How to Find Phone Number From LinkedIn? 5 minutes Easy Hack!

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Do you have prospects on the social network and you are looking for a way to do multi-channel? (contact the prospect via different channels), It is possible to find phone number from LinkedIn with this technique! 😱

Follow the guide. 📖

Why would you want to find phone number from LinkedIn?

Great news. You can now find contacts on LinkedIn. Not just their email address, but also their business phone number. 👀

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Today, with the Plugin Waalaxy, you have the ability to retrieve phone numbers from LinkedIn, without paying extra and with any Waalaxy plan :

  • Freemium 🎁,
  • Pro,
  • Advanced,
  • Business.
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How do you scrape a phone number on LinkedIn? = LinkedIn contact number finder

A contact number finder uses technics of data scraping to find the information you need about your prospect.

Data scraping allows you to extract and structure contact info from sources originally intended for human reading.

Therefore, the information is unstructured, undocumented, and not optimized for easy extraction. Data scraping is commonly used to connect programs to older programs that do not provide an API or to extract data from third-party sources.

In our case, we extract data from third-party sources (LinkedIn), scrape it with our integrated data finder, add it to our CRM (Plugin Waalaxy) doing what we call data enrichment. Enrichment is simply what allows you to have a maximum of contact infos about a prospect: LinkedIn profile, job, email addresses, business phone number.

The more contact informations you have on him/her, the more ways you have to contact him/her and improve your approach.

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How do I find leads phone numbers legally?

It can be risky. It depends on the tool you use and how it retrieves data. The two main risks are:

  • The fact that it’s done illegally,
  • Getting yourself banned from an account on a social network because your activity is suspicious.

So make sure you have the right tools. ✅ Anyway, Waalaxy’s Plugin uses a completely legal data scraper and does not create any risk for your LinkedIn account if you use the quotas advised by our experts. 🤓

How can you get phone numbers from LinkedIn? Tutorial

This little hack allows you to get the phone numbers of your prospects on the social media platform. For that nothing could be easier, you don’t have to do anything… If it is not to :

  • Connecting on LinkedIn: (add your work email address, your password).
  • Search for your targets in your “search options” area.
  • Connect with your prospects on LinkedIn with an automated tool.
  • Go to the Waalaxy Prospect tab, and select the “All Prospects” list.
  • Select the second of the searches options “Has a phone number”.
  • On Waalaxy’s plugin, you will then have all the people whose phone number is accessible on the prospect’s record.
  • The vast majority of phone numbers are obtained with a LinkedIn connection.
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Feedback on our own test on LinkedIn profiles

Because we don’t sell the bear’s skin before we kill it, we did the test too. 🐻

We decided to run some prospecting and contact enrichment campaigns to see how many phone numbers we could recover. Of course, you’ll never get 100%. Because your contact must have registered on LinkedIn with a valid login and phone number (which is mandatory, so there we stay at 100%) but, that person has registered it as “visible” (and there, the % decreases). But don’t be mistaken! Many people do it. Results. 🥳

For our Business Developer William Gordon’s profile, we retrieved 40% of the phone numbers out of the total number of connected prospects, or :

766 phone numbers for 1900 connections

And for even more precision, we tested to launch campaigns on 10 other LinkedIn profiles: we got on average 34% of the phone numbers.

So yeah, it’s not 100%, but that’s still 766 people to call and therefore, potentially gain in your portfolio of new customers. 🤑

But, how do you approach them now?

How do you make a successful phone approach?

In our case, we will talk about “Cold Calling”, that is to say, that the prospect does not know you or little, but above all: he did not give you his cell phone number and does not expect to receive a call from you.

Cold calling and cold emailing were both born from the rise of data scraping. You now have all the means at your disposal to recover your contacts’ data. All you have to do is focus on the essentials: how are you going to approach them in order not to be considered spam?

Cold calling is not very popular, you should know. No one likes to be canvassed on the phone for something they don’t need while struggling to get off the phone. However, a well-made cold call can be very profitable:

70% of prospects tested accepted at least one cold call in 2019 and 82% of them accepted an appointment after a series of multi-channel contacts initiated by a cold call. ( Rain group study).

How to get better at cold calling?

Cold calling is a very well-known sales technique, which works even better in B2b than in B2c. This strategy offers valuable advantages:


  • 🔵 The budget is not high: You need a good CRM + data scrapping and at least one experienced salesperson. Focus on your best people, because the first calls are the hardest and most crucial.
  • 🔵 Results are fast: unlike an SEO campaign or social media strategy, you can convert in a day.
  • 🔵 Your prospect offers you more attention: unlike email, when he’s on the other end of the phone, he’s going to feel obliged to answer you, and therefore at least listen to you. You can then convince him more easily!

