How to sync Waalaxy and other CRMs (via Integromat)?

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It is possible to automatically import your data to other CRMs, via a Zapier sync or, an Integromat sync. This will automatically send all the data you want to your other tools, or CRMS. Pretty handy, isn’t it? 😈Today we will see how to sync Waalaxy with CRM via Integromat.

If you’re more Team Zapier, no worries, we’ve got a tutorial for you too. 😎

Get your glasses ready, here we go!

Integromat: what’s the deal?

Integromat is a tool that allows you to automate your workflow with other tools. Same principle as Zapier, Integromat allows you to connect several tools together so that data is synchronized and automatically sent from one tool to another. Integromat’s ergonomic interface allows you to visualize your scenarios in real time to see how your automations are running and how data is flowing in your sequences.

Unlimited steps, HTTPS/JSON/XML modules, scheduling, execution history, live viewing, activity logging, sharing with other members, iterators, aggregators, filters, routers, it is an ultra-complete tool. 😎

How to set up sync with Integromat?

Integromat is now called MAKE! So if you are redirected to MAKE pages, don’t panic everything is normal. 🧘♀️


The first thing to do is to create an account on Integromat, no need to take a paid plan, you can use Integromat in Freemium to do this synchronization. Sign up with your Google account, Facebook account, Github account or by entering your personal data. 👇

Create the scenario

Once you have logged into your account, you will be on the MAKE homepage. You can go to the “Scenario” tab, this is where we will be able to create a sequence allow Waalaxy x Integromat to sync. 👇

Create the webhook

  • Click on the “+” and search for “Webhook”.
  • Select it and choose “Custom webhook”.
  • Click on “Add”.
  • In “Webhook Name”, rename the name, or not.
  • Click on “Save”.

This step allows Integromat to create a webhook address.

  • Copy the created URL.
  • Click on “Ok”.

Create your campaign on Waalaxy

In order for data to be sent via Integromat, you need to create an integration campaign in which you will copy the webhook URL previously created.

  • Go to the “Campaign” tab and “Create a campaign”.

If you have a FREEMIUM subscription: You will not have access to this option. If you are on an ADVANCED subscription: You don’t have access to “Integration Sequences”, you can however in all sequences you have access to, define a “Response Goal”: this will allow Waalaxy to send all people ( who respond to a connection note or a message ) to be sent with Integromat. If you are in BUSINESS subscription : You will be able to choose a sequence from the “Integration Sequences” section.

➡️ Our Subscriptions and their features.

  • Choose the sequence you want according to the actions you want and your subscription.
  • In the step “CRM Integration” you can paste the URL of the Webhook that we created in the previous step.

  • Test the URL, then validate.
  • Add the prospects to your campaign, write the notes and/or messages if there are any.
  • Start the campaign. 