How do Waalaxy delays and quotas work?

Waalaxy allows you to make automated action campaigns on LinkedIn. There are daily quotas of actions but also time limits between each action, this is done to protect your LinkedIn account by regulating these sendings. Let’s see together how Waalaxy delays and quotas work. 😍

Daily share quotas

The action quotas are defined by Waalaxy, because LinkedIn itself imposes you a certain number of quotas to respect in order to avoid spammy behaviors and abuses. As you can see, you are not free to do whatever you want on LinkedIn. 🔏

That’s why Team Waalaxy has put this limit in place to protect and ensure the safety of your account. You don’t want to see your account restricted, and neither do we. You can find these quotas from the “Queue” tab of your interface. 👇

How quotas work

Quotas are daily, each action has its own quota. You will be able to send a maximum of X actions defined per day. Once this quota is reached, the actions will be paused and will resume automatically at the next quota update, provided that your computer is switched on and that a LinkedIn tab is open.

The quota refresh time depends on the time you first logged in to Waalaxy extension. You will be able to view this refresh time from the “Queue” tab of your interface. 👇

When you have reached the maximum daily quota for an action, that action will be reset to “later” in the queue and the number of remaining actions will be “0”. 👇

How many quotas depending on my subscription

Daily quotas are not the same depending on the subscription you have with us. 🤪

Freemium subscription

You have 3 quotas per type of action and per day.

Advanced and Business subscription

Here are the quotas per action for an Advanced or Business plan:

  • Connection requests: 200 per week
  • Messages: between 120 and 150 per day
  • Follows: between 80 and 100 per day
  • Visits: between 120 and 150 per day
  • Message requests: between 120 and 150 per day

Case of the Team subscription

The Team subscription allows you to have several centralized accounts. Each account has its own quotas. So it all depends on the type of subscription you have in team. If it is a Team PRO, you will each have a quota of 30 per type of action per day.

If it’s a Team ADVANCE or BUSINESS subscription, you will each have the quotas said for that subscription. (See just above☝️).

Time limits on Waalaxy

Delay between actions in the queue

The purpose of the queue is to execute actions launched via prospecting campaigns, while simulating human behavior. It’s this system that allows us to respect the limits imposed by LinkedIn and thus not risk anything for your account. 🚀 Here are the delays between actions : 👇

  • Profile visit: 1mn15,
  • Profile follow-up: 1mn,
  • Invitation: 1mn,
  • Message: 2mn30.

We implement a 20% random variable on these delays so that the delay is never exactly the same between each action.

Delay between steps in campaigns

Campaigns are composed of several steps that govern its proper functioning; actions, conditions, and delays.

➡️ You can understand the first two concepts in this article. 🌟

The delay is a crucial step in the campaign, it is a waiting time between two actions or a step to validate a condition.

In fact, it allows the tool to analyze when the last action was performed in order to determine whether the prospect should go to the next step or not.

How does it work?

In case the delay is a simple waiting time, as soon as this delay has been respected, the action will go to the next step. In the case where the delay is there to validate a condition, the prospect will remain at this stage until the prospect has fulfilled the condition defined by the campaign.

Once the condition is met, the prospect will move to the next step, the action to be sent will automatically be queued.

What delays are accepted?

You can set the delay to 0 days: this means that as soon as the condition has been met, the next action will be queued in a few minutes, while Waalaxy retrieves the information. There is no maximum delay!

FAQ of the article: Deadlines and quotas on Waalaxy

Can I edit a deadline of a campaign once it has been launched?

No. Once the campaign has been launched, it is not possible to edit the deadlines.

Can I edit daily quotas?

Yes, you can edit the quotas from your account within the maximum allowed by Waalaxy. The edited quotas will be taken into account for the next update.

Is the deadline a Waalaxy working day?

No matter which working days you have set up on Waalaxy, the deadline is taken into account.

For example, if you have set up Waalaxy to work on Monday or Friday, and your prospect Hem Dupont is at the “Delay – 2 days” stage, this delay will be taken into account even on Saturday and Sunday. But the action will not be sent until Monday since Saturday and Sunday are not working days.

Conclusion of : Waalaxy delays and quotas

Quotas and deadlines are two important concepts, for one it guarantees the protection of your account, for the other it governs the proper functioning of your campaign. 😎

Now you know everything about Waalaxy delays and quotas.

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