How to use automated script for LinkedIn?

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You were waiting for it… the LinkedIn script (scenario) feature has finally arrived! In this article, we explain how the automated script works so that you can grasp every aspect of this innovation.

In a few words, what is the ProspectIn scenario feature? It allows you to create action sequences similar to drip campaigns, but on LinkedIn: thus, you obtain much higher opening and conversion rates.

Use it to make new contacts, automate your follow-ups, broadcast your content… In short, for all usage of emailing, but on LinkedIn.

scenarios linkedin on prospectin

Let’s get more into details. The scenario mode includes all the basic features of our tool i.e., automatic LinkedIn connection requests, messages, etc. You can decide which actions you execute, when, and how.

For example, you can tell our tool: if my prospect accepts my connection request then send a message at D + 2, etc. This allows you to automate your LinkedIn prospection.

How to implement a LinkedIn script ?

  • Open ProspectIn,
  • Go to « campaign »,
  • Click on « scenario »,
  • Select your layout,
  • Launch it!

 We propose 10 scenario layouts ranging from the simplest to the most complex, allowing you to adapt it to each of your campaigns according to your needs. 

Easy LinkedIn script

 Here is an example of a basic scenario, including less steps than a more complex one. This scenario reads as follows:

easy linkedin script on prospectin

  • First action : it is a “connection” type of action. This will be the first action to be performed.
  • Option 1 (right branch) : after 15 days, if the person has not accepted your invite, the prospect automatically exits the scenario. However, the connection request is not removed so the person can still accept your invitation anyway, but won’t continue into this scenario.
  • Option 2 (left branch) : 1 day after the person has accepted your connection request, a message is sent to the person.
  • Last action : 5 days after the message has been sent, the person exits the scenario.

 Complex LinkedIn scenario

To go further in your automatic LinkedIn prospecting, here is an example of a more complex scenario, with more actions and more conditions. In this scenario, we will add « seen» and «not seen» message conditions.

complex scenario on linkedin

  •  The first part of the scenario is identical to the one we’ve just saw.
  • Option 1 (right branch): after a delay of 5 days, if the person has not seen your previous message, a second message is sent to him.
  • Option 2 (left branch): 1 day after the person has seen your message, a second message is sent to him. For example, if the person sees your previous message after 3 days. A second message will be sent 4 days after your previous message.

 The prospect’s path in the scenario is automatically set, depending on the results on the conditions. You can’t directly assign a person to an option. Likewise, a person can’t be in two branches at the same time, so if the person is in the right branch, she will receive the message from the right branch. If the person is in the left branch, she will receive the message from the left branch.

In no case can the person receive both the message from the right branch and the one from the left branch.

How to set up a LinkedIn scenario ?

 Now that you have chosen your layout, let’s configure your LinkedIn script. In this section, we will see how to add the contents of your notes and messages. 

Setting up connection requests

  •  Click on the « connection » action.
  • Write your personalized note or choose not to add a note.

Setting up the « message » action

  • Click on the « message » action.
  • Personalize your message.
  • We advise you to  send a different message with each « message » action. For example, you can send a first message to better understand your prospect’s needs and use the second message as a follow-up.

 Once your actions are set up, it goes from orange to green. 

how to set up a scenario on prospectin

Launching your automated script LinkedIn

  •  Save your scenario,
  • Select the contacts you want to target,
  • Click on launch,

 More informations about our script for Linkedin

 Still have questions ?

  • Filters : we use the same principles as with other features. They are automatically set to show you contacts who can enter your scenario.
  • Delays: you can edit delays by clicking on it, after you have selected your layout.
  • Queue : To ensure the proper execution of your scenario, we prioritize scenario action over standard action.
  • My prospect has exited the scenario : as soon as a person in a scenario responds to either a note or a message, he is automatically removed from the scenario.
  • Statistics : you can view the people in a scenario and the statistics associated with that scenario from the “scenario” section.
  • Where to see my scenarios : Scenarios are managed by campaign. To find your scenario, select the campaign associated with your scenario.
  • Exit a prospect from a scenario: you can choose to take people out of the scenario, manually, from the scenario section.

If you still have questions, you can contact us via the chat or via email.

You can also check our tutorial video ! And do not miss our latest news.

Now that you master LinkedIn script, what are you waiting for? 😊

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