Automatically send a welcome message on LinkedIn

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In this article we’ll take a very simple look at how to use Waalaxy to send an automated welcome message on LinkedIn to people who accept your connection request. Social media is a great opportunity to contact your prospects, so this article will help you :

  • Boost your prospect list.
  • Generate new B2B customers.
  • Attract more people to your buying journey and landing page.
  • Kick-start your prospecting marketing campaigns.
  • Find an alternative to inbound marketing.

LinkedIn Approach Message

On LinkedIn, the professional social network, when you connect, you will try to make connections 💗. It’s normal, it’s the basic principle of social networks.

Your first question would probably be: “Okay, but how do we create the perfect message?”


It’s a lot of work beforehand because you have to know your target, reader, prospect. If you send a non-personalized message, you will certainly have less chance of getting what you want.

If you are not sure of your copywriting, we can advise you to send your invitation without a note at first and then send your first message when you have been accepted.

Want to know the best login messages we’ve tested? Then check out this article to find out.


How to send an invitation message on LinkedIn?

If you are new to the platform, here is how to send an invitation message on LinkedIn.

The steps are as follows:

  • Connect to your LinkedIn account.
  • Type a name or keywords (like a job title for example) in the search bar.



  • Choose “Connect” when you have found the perfect match.
  • When you click on “Connect”, you will be asked to add a note.
  • Write your message.


  • Click on “Send”.


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Automate a LinkedIn message

What about automation? In IT, you know that there are repetitive tasks that will take you a lot of time if you do everything by hand. We say in IT, but there are other areas where you can have repetitive tasks.

The solution? It is automation. In fact, an automation software will reduce this human intervention and thus perform its repetitive tasks itself. Moreover, one risks fewer errors ❌ thanks to an automation software.

On LinkedIn, you can also facilitate your prospecting thanks to these so-called software programs. They will allow improving :

  • Sending emails.
  • Sending messages.
  • Visiting profiles.
  • Follow-up of profiles.
  • Searching for emails.


Automatic welcome message tool on LinkedIn

Of course, with the advent of automation, more and more software has emerged. We’re going to introduce you to an automation software that we think is amazing: Waalaxy.

Waalaxy, what is it for?

Waalaxy allows you to automate the sending of connection requests

and messages on LinkedIn. It also allows you to visit and follow profiles automatically. The strength of Waalaxy is its sequence feature that allows you to automate action sequences (visit/tracking/connection request/message) between them.


This allows you to create real follow-up sequences

like you could do by email, but using LinkedIn profiles instead of email addresses, with a much higher open and response rate (x10 or so).

Waalaxy takes the form of a mini CRM.

From which you can perform all your actions. You organize your leads into campaigns, and you can use many filters and a tagging system to better organize your prospecting.


Send a LinkedIn welcome message automatically

Waalaxy offers an advanced prospecting feature: sequences. Sequences allow you to perform an action according to an event and certain conditions, all in a fully automated way.

This feature allows you to automatically accept invitation requests while sending a welcome message on LinkedIn.


Step 1:

The first step is to create a campaign that you will call “Sequences Campaign” (for example).

Once the campaign is created, you go to the message tab and write the message you want to send to people who send you a connection request on LinkedIn. You can name your message “welcome message” (this title will only be visible to you).


Step 2:

Go to the “Campaign” tab and then choose your scenario! 😁

Here you can start on the sequence “Invitation + 2 Messages”. This sequence allows you to connect with your prospects and send them a message, with a follow-up if they haven’t responded.


Welcome message on LinkedIn: 3rd step

Fill in the message fields that you will send to your prospect.


Click on “Start”. And that’s it, your trigger is set up. From now on, all connection requests sent to you on LinkedIn without a note will be automatically accepted, and the person will receive a welcome message automatically.

This is just one example of the multiple automations you can set up with Waalaxy 😉.

There you go, you now know how to send a LinkedIn welcome message automatically! 🚀 In addition, follow the full guide on prospecting for your business here!


Article Conclusion: Send an automated welcome message on LinkedIn

Throughout this article, you have been able to understand message automation. You have learned how to send an automated welcome message on LinkedIn to multiple targets using the Waalaxy solution.

There are several sequences if you want to make contact with someone on LinkedIn. We told you about the “Invitation + 2 Messages” sequence 🪐 which allows you to get with your prospects and send them a message, with a follow-up if they haven’t responded.


FAQ of the article Send an automated welcome message on LinkedIn

With automation software, everything becomes easier, especially when it comes to prospecting on LinkedIn.


Sample LinkedIn message

Have you been trying to send a message to a prospect but don’t know how to do it? We’ll give you an example of a good message in our opinion. Again, everything is going to have to fit your use case.

Hello {first name},

I see that we both work in the technology field. I’d love to connect with some successful people in the industry to talk about this exciting topic, and help us find tips.

Are you interested in having a conversation about this one?

You show that you looked at his profile 😇. This is a good point. You have shown interest in her page, which will increase your chances of getting accepted.


How to create an automated message on LinkedIn

Of course, you will be in the obligation to use an automation software to send automatic messages on LinkedIn 👀.

With Waalaxy, a small Chrome extension, you will be able to send ultra-personalized messages on large volumes of data.

The bonus? You have a 7-day trial period with all the features, and then you will switch to the Freemium option where you will be able to prospect between 80 and 100 people per week. Pretty cool, right? By the way you’ll be able to do this without putting in your bank card ❤️. We don’t ask you for anything.

For the good news, we are ok. Now in practice, once you have downloaded the Chrome extension, you can open it and discover the tool. In the left column, you will be able to create message templates and reuse them by changing the variables as needed.

Now you know everything about the automated welcome message on LinkedIn.


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