Call To Action Instagram : Definition And 75 Examples

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The Call to action Instagram plays a crucial role in a social media strategy. An effective CTA on Instagram doesn’t just prompt action, it creates a sense of urgency and a deep connection, turning a passive user into an active one. 🔥

Instagram differentiates itself from other social networks with images and videos that capture users’ attention. 👀

For content creators and brands, it’s the place to be!

In this article, we’ll explain the key strategies 🔑 for creating impactful CTAs on Instagram.

Let’s get started! 🚀

What is a call to action on Instagram?

A call to action (CTA) on Instagram is a direct, strategic incentive that encourages users to perform an action.

The aim is to convert users into active users, in particular by taking the following actions: ⬇️

  • ✚ Following an account.
  • 👀 Visit a website.
  • 💸 Buy a product.
  • 🎈 Take part in an event.

What’s more, they come in a variety of forms, such as interactive buttons, stickers, hashtags or even simple phrases.

Why is the Instagram call to action essential?

Incorporating CTAs into your Instagram marketing strategy is crucial for a number of reasons. They help you to: 👇🏼

  • 🟣 Interact with your audience and build trust.
  • 🔵 Widen your visibility and expand your audience naturally.
  • 🟣 Drive qualified traffic to your website or online shop.
  • 🔵 Turn your subscribers into leads or loyal customers.
  • 🟣 Analyse the performance of your marketing actions and refine your strategies for better results.

By choosing the CTAs that best match your goals and target audience, you can improve your presence on Instagram and help your business grow. 📈

1) Increase engagement and conversion

These are two key objectives in marketing, especially on social networks such as Instagram.

However, they’re not quite the same, and I’m going to explain why! 😃

  • Increasing engagement refers to how users interact with content. For example, on Instagram, this includes likes, comments, shares and story views. 👀

To increase engagement, content creators and brands need to publish unique, eye-catching content that connects with their targets‘ interests.

To do this, they can use hashtags, publish at busy times, and interact with followers via comments or even direct messages!

  • Increasing conversion means turning a user into an active user (such as signing up for a newsletter or buying a product). To do this, we use a clear and persuasive CTA.

For example, we can offer discounts, exclusive access, or simply facilitate the user journey via the purchase process. 💸

Moreover, discover who has the highest followers in Instagram. 👈


2) Reinforcing brand strategy

I’m not telling you anything new, strengthening your brand strategy is essential if you want to have a strong presence with your target audience. But there are a number of rules to follow, and here they are:

  • Value content ➡️ must provide value, both in terms of education and inspiration or entertainment. This fosters public trust and commitment to your brand.
  • Visual and narrative consistency ➡️ It’s important to maintain a certain consistency in the tone of your communication and your visuals, as this helps to build a recognisable and memorable brand image (a quick reminder).
  • Interaction with your followers ➡️ respond to comments, take part in conversations and create interactive content, such as polls or question-and-answer sessions, all of which strengthen the relationship with your followers.

As you’ll have realised, strengthening your brand strategy on Instagram requires you to respect all these key elements. 🔑

3) Measuring performance

Finally, the last point of why a CTA is essential, it’s all about measuring performance. 📊

Because yes, thanks to CTAs, you’re going to be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your communication and marketing strategy.

To do this, you can analyse how users use the CTA through clicks, registrations and even purchases. 😇

How do you make a best call to action for Instagram ?

Right, you’re probably asking yourself, ok but, how do you make a good call to action on Instagram? 🤔

Well, we’ve got some tips for you right here! ⬇️

1) Clarify your objectives

The first step, and by no means the least, is to clarify your objectives. Yes, young Padawan 👽, this means defining exactly what you want your audience to do after seeing your publication or story.

Here’s a short list of objectives that can vary depending on your pleasures:

  • 🔵 Increase traffic to your website.
  • 🟣 Boost sales.
  • 🔵 Increase engagement.
  • 🟣 Collect newsletter subscriptions (you can check your email open rate).
  • 🔵 Encourage users to follow your account for more content.

Ok, let’s take an example, I know you like this. If your goal is to increase sales, your CTA could be “Buy now to take advantage of an exclusive offer”, while to increase engagement it could be “Share your opinion in comments”.

2) Create a sense of urgency

The second tip is to create a sense of urgency. We often fall victim to this ourselves: we see a 60% off offer that lasts 24 hours, and we jump at the chance. Well, it’s the same thing here.

But you have to do it properly if you want to get the results you want. So here’s my little checklist for creating a sense of urgency: 👇🏼

  • 1️⃣ Use language that evokes urgency: use words and phrases that suggest a limited time or an exclusive opportunity, such as “now”, “limited offer”, “last day”, “before stocks run out”, “take advantage of 30% off”.
  • 2️⃣ Highlight offers that are limited in time: present offers or promotions that have an expiry date, such as flash sales, limited editions of products or event registrations for a limited period.
  • 3️⃣ Create a feeling of exclusivity: make your audience feel part of a privileged group, such as “join our exclusive club before registration closes”.
  • 4️⃣ Use attractive visuals and emojis: images, bright colours and emoticons attract attention and reinforce the message of urgency.

