How does Recruiter Lite work with Waalaxy?

Recruiter Lite is one of the premium tools offered by LinkedIn, it is an entry level recruitment tool unlike Recruiter which is the most powerful tool offered by LinkedIn when it comes to recruitment.

The mission of Recruiter Lite is clear and simple: to help you find the best candidates.

But how? And how do you link Recruiter Lite with Waalaxy? πŸš€


What is Recruiter Lite?

Recruiter Lite is one of two LinkedIn tools dedicated to recruiting.

Lite, because it’s the entry-level tool of LinkedIn, with less features, so it’s “lighter”, it’s suitable for small and medium sized organizations with low recruitment needs.

It is a separate interface from your individual LinkedIn account. It allows you to search on your networks and in Open To Work (open profiles).

You get a 30-day trial period when you sign up for the first time.

Then you can take Recruiter Lite subscription as a monthly or yearly subscription. πŸ‘‡


What are the different sections of Recruiter Lite?

There are a huge number of sections and sub-sections in Recruiter Lite that allow you to do a lot of things. Let’s break them down! πŸ’ͺ


Recruiter Lite Projects

It is possible to create projects on Recruiter Lite. These are kind of groups where you can place candidates according to a criterion, for example “Project: Search Js Developer No Code” or “Customer Service Manager”.

Overall, this is the place where you can manage your sourcing channels, with the aim of allowing you to track candidates for each project, easily.


You can search for a project through the “Search” tab.

You can also define how you want to classify your projects:

  • Last viewed by me.
  • Creation date : from the oldest to the most recent.
  • Creation date : from the most recent to the oldest.

You can filter your projects by their status:

  • Active status.
  • Archived status.


    In a β€œX” project


    You will find the profiles placed in this project as well as some information about them, such as :

    • Their education.
    • Their experience.
    • Their level of relationship with you.
    • Their location.

    It is possible to update the stage of a candidate to allow you to follow the status of your recruitment campaigns:

    • Has been contacted.
    • Has not been contacted.
    • Received a response.

    You can send a message to the candidate. Archive his profile and some additional features that you can see below. πŸ‘‡


    From this tab you can “Add a candidate” by clicking on the corresponding button at the top left of your screen. πŸ‘‡


    Talent Pool

    You can use the Search function of Recruit, then Add Recommendations and Post a Job to attract qualified candidates.


    Search Tab

    This tab is very important, as it is the one that will help you find the best candidates according to your needs. Your needs correspond here to the different search filters that Recruiter Lite offers you. πŸ‘‡

      • The position or Boolean operators.

      ➑️ Tuto for using boolean operators!

      • The location (geographic location of the candidates).
      • Work location (relies on preferences: “on-site”, “remote work”, “hybrid”).
      • Skills and assessments (via keywords).
      • Companies.
      • Educational institutions.
      • Year of graduation.
      • Applicants’ industries.
      • Profile keywords.

      You can also use the so-called advanced filters. πŸ‘‡


      ➑️ Tuto to search for candidates in Recruiter Lite!


      Referrals Tab

      You can receive up to 25 applications per day based on your recommendations and, depending on your registration, masking and messaging activity.


      Post a job tab

      This tab gives you access to all the sections necessary to post and promote a job offer.


      Project Preferences

      This tab allows you to view all the editable project settings, such as name, project description, position, location and hierarchy level.

      You can also set your Workflow preferences and Project Members (only available with Recruiter).


      Recruiter Lite’s “Jobs” tab

      This tab is basically used for two things: Viewing and posting jobs.

      You can search for jobs and publish them through the same “Publish a job” tab as detailed in “Talent Pool”.


      Recruiter Lite Statistics

      In this tab you will find a dashboard that allows you to follow all the statistics related to the InMails.

      • The response rate (percentage of InMails that were sent during the selected period and accepted or refused within 30 days).
      • Number of InMails sent (which includes all InMails sent during the selected period (InMails, 1st level relationships or Open Profile).
      • The number of accepted InMails (InMails that were sent during the selected period and accepted within 30 days of sending, including acceptances via email notifications).
      • The number of rejected InMails (InMails that were sent during the selected time period and then rejected within 30 days of sending).
      • No response (InMails sent during the selected period that were neither accepted nor rejected within 30 days).

