Marketing estratégico y operativo

Strategic and operational marketing: Definitions and essential tools

Before putting a product or a service on sale, it is necessary to define a prospecting strategy coherent strategy according to several criteria. 🤔 Based on the marketing of a product, there are two types of marketing that complement each other: the strategic and operational marketing.

In this article, we will understand these definitions, their examples and relevant tools to use, 👇step by step! (more…)

b2b prospecting

B2b Prospecting : Study, techniques and budget

When we talk about B2b prospecting, we talk about market research and then sales strategy, (usually digital). In this article we will see:

  • 🩺 How to do good market research yourself without going through an agency.
  • 🌌How to find your positioning and competitive advantages.
  • 🚀 How to prospect effectively with marketing automation.
  • 💫 How to keep customers once you’ve converted them.

Prospecting will no longer have any secrets for you. 🧙 (more…)

Segmentación de LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn Targeting? Learn How To Segment Better!

If you want to know how to create a prospecting campaign, but your target audience is hard to reach, then you need to learn What is LinkedIn targeting process. 🎯

The first step is segmentation by location, because it allows you to grow your network in a specific location. 🧭

Read this article to the end to learn all our tips 😉 (more…)

Free lead generation tools for B2b

Free lead generation tools for B2b: Our Top 5 Softwares

A salespersons primary mission is to feed the beast that is the sales pipeline . However, like the old hunters, you will need the right tools to attract the right customers. 🎯 Tools will help you move faster , gather better information, and engage qualified leads in ways that help you close more sales. But they can sometimes be very expensive… so, how to find prospects using free lead generation tools for B2b? 😉

To answer this question, I’ve compiled a list of the 5 must-have (and free) softwares in this article, to help your lead generation. (more…)


Top 5 LinkedIn InMail Tips: Discover Why It’s Not So Great

As most professionals are aware, LinkedIn is the best B2b network, so it can be a goldmine for you 💰, whether you’re seeking to grow your reach or produce new leads. The platform comes with a number of features to help you in your sales efforts. Therefore, in this article you will find LinkedIn InMail tips, but you will also find out why it might not be the best solution for you. 🤫



Sales Dashboard Waalaxy

Best Free B2b Sales Dashboard: Waalaxy

Ever wondered how a Sales Dashboard work? 🧐

Every company has objectives. 🎯 However, regularly updating your statistics and metrics in respect to those goals might be time-consuming. Many sales applications have a sales dashboard that provides you with up-to-date, actionable sales data.

It will tell you just how near you are to reaching your present goals. And where your sales plan may need to be tweaked! 👌

In this article, we’ll look at the 3 sales dashboards that every sales rep should have and how they can help you improve your prospecting process from start to finish.⚡