3) Stay consistent with your brand

Finally, the last part but one of the most important, is to always stay true to yourself by remaining consistent with your brand. 💟

Here’s a short, non-exhaustive list of things to do to stay consistent with your brand:

  • 🔵 Follow the tone of the brand.
  • 🟣 Adapt the content.
  • 🔵 Illustrate your offers or ideas.
  • 🟣 Translate an emotion.

Instagram call to actions : 25 examples

Instagram offers a variety of CTAs and catchphrases that can be adapted according to the format of your publication and the desired effect. Here is a non-exhaustive list of CTA options frequently used on the platform: ⬇️

Format Type of CTA Example
Publication Button “Buy now”, “Find out more”, “Sign up
Story Sticker Poll, Quiz, Question, Link
Reel Hashtag #defi, #tuto, #advice
Caption Prompt sentence “Click if you agree”, “Identify a friend”, “Leave a comment”

Let’s move on to 25 impactful CTAs for Instagram.

#1. Instagram organic CTA

It’s not at all, the idea as well as giving you some examples, is to go digging on Instagram what we can find and analyse it together. 👀

Here, this entrepreneur suggests that her users send her a private message to discuss their brand. Perfect for getting more personal with your Instagram followers.

Another example, our SEO otter, Amandine Bart offers access to her newsletter directly via the link, handy no? 👀

Finally, one last example, quick and efficient, Coralie offers her Workbook. 😇

#2. CTA instagram ads

Feel free to copy and paste these examples! 👇🏼

#3. Call to action instagram post

Back to our analysis 👀

Amandine writes a CTA that links directly to the link in his biography, clever isn’t it? ✨

Another kind of CTA is a question, which increases the engagement rate (and sometimes the click rate) because it interacts with its users. 💻

Here, same principle, she asks users a question while reinforcing her personal branding with a reference to Harry Potter. 🪄

#4. CTA instagram reels


Here, it’s not a post, but an actual post (it’s not the same Instagram format). However, the principle is the same, his Call to action Instagram links to his biography. 🔄

Finally, for this real one, she invites people to go to the caption for more information!

#5. CTA instagram stories

Our international otter (Amandine Bart) 🦦 has created a CTA that links directly to his training course with a short link in the story. ⛓️

Another form of CTA, a poll in storie, which allows you to track the engagement of your viewers. 👀

50 powerful call to action phrases for Instagram

Since you’re the gourmets, here’s a list of 50 other call-to-actions for Instagram, in all categories ! 🔥

All you have to do is copy/paste and modify as you wish. 😇

Here are a few examples :

  • 1️⃣ Start transforming your brand today and unlock a world of innovative marketing strategies with our expert guidance!
  • 2️⃣ Elevate your marketing game with our advanced tools and techniques, designed for modern marketers seeking tangible results.
  • 3️⃣ Connect with industry leaders and explore new horizons in B2B relationships with our tailored networking solutions.
  • 4️⃣ Forge powerful business partnerships and discover unparalleled B2B opportunities with our expert-led approach.
  • 5️⃣ Unleash your creative potential and revolutionize your design approach with our cutting-edge design insights and resources.
  • 6️⃣ Transform your space and aesthetic with our expert design strategies, tailored for impactful visual communication.

Long calls to action

  1. Dominate search rankings and boost your website’s SEO effectiveness with our advanced, algorithm-savvy techniques.
  2. Unleash the power of SEO to climb the ladder in search engine results, using our proven, data-driven strategies.
  3. Revolutionize your sales approach and grow your online store with our comprehensive e-commerce solutions.
  4. Unlock the full potential of e-commerce with our tailored strategies, designed for modern, results-driven businesses.
  5. Take your business to the next level with our comprehensive growth strategies that blend innovation with practical results.
  6. Achieve exceptional growth and lead your industry with our expert insights and transformative business practices.
  7. Join our community of innovators and share your success story to inspire and connect with like-minded professionals.
  8. We value your feedback and invite you to engage with our latest posts to shape the future of our content.
  9. Don’t miss this limited-time offer to gain exclusive access to industry insights and resources available only to a select few.
  10. Subscribe now for exclusive content and tips reserved for our elite members, and stay ahead in your field.
  11. Expand your knowledge base and learn industry insider tips with our comprehensive, expertly crafted educational resources.
  12. Discover our expert guides and free eBooks tailored for aspiring leaders looking to make a mark in their industry.
  13. Be the change in your industry by embracing innovation and turning your dreams into reality with our inspiring guidance.
  14. Join us in leading the way towards a more innovative future, where your ambitions and our expertise combine for extraordinary success.

