, accessories or home-ware…

🚨 Companies with difficulties in international marketing :

  • Small and medium-sized companies in complex sectors such as construction.
  • Small local businesses.
  • Companies that depend on sales reps to reach new customers.

It’s important to point out that even if some companies are less advantaged, that doesn’t mean they can’t succeed abroad. But, it will require a much bigger budget and more organization than a blog, e-commerce website Chrome extension and other online services!


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Working in international marketing

Working in international marketing can be an exciting and stimulating career for those who enjoy traveling, working with different cultures and taking on new challenges.

Bachelor’s degree in international marketing

For work in this domain it is recommended to take a training course in trade international, marketing or communication, but you can also prove yourself in the field, of course! 🥳

A bachelor’s degree in international marketing can also help you stand out in the job market. Training programs can include courses on international marketing strategies, project management, business cultures and the foreign languages.


How much does international marketing pay?

Salaries in international marketing vary according to many factors, such as experience, level of education, etc. level of training, company size and country of location.

💡 According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an international marketing manager is around €70,000 a year in France, but this figure can vary considerably depending on the factors mentioned above.


Become an international marketing manager

To become an international marketing manager, the key to success is to have several years’ experience in international marketing, as well as a solid understanding of foreign markets and business.

Additional training in project management or leadership can also be useful for accessing management positions. Key skills for success as an international marketing manager include the ability to communicate effectively with people from different countries, “strategic” thinking and the ability to lead international teams will be requested. 🌎


Article conclusion

Article FAQ

What are the 4 key concepts of international marketing?

  1. Strategic segmentation: how to adapt the offer to the diversities and economies of foreign markets? 💪
  2. Worldwide promotion: How do you reach a global audience while considering linguistic and cultural differences? 😱
  3. Risk management: How to anticipate and manage potential obstacles ⚙️ in the international business environment?
  4. Brand globalization: How do you create a coherent global identity?


What are the 3 main international marketing strategies?

  1. Exporting: what does it mean to sell products on foreign markets without major adaptation?
  2. Standardization: how can we offer the same product or service to all markets to facilitate global management?
  3. Local adaptation: how do you adjust products or services to meet the specific trends of each market?


What is the main goal of global marketing?

Global marketing aims to develop a presence in several countries, maximizing opportunities by minimizing risk and building lasting relationships with future customers worldwide.

This requires strategic management, an in-depth understanding of markets and can be facilitated by specialized training such as a master or an MBA in international marketing.

In short, the international marketing works to forge links between the company and the world, 🤩 developing strategies tailored to each specific situation in a foreign market.


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