LinkedIn Hashtag: List + free tools to find the right ones [2022]

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linkedin hashtag list
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You’re getting into the content strategy on LinkedIn and you wonder if good LinkedIn hashtags really make a difference and boost the visibility of your posts? Here’s the short answer, YES ✅ 

But you need to be careful and really know how to use it.

So, let’s get into it, shall we?

LinkedIn hashtags

Hashtags are quite similar on all social networks. They are keywords preceded by a hashtag sign #.

Hashtags are used to connect multiple people with the same interest and alert them that content of interest has been posted. It’s a bit like a spider’s web that links one branch to another. 🕸

On LinkedIn – the professional social network, you build links with other B2b actors on topics such as Prospecting, recruitment, partnership..

The advantage of hashtags is therefore twofold. Knowing how to use them when you publish content is just as important as knowing how to follow strategic hashtags to stay informed and alerted to news in your industry. We will look at this together in the continuation of this little adventure on the web.

  • How to follow the right hashtags.
  • How to use a hashtag without messing up.
  • How to create your own hashtag.

Well, enough suspense. Let’s get started. 😜

Top LinkedIn Hashtags

First, you should know that English words are much more popular. So inevitably they are more important in terms of volume. If your target is not English-speaking, then adapt your online strategy.

However, be aware that most users of professional social networks use these # in English, even if they do not speak English, because the words are trendier.

For example: if your target is French, we will say “community manager” and not “gestionnaire de communauté”, whether French people speak English or not. So, you can still meet your audiences. You need to know which words they are using in the country you’re retargeting as well the type of content, and adapt .

In some countries, area of work, type of job, people will be more likely to use video sharing, photo-sharing, promotional content…

The best way to know if your content is relevant is to use social media analytics metrics.

Create your own dashboard.

Ok, let’s go back to hashtags. Here are the most popular ones 😉:

Top LinkedIn hashtags about soft skills and self-development: 

  • #creativity – 25M followers.
  • #personaldevelopment – 14.8M followers.
  • #motivation – 15.5M followers.
  • #mindfulness – 1.7M followers.
  • #inspiration – 760k followers.
  • #selfhelp – 300k subscribers.
  • #management – 36.2M subscribers.
  • #leadership – 2.8M followers.

Top LinkedIn hashtags marketing:

  • #digitalmarketing – 27.5M subscribers.
  • #marketing – 20.3M subscribers.
  • #economy – 19M subscribers.
  • #economics – 18.2M followers.
  • #advertisingandmarketing – 17.3M followers.
  • #strategy – 5.1M followers.
  • #sales – 5.8M followers.
  • #contentmarketing – 640k followers.

Top LinkedIn hashtags about communication: 

  • #careers – 22.4M followers.
  • #socialmedia – 19.8M followers.
  • #socialnetworking – 19M followers.
  • #branding – 18.1M followers.
  • #personalbranding – 10.5M followers.
  • #onlineadvertising – 400k followers.
  • #storytelling – 486k followers.

Top LinkedIn hashtags hr: 

  • #humanresources – 33.4M followers.
  • #jobinterviews – 14.5M followers.
  • #hiringandpromotion – 10.1M followers.
  • #jobsearch – 1.5M followers.
  • #jobseekers – 1.3M followers.
  • #jobopening – 340k followers.
  • #hr – 810k followers.
  • #workingathome – 800k followers.
  • #recruiting – 785k followers.
  • #job – 742k followers.
  • #hiring – 2.1M followers.
  • #deeplearning – 855k followers.
  • #homeoffice – 146k subscribers.
  • #culture – 4.7M subscribers.

Top LinkedIn hashtags for tech:

  • #technology – 26.4M subscribers.
  • #future – 24.7M subscribers.
  • #futurism – 23.7M followers.
  • #businessintelligence – 7M followers.
  • #softwareengineering – 6.6M followers.
  • #programing – 6.6M subscribers.
  • #analytics – 6M subscribers.
  • #softwaredesign – 6M subscribers.
  • #datamining – 6M subscribers.
  • #data – 6M subscribers.
  • #computerscience – 485k subscribers.
  • #python – 450k subscribers.
  • #fintech – 435k subscribers.
  • #cloud – 270k subscribers.
  • #automation – 141k subscribers.
  • #datascience – 725k subscribers.
  • #productmanagement – 3.6M subscribers.
  • #ai – 500k subscribers.
  • #userexperience – 4.7M subscribers.
  • #cloudcomputing – 4M followers.
  • #mobileapplications – 4M subscribers.
  • #bigdata – 7M subscribers.