Short call to action

  1. Transform Your Brand Today!
  2. Boost Your Marketing Game!
  3. Unlock Marketing Mastery!
  4. Elevate Your Marketing Strategy!
  5. Discover Marketing Secrets!
  6. Connect with Industry Leaders!
  7. Grow Your B2B Network!
  8. Explore B2B Opportunities!
  9. B2B Success Starts Here!
  10. Forge New Business Partnerships!
  11. Unleash Creative Potential!
  12. Revolutionize Your Design!
  13. Design Like a Pro!
  14. Elevate Your Aesthetics!
  15. Transform Your Space with Design!
  16. Dominate Search and LinkedIn Rankings!
  17. Boost Your Website’s SEO!
  18. Unleash SEO Power!
  19. Climb the SEO Ladder!
  20. Master SEO Tactics!
  21. Revolutionize Your Sales!
  22. Grow Your Online Store!
  23. Commerce Success Awaits!
  24. Elevate Your Retail Game!
  25. Unlock E-commerce Potential!
  26. Take Your Business to the Next Level!
  27. Achieve Exceptional Growth!
  28. Lead the Industry – Act Now!
  29. Embrace the Future of Business!
  30. Innovate and Excel!

Common mistakes to avoid with CTAs on Instagram

Before we go, we thought it pertinent to show you a few mistakes that can happen when you make your own CTAs on Instagram.

Without further ado, here are 2 common mistakes! ⬇️

1) Lack of clarity

An effective Call to Action should be concise and direct, clearly indicating the action you want users to take.

When a CTA is too vague or too general, it can lead to confusion and sometimes dissuade the user from taking action… 💥

For example, phrases like “Discover more” or “Click here” without any specific context can be too imprecise.

For example, here we don’t know what to sign up for, we just have an e-mail address and nothing more.

To remedy this, be precise in your language and use slightly longer sentences, such as “Download our free guide to SEO”. Here, the CTA indicates exactly what the user will get by clicking on it. 😇

2) Information overload

Too much information can overwhelm 🤿 the user, making the CTA less effective.

For example, “sign up for our newsletter, download our white paper and join our webinar” requires too many simultaneous actions. It leads to decision paralysis where the user doesn’t do anything at all. 🙃

Here, the CTA doesn’t stand out very well, it’s not very dissociated, and then we have the price, the description and the link. It might be better to do a presentation story and a story with the price and the link. 🐲

How about a recap?

You now know the various CTA categories available and benefit from 25 concrete examples to energise your presence on the platform. These tips will guide you towards creating CTAs that captivate. It’s time to take action! ⚡️

Don’t forget that calls to action on Instagram are powerful tools for increasing engagement and converting followers into loyal customers. 🖤

Also, remember that every piece of your Instagram content, from bios and stories to posts and real, is an opportunity to communicate effectively with your audience.

In this way, you’ll be able to increase your engagement rate and build ⚒️ a stronger relationship with your community. 🫱🏽‍🫲🏼

Frequently asked questions

Not so fast, it’s not the end yet, we still have a few resources to share with you. 😇

How do you attract customers on social networks?

It’s a strategic process that requires a thorough understanding of your target audience, quality content and constant interaction. Just for your own good 👀, here’s a list of some key steps to attracting customers on social media:

  • Define a target audience.
  • Choose the right social networks.
  • Creating engaging, high-quality content.
  • Using storytelling.
  • Using targeted advertising.
  • Working with influencers.
  • Adjusting your strategy.
  • Offer exceptional customer service.
  • Being patient

How do you attract the attention of Internet users?

If you want to attract the attention of Internet users, you need a good strategy. What could be better than a picture to illustrate my point? 😇

Strategy Solution Example
Visually attractive content Use captivating images, videos and graphics. Post a colourful infographic explaining a complex concept.
Impactful titles and taglines Write headlines and subheadings that arouse curiosity or emotion. “10 Marketing Secrets Your Competitors Don’t Want You to Know!”
Value Content Provide useful and relevant information. A detailed blog on “The best SEO strategies for 2024″.
Interaction and Engagement Encourage user participation (comments, shares, polls). Launch a competition with a unique hashtag to share experiences.
Storytelling Tell stories that create an emotional connection with the audience. A video telling the inspiring story of a satisfied customer.
Personalised and targeted content Tailor content to the specific interests and needs of your audience. Send personalised newsletters based on user preferences.
Up-to-date and relevant Keep your content up to date and in line with current trends. An article on “How to take advantage of the latest trends on social networks“.
Collaboration and Partnerships Collaborate with influencers or other brands to extend reach. Partner with a popular influencer for a co-branding campaign.
Use of Testimonials and Reviews Highlight customer testimonials and reviews to reinforce credibility. Display positive customer reviews on the site’s home page.

And there you have it, the Call to action Instagram has no more secrets for you. See you soon! 🐲

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