Is Facebook going to start charging?

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Is Facebook going to start charging? In this article, we will discuss paid Facebook accounts and everything you need to know about paid subscriptions. 😉

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Is Facebook going to start charging?

In light of persistent rumors that Facebook will become paid, it’s essential to clarify this issue. 👀 Despite much speculation and alarming articles on the Internet, Facebook’s founders (Zuckerberg) have kept their promise to remain free for its millions of users.

The platform earns money from targeted advertising, and active users can access its services for free. 🤑

However, some advanced features and additional services may be provided for a fee without affecting your free access to the main social network. 👌 In summary, Facebook is free and accessible to everyone for standard use.

Facebook faces RGPD restrictions in Europe

However, due to changes in European legislation (RGPD), you can decide how Facebook uses your personal information for advertising purposes. 📣

You then have the choice between subscribing to use Meta products without ads, or using them for free with ads. So that’s where the rumor of paid Facebook comes from! 😉

  • If you subscribe, Facebook business pages will not show you ads and your information will not be used for advertising purposes. 👉 As a result, they will no longer be able to publish ads in or alongside your content.
  • If you subscribe to use ad-free products, your ability to post ads and participate in collaborative ads will be limited. 👉 Subscription also affects your ability to earn money from Facebook products.

To find out more, click on the Facebook page help link. 🤓

Since when did Facebook start charging in the EU?

Since November 2023, the popular social media site landscape has been rocked by groundbreaking news. 💥

Facebook has introduced a paid option. 😧 In a bold move, the iconic platform now allows users to choose between an ad-free subscription experience or the traditional free version with ads.

This strategy marks a turning point in the network’s history, and responds to the growing demand for more personalized, uninterrupted browsing. 🥐

This memorable change reinvents the way we interact online, placing personalization and user control at the center of digital conversations. 🗣️

How much does a paid subscription cost? Does it cost money to use Facebook?

No, it doesn’t cost anything to continue using Facebook in the USA! 🤲

However, in an unprecedented strategic shift, 🧨 Facebook has launched paid subscriptions, promising a new, ad-free customer experience for European users willing to pay for security.

But, how much do you have to pay for uninterrupted browsing? 🤔

  • For just €9.99 a month, computer users can enjoy ad-free Facebook, with smooth browsing and enhanced privacy settings. 👉 Add €6 per month for each additional account in the same “Account Center”.
  • If you subscribe in-app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, Facebook charges €12.99 per month for one Facebook account. 👉 Then €8 per month for each additional account in the same “Account Center”.

This new social media subscription model represents a revolutionary step for the social media giant, addressing criticisms of Facebook advertising saturation and personal data handling. 🌐

Is Facebook going to start charging

A small price that makes a big difference! 😏

What is Facebook paid subscription?

Here’s how subscription works: ⏬

  • Once subscribed, Meta products will not be advertised when using Facebook accounts in the same “Account Center.
  • Users can choose to use Meta products free of charge with ads, or add them to each account or center.
  • Your information will not be used for advertising purposes during the subscription period.
  • Access to certain advertising configuration options will be lost.
  • Users will continue to see posts and messages from the company and creators, but will not see their ads.
  • Users will still have access to the usual functionalities such as News Feed, etc.
  • Monthly subscription payments are made unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the next payment date.
  • Limitations on advertising and monetization with ads.
  • Users will stop seeing ads within 24 hours or after resetting the mobile app.

Find out more here! ⚡

How do I subscribe to Facebook?

Here are the steps to take out a paid subscription from 👇

Here’s how to do it from your Facebook smartphone application: 👇

Finally, here’s how to subscribe from a tablet: 👇

Read the Facebook FAQ for more information! 🛎️

How to cancel a paid subscription on Facebook?

Here’s how to cancel your paid Facebook subscription: ⏬

  • If you wish to cancel your subscription, you must do so with the same type of device you used to sign up (for example, sign up with an iPhone device, then cancel with an Android device). You will need to revert to the original device type in order to do so, in accordance with Apple and Google policies. 📱
  • If you no longer have the same device you used to subscribe, please contact Apple or Google technical support. 🥸
  • If you already have a subscribed account on another “Account Center” to use ad-free products, you will receive a notification to cancel your previous subscription so you don’t get charged twice. 🙏

💡 FYI, subscription payments are made on a monthly basis, unless you cancel at least 24 hours before the next payment date. ⌚

Conclusion: Is Facebook going to start to charge?

The short answer is no, not really… 😊 Facebook is not going to start charging its millions of users!

Moreover, Facebook users in Europe now have a choice: continue to receive targeted ads or remove them from their apps for a subscription fee of €9.99 to €12.99 per month. 💲

With this new feature, you can say goodbye to annoying ads! 😴

This social network offers an interesting alternative for those who prefer a personalized user experience. 👉 This bold move by Facebook highlights a major shift in the way we interact with online content.

This underlines not only the importance of personalizing the user experience, but also the desire to address growing concerns about privacy and advertising saturation. 🙈

Choosing this ad-free option gives users ultimate control over their News Feed, and is a step towards more conscious, personalized browsing. 🌍

At a time when discretion is becoming a luxury, Facebook provides access to a digital space where tranquility and personalization come first. 🥇

Improve your social media strategy by following these examples of successful content.

It’s my gift to you! 🎁

Article FAQ: Facebook Paid Subscription

Why did Facebook start charging people in the EU?

Facebook has switched to a paid subscription model in response to growing criticism of personal data management and advertising saturation. 😬

By introducing an ad-free subscription in Europe, Facebook is offering users a premium alternative for browsing distraction-free in a more personalized space. 🥰

This change reflects a major shift in the social networking sites ecosystem, which places the quality of the user experience at the heart of its priorities. 🏆

Is Facebook paid or free?

Hmm, the answer is complicated… 🤔 Traditionally, access to Facebook is free and funded through targeted advertising.

However, in response to the growing demand for more privacy and an ad-free experience, Facebook has introduced a paid subscription option. 💪

This hybrid business model provides the best of both worlds: free for those who like ads, and paid for those who don’t. 🙌 It’s optional!

Does Facebook charge professional accounts?

Facebook is free for everyone, including professionals. 😇 However, professional accounts have the option of choosing paid advertising features to promote their products and services to their target audience. 🎯

These paid ads help professionals reach more people and increase their reputation on the social media platform. 🤩

In short, using a Facebook profile remains free. 👏 But there are paid options for professionals who want to increase their organic reach and influence on social networks.

There you go! Now you know if Facebook is going to start charging. 😜


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