Top LinkedIn hashtags for start-ups and new projects:

  • #entrepreneurship – 23M subscribers.
  • #projectmanagement – 5M subscribers.
  • #startups – 21.4M subscribers.
  • #socialentrepreneurs – 5.9M followers.
  • #venturecapital – 19.4M subscribers.
  • #investing – 14.5M subscribers.
  • #innovation – 39M subscribers.
  • #fundraising – 5.8M subscribers.
  • #entrepreneur – 510K subscribers.
  • #smallbusiness – 800k followers.
  • #openings – 178k followers.
  • #partnerships – 260k followers.
  • #research – 592,000 followers.
  • #success – 540k followers.
  • #business – 3.6M followers.
Others high volume hashtags:
  • #markets – 22M followers.
  • #money – 14.2M followers.
  • #bankingindustry – 14M followers.
  • #sustainability – 13.3M followers.
  • #alternativeenergy – 13M followers.
  • #healthcare – 9.7M followers.
  • #education – 9.6M subscribers.
  • #customerrelations – 9M followers.
  • #productivity – 8.5M followers.
  • #whatinspiresme – 8.1M followers.
  • #bestadvice – 7.7M followers.
  • #travel – 7M followers.
  • #gettingthingsdone – 7M followers.
  • #law – 5.5M followers.
  • #lawandlegislation – 5.5M followers.
  • #legalissues – 5.3M followers.
  • #fashion – 4.2M followers.
  • #consultants – 4M followers.
  • #networking – 3.5M subscribers.
  • #health – 1.9M subscribers.
  • #neuralnetworks – 296k followers.

How to follow hashtags on LinkedIn

To follow the right hashtags, you have to take into account that it will strongly depend on your goals on LinkedIn. Are you using social media marketing to find leads ? Are you looking to attract talent? Once you’ve defined that, you need to ask yourself,

  • Who is your persona? (Target the right people)
  • What is your industry of interest?

Example: I do SEO copywriting and I’m looking to expand my network of startups that would be interested in my freelance services, so I’m going to boost my social media presence. I then want to start publishing content on LinkedIn so to address my target audience and gain followers, I will use the #: 

  • #startups – 1.7M subscribers.
  • #seo – 130,500 subscribers.
  • #freelance – 50,000 people subscribed.
  • #redactionweb – 1,000 people subscribed.

You think, “the more volume of people following this hashtag, the more visibility I’ll gain.” Well, that’s not necessarily the case. ❌ If you only use hashtags with high volumes, you’ll end up drowning in the crowd. However, if you use 3 hashtags per post, mixing high volume ones to boost visibility and low volume but more accurate ones, then you’re good.

Now, let’s look concretely at how to follow a # on LinkedIn?

  • You go to LinkedIn.
  • In the search bar, you add a #. (AltGr + 3 on your keyboard).
  • Then you type what you are looking for, for example #seo.
  • There, you have a “Follow” button.
  • Click on it.

Then, you will receive in your notifications, all new posts with this hashtag. So make sure you don’t subscribe to 200 different hashtags but select the ones that interest you the most. 5 or 6 are enough to keep an eye on. Also, the # in English have naturally more volume, obviously, in the United States there are a lot of users. If your customers are not English-speaking, and you don’t want to develop that part of your business, there’s not much point in following those. 😜

LinkedIn hashtag search

With the “LinkedIn Hashtag search” or “LinkedIn hashtag search” feature, it is possible to discover new hashtags, people or brands to follow be aware that, by default, every person you add to your LinkedIn relationships automatically starts following you.

Of course in return, you also follow them by default. Here’s a video that shows you how to see all the hashtags you follow, how to change your preferences and how to add new strings to your bow.

How to use hashtags on LinkedIn

Using hashtags on the network is really easy, but you have to respect some rules. All social media platforms are different:

  • On Instagram, you put as many #s as possible at the end of your text. (As long as they are related to the topic of course.)
  • On Twitter, it’s one or two hashtags per tweet, embedded in the text.
  • On Facebook, you should not exceed two keywords per publication, generally we add them in the text or at the end of the text.