Good practices

However, in order for it to work, you must focus on the essential points of prospecting, which are very often botched:

  • ✅ REALLY learn about the prospect: LinkedIn profile page, website, services, and needs of the company informations.
  • ✅ Have a really good salesperson on the case, otherwise you’ll just make enemies.
  • ✅ Do a post-call follow-up on the nitty-gritty: Send a recap of the exchanges by email or SMS to after each call, always suggest a new meeting point before hanging up, make sure you’ve answered all the prospect’s questions.

Bad practices

What you should never do :

  • ❌ Hire an intern to make the calls, without them knowing anything about the company.
  • ❌ Wanting to sell at all costs. Selling is like love: when you’re desperate, it shows! First take the time to know and understand your prospect’s issues.
  • ❌ Stress. Being comfortable on the phone means being comfortable with your offer. Stress can be felt even on the other end of the phone. If it’s not the right day, it’s better not to make any calls than to have no one 50 potential clients.
  • ❌ Only rely on Cold Calling. The more communication channels you combine, the more likely you are to develop your ROI.

To be successful in cold calling, you must really prepare yourself. Being prepared means knowing your company inside and out, and understanding the issues of each customer. The exercise requires more effort than creating generic newsletters.

The Cold Calling script we would use!

Everyone would like the best cold calling script. THE one that transforms every time.

There is no such script! The best thing is to adapt one to your offer and make it your own. Sales prospecting is an art, not a matter of copy/paste. 😜

Here’s an example I’m fond of. You can replace anything between “<>” to customize it. 😜

Sample script for a first cold call

Hi (first-name), I’m from Waalaxy, how are you? (always introduce yourself at the beginning).

I’m calling because I just wanted to confirm with you, are you <job title> at <company name>?

(If “yes”),

We are working on solutions that allow you to <automate your prospecting> and help you <save time while finding more prospects>, I understand this is a need you have?

(If “no”),

All right. Can I ask you some questions to better understand your biggest issues and see if I have the solution? (Ask qualifying questions so you know how to focus your pitch).


Companies that trust us gain <product/service benefits> by joining us. It works like this:<brève description> I’ll tell you a little bit more about it, and if you’re interested, we can continue the call or make an appointment beforehand to explain to you concretely how it works, is that okay? (Then, you introduce the next call’s agenda, while making her want to know more).


<I would explain the little 3 steps that allow you to have a powerful CRM with integrated data scrapping and launch prospecting campaigns that are both qualified and automated. And on top of that, it only takes a few minutes to set up.

Conclusion and Faq of the article : You can Now Find someone’s number!

In this article you have learned:

  • Data scrapping,
  • How to get phone numbers and email addresses of your prospects,
  • Cold Calling,
  • How to make successful calls (+ script).

How to do a targeted search on LinkedIn?

Useful information. 💡 Just because you know how to get phone numbers, doesn’t mean you have to call everyone. If you don’t want to be considered a spammer, you’re going to have to segment your searches as much as possible. That is:

  • Finding your persona on LinkedIn,
  • Qualify the search options by adding the right filters,
  • Download the list to your account, on your CRM.

To learn how to properly segment and learn how to search better, find our free guide. 🎁

How does Email finder works?

To find email addresses on LinkedIn, you need the same tool: a contact finder. 🔥 Some tools have already integrated the functionality into their tool/CRM to make it easier for you. For others, you need to use a non-integrated email finder, you can find some on the internet and watch tutorials that allow you to use them. Check the reviews anyway and the success rates. It is better to be around 40%. Once you’ve found your prospects’ email, learn the basics of cold email. 🔥

How do add someone contacts on LinkedIn to your CRM?

This question comes up a lot, and we always tell our users not to rely on their targets’ contacts to find more targets.

It’s better to always start from a new LinkedIn search and change the filters. But if you want to see all of a person’s contacts, here’s how to do it:

  • You click on the connections in common,
  • You go to “connections”,

How to get contact info from LinkedIn without a connection?

Well, you can not. You must be connected first to give access to a phone number from the data scraping tool.

So, please make sure you’re really following the easy 5 minutes steps, with automation, it’s very simple to do it in a few minutes.

And don’t forget, having new connections is good for your professional networking. 😉

Is Lusha extension a good phone number extractor?

You might have heard of Lusha when you started looking at phone number extractors, and you are wondering which option is the best?

Well, we realized a few things about Lusha that we shared with you in a special article, here is a comparison of the 2 solutions.

So if you were looking to find someone‘s contact on LinkedIn, you should be able to do it.

You can segment your search through filters and add LinkedIn members’ infos from your social network to your CRM. And that’s it for us. 🤙

Now you know how to find phone number from LinkedIn, but also how to segment the right people and contact them across multiple channels. 💌

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