How to synchronize Waalaxy with other CRMs? (via Zapier)

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Have you heard of Waalaxy? Our stratospheric B2B prospecting tool straight out of this galaxy? Welcome! 👽 Waalaxy is going to become your new CRM and, is going to be full of data that you would like to sync, extract and process on other CRMs?

No problem. Via Zapier the synchronization is done in minutes. We’ll detail everything here! ➡️

Zapier : what is it?

Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect lots of applications together in an automated way through workflows: a significant time and energy saving!

Zapier is a paying tool, you pay a subscription according to the number of Zaps you will make per month.

Do I need a paid subscription to create Zapier Webhooks?

No. You will need a paid subscription to Zapier, or the trial version to be able to create Webhooks.

➡️ Zapier pricing

You will also need a paid subscription, Advanced or Business on Waalaxy to create Webhooks.

➡️ Waalaxy Pricing


How to sep up the sync between Waalaxy and others tools?

Step 1. Go to Zapier

  • Click on “Create a Zap”,
  • Search for “Webhook by Zapier”,
  • Under “Event”, select “Catch Hook”,
  • Click “Continue” twice, skipping the “Pick off a Child Key” part,
  • Copy the webhook URL.

Step 2. Go to Waalaxy

  • Click on “Campaign” and “Create a campaign”,
  • Filter by the action “CRM Sync” to see all sequences that include this action,
  • Select the sequence,
  • Fill in the various fields (action, deadline, message content),

In the “CRM Sync” section :

  • Select the CRM that you are going to configure,
  • Paste the link of the Webhook previously copied,
  • Click on “Test”, then “Validate”,
  • Launch the campaign. 🚀


Step 3. Launch the Webhook

  • Go back to Zapier, and pick up where you left off.

Now that the campaign has been launched, you can “Validate the Webhook” on Zapier.


Step 4. Sync to another CRM

From here, you can click on the little “+” in Zapier, and add any other tool to sync the data to that tool. 🚀

We have written some tutorials to help you ⤵️

When is the data sent via Zapier?

We send the data one by one.

What data is synchronized?

Here’s a list of all the data you can synchronize. 👇

Prospect-related info :

  • Email

  • First name

  • Last Name

  • Company name

  • Username

  • Company name

  • Company website

  • Email enriched by Dropcontact

  • Phone number

  • Linkedin profile URL

  • Position

  • Region

  • Sales Navigator profile URL

  • Lead Status

  • Linkedin account type


See you soon in another Waalaxy! 👽🚀


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