However, LinkedIn is not like Facebook, or any other social media.

You will rarely find a LinkedIn Influencer – usually, you’re using this Marketing platform for brand awareness, advertising using social media for business.

On LinkedIn, you put between two and three hashtags at the end of the text. As I said above, vary between high-volume #s and low-volume #s that further clarify your topic or target. 🎯

LinkedIn hashtag generator

Sometimes, you have absolutely no idea what to put and you’re too lazy to go look for which hashtags have the most volume. Normal. I would have had the same thought. But that’s where the LinkedIn hashtag generator comes in.

You know, at Waalaxy we are big fans of the automation. So, when we heard about a # generator that could think for us, we thought great, we’ll be able to share the info with you I tested several, this one is for me the simplest and most reliable.

Here is the link 👉 online and free.

You just have to note the topic, and the country, then confirm. There, the tool takes you to all the possible hashtags from the biggest volume of subscribers to the smallest. All you have to do is choose. 😜

Hashtag checker LinkedIn

You’re looking for analytics tools?

Since we’re into tools, I’ll offer you a second little help for your hashtags. This time, it’s a Chrome extension, it’s free and you can download it in one click right here. 👀

Thanks to the LinkedIn Hashtag Analytics extension, every time you add Hashtags to your posts, the tool gives you the number of followers.

The only small downside is that if you put low volume hashtags, they don’t offer you an alternative. So, combining the two tools, it can meet all your demands. And it’s free and easy to use.

Why not give it a go?

How to create hashtag on LinkedIn

You want to use a #, but you see that it does not exist yet on the network.

This can happen, especially if it’s your brand name, your slogan, a word you want to be identified with. It’s a good idea to do it from the beginning.

For example, if you’re launching your project, you hope that over time people will use that hashtag to talk about you and grow your community. Anyway, that’s all I wish for you, it would prove that your business is taking off. To create your own hashtag, it’s very simple.

There is no need to enter Google’s settings. Just choose a keyword or a combination of keywords and add the # symbol in front of it. And that’s all. Here’s a little narcissistic example to illustrate my point:

I created the hashtag #Elodierancurel, well so far I don’t have too many subscribers. 😂


But who knows, glory may come one day.

It might be a good idea to have one with your brand name on it, because when someone clicks on the #, they can then see all the posts and articles you put #brandname on.

It’s kind of like a personalized newsletter on LinkedIn.😉

Increasing the audience will automatically increase the number of followers and also allow you to start conversations with prospects.  Sending automatic messages to people interested in your products is possible.

Learn more about content creation. 👀

Q&A of the article

# On LinkedIn : Rules

Posting on LinkedIn is not like posting on Facebook or Instagram. Each social network has its own set of rules. Moreover, when we talk about LinkedIn, we are talking about Btob social media . Put two or three hashtags at the end of your text to boost your visibility and awareness among your audience. 😉

Hashtag Finder LinkedIn

There are two very useful tools for finding the right hashtags. They are both totally free and super easy to use.

  • LinkedIn hashtag generator = to generate the most relevant # according to your targeting.
  • LinkedIn Hashtag Analytics = to see in two clicks which # have the most followers.

Best LinkedIn hashtags

The best hashtags you can use are the ones that speak the most to your potential customers, audience or your social strategy. In a nutshell = you decide what’s most important. It’s better to have lower volumes, but right on target 🎯 – than a high volume lost in the crowd.

So, always think about who you want to be interacting with. Even tho it’s a pretty niche target market, it’s also fine. Volume doesn’t always mean better conversions.

 Trending LinkedIn Hashtag

To get a list of the most popular hashtags on LinkedIn, just edit this article a bit. I’ve categorized the most popular ones to help you find your way around better. 😊

If you’re developing a B2b social media marketing strategy, then you’ll want to have a better look at how your competitors engage your audience and develop organic reach.

For that, click on the hashtag you’re thinking of using and look at the feed.

It’s ok to get inspired by others, it’s how good content creators do things anyways. 😊

Hiring LinkedIn hashtags

For example, here is the list of the top 5 LinkedIn hashtags specific to human resources:

  • #humanresources – 33.4M followers.
  • #jobinterviews – 14.5M followers.
  • #hiringandpromotion – 10.1M followers.
  • #jobsearch – 1.5M followers.
  • #jobseekers – 1.3M followers.

For more social media strategy, here you go. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️