      On the left side you can change the period taken into account.

      LinkedIn has brought two interesting little features into data tracking and analysis, the power to: πŸ‘‡

      • Save the report.
      • Export the report (to a CSV file).


      What is the difference between Recruiter and Recruiter Lite?

      Recruiter Lite is the entry-level version of the recruitment tools offered by LinkedIn, there is a much more powerful version that will be more suitable for large organizations with large recruitment needs.



      There is no fixed price for using Recruiter. It is part of a global offer and therefore depends on the needs of each one, you will have to go through an exchange with the Sales Department of LinkedIn so that they propose a price.


      The features

      We have grouped the main differences in features between Recruiter and Recruiter Lite in the table below. πŸ‘‡


      How to use Recruiter Lite with Waalaxy?

      If you are using Waalaxy to do recruiting, you will be able to help yourself with the CRM part that Waalaxy offers namely: retrieve and list candidates and their data, but also automate your recruiting process through our campaigns.


      Build your lists

      You can create lists of prospects, in your case lists of candidates. You can organize your lists in several ways depending on how you organize yourself recruitment-wise. πŸ‘‡

      • Lists by job type: Customer Support, Seo Copywriter, Developer…
      • Lists by location where you are looking for candidates : Paris, Lyon, Grenoble…
      • Lists made according to the candidate’s stage: First contact, Interview nΒ°1, Interview nΒ°2, Waiting for contract…
      • Lists according to the school: Polytech, INSEEC, EDHEC…

      Finally you understood the principle, everything is possible! 🌞



      This is a pretty interesting feature to use in case you use Waalaxy to do recruitment. You will be able to tag your candidates if they have replied to your message, if they agree with your proposal, if they have been contacted, if they have passed the first interview, if they have taken the X test, etc.

      Tags are usable in filters, so imagine how easy it will be to know who responded to your introductory message in your list of candidates, so you can follow up with them in a few clicks.

      ➑️ Use filters on Waalaxy!


      Select the sequence to contact your candidates

      You can use any sequence you want depending on your needs and preferences, internally our very well known and coveted HR, Violette uses the Mercury sequence. Which sends a connection request (without a connection note), a message where she’ll offer her offer, her expectations and a follow-up message.

      After several tests, we have seen that almost everyone accepts in their network someone who sends them a connection request, unless your sector of activity is very far from the person you are contacting.

      Once the connection request has been accepted, you can send a message that will land in the person’s mailbox and a follow-up message in case they have not responded.

      You can choose a connection request sequence (with a connection note) and only a follow-up message. Or on the contrary, choose a sequence that will have more than 2 messages.

      ➑️ Choose the best sequence!


      Import your candidates from Recruiter Lite

      You can import candidate searches from Recruiter Lite into your Waalaxy listings. Here’s a short tutorial that shows you how to do it. πŸ‘‡


      ⚠️ It is not yet possible to import candidates from already registered projects, you must go through a β€œSearch”.

      FAQ of the article

      Will Recruiter be available on Waalaxy?

      Yes, the import of candidates from Recruiter is planned in the 2022 roadmap.


      Is it a tool dedicated to HR only?

      Recruiter is a tool that is dedicated only to people who want to recruit, whether you are HR or not, but it is used to find candidates. For prospecting, you can use the classic LinkedIn or Sales Navigator.


      Can I create my own sequences?

      It is not possible to create your own sequences on Waalaxy but it is planned for 2021.

      In the meantime, you can check our templates, you will surely find what you need among the 70 available today. If you have a specific need, don’t hesitate to tell us about it at the customer support, we’ll see what we can do!



      Recruiter Lite is a must-have in your recruitment strategy if you have small needs, on the contrary Recruiter will meet all your expectations if you are a much larger structure. It is quite simple to couple the use of Waalaxy with Recruiter Lite to allow you to launch recruitment campaigns easily and to quickly follow up the results to focus on the answers and follow-ups (interview, contract, technical test etc.).



      If you have any questions or things to add in this Recruiter Lite article, feel free to let us know at Waalaxy customer support. ❀️


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