How to launch your prospecting campaign in 10 minutes?

Published by Amandine on April 29, 2022 5/5 (234 votes)

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If you’re here, it’s because you want to launch your first Waalaxy campaign in 10 minutes c.h.r.o.n.o, yes that’s the promise. Get your watch and a cup of coffee ready. ⏲️

Importing your lead base: 3 minutes

The first step to creating your Waalaxy campaign? In a few seconds you need to target the prospects you want to contact: their position, their region,their company… Once you have this idea in mind, go to LinkedIn in the “Search” tab:

  • Do not use a keyword.
  • Click on “more filters” and fill in the title and region.
  • Do not exceed 1000 results.

Once you have the search results, click on the Waalaxy pop-up, create your list of prospects, put the number of prospects you want, and, validate. 👇

❓ Need to import from Sales Navigator or with another type of import than the classic Linkedin search? Head on over to this article to see how to import another way. (Yes, you will lose 1 minute but it’s for a good cause!)

Select sequence: 30 seconds

You have a list of prospects with 1000 leads in it. You want to add them to your network and send them a message. You are going to use the masterpiece of our sequences, the simplest, most effective of all, the Wall-E Dexter sequence. (Visit + Connect Request + Message). Go to :

  • “Campaign”,
  • “Create a campaign”,
  • Search in the “Wall-E” search bar
  • Click on “Select.” 👇

Add your leads: 1 minute

So you’re on to creating your campaign. 👇 The first step: Add your leads. Click on the tab to do this, select the list you had created and, select all the leads then add them.👇 i got it GIF by Team Coco

Write your messages and choose the time frame: 5 minutes

The connection note

The connection note is a small message of 300 characters that accompanies your connection request. It is displayed in the “Network” tab and allows you to send a catchphrase to your prospect, the goal: to encourage him to accept your request. This is optional. If you don’t want to put any, then open the section and validate the note without content.👇

Here are 3 templates to use right away to quickly ancer your waalaxy campaign. (Be careful you will have to change the specialized terms).👇

A1 : Hello {{first name}},

I came across your profile and was very interested in your SEO copywriting experience.
How about we get in touch? I share a lot of prospecting-related content on LinkedIn that I think you might find useful.

A2 : Hi {{first name}}, I saw that you are the founder of {{company}}. I’m looking to connect with entrepreneurs like you and me to better understand the challenges in your field.

A3 : Hi {{first name}}, It seems that we both work in the field of business development. I would love to connect with successful people in the sales field to talk more about this topic, and help each other find leads 😀 Are you interested in chatting a bit more? I look forward to adding you to my network!

➡️ If you want some tips on writing a relevant connection note, check out this short guide: Top 3 Best Templates 🔥

The message

The message has a 3000 character limit, so you can go with the content! You can use the {{firstName}}, {{lastName}} and {{company name}} variables to customize your message

➡️ Any tips on how to choose and write your message? 👉 Learn how to write a message

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You can set the delay between which actions will send. As a reminder, the delay starts from the moment when the condition that must be met to move to the next step is met. ✅ Example in this campaign:👇 November 01: You send 50 connection requests. On November 02: Two prospects have accepted the connection request.

👉 The condition “The prospect must accept the connection request” is met – Start of the 1 day delay.

November 03: Day of the delay when the prospect does not receive any action.

November 04: Follow-up message is sent.

Launch your campaign: 30 seconds

Everything is ready. Just click the “Start your campaign” button and the actions will queue up. 👇 So, 10 minutes or not? ⏲️👀


Do I need any technical skills to launch my Waalaxy campaign?

No technical skills are required to launch a campaign. The interface is easy to use and quite ergonomic. You will quickly understand how to use the tool, and if you don’t understand a feature or don’t know how it works, you can watch our tutorial videos.

What is the best LinkedIn invitation message to make my first Waalaxy campaign work?

Keep it simple. Be concise. Personalize. A note is limited to 300 characters, you have to make the prospect want to accept you into their network! Here’s a sample message to send. 😊

Is it possible to not leave my computer on for Waalaxy to perform actions?

You must have a LinkedIn tab open and your computer must remain on for actions to run. This allows us to send requests from your account with the same IP address without putting your account at risk.

On the other hand, it is not necessary to have a Waalaxy tab open (but be sure to have the extension active though) 😉

Can I change a step in the sequence?

You can’t change the steps or conditions of a sequence, you can only set up the delays. If the sequence does not suit you, you can choose another one from our 70 templates. You can also call our customer support if you have a specific need. 😊

What is a condition?

To enable the transition from one stage to another in a campaign, for example, from the “Login” stage to the “Message” stage, there is a condition to be met. The condition is clearly expressed in your campaign and is usually represented by a diamond with a ✔️ in pink.

Can I change the delay between actions?

Absolutely, you set the delay you want between each step in the campaign. You can set the delay from 0 to infinity and beyond.

Can I modify my current campaign?

Yes you can. You realize that you made a spelling mistake in your message, that your note is not good and needs to be changed or you simply want to add prospects to your campaign, you can easily edit it from the “campaign” tab click on your campaign* and “edit campaign”.

Can I choose when I want my actions to be sent?

You can configure your working days and hours during which Waalaxy will run and thus send your waalaxy campaign actions.

👉 Tuto to configure your working days and hours


It takes a few minutes to set up a Waalaxy campaign and get real results, in fact, we consider that about 20 minutes of prospecting per day is enough to build you a real database of prospects to turn into leads easily. The key is to think carefully about your prospecting strategy, and make sure you follow the results of your campaign, you can see if this or that message works better and edit it accordingly for example. All that’s left to do is! 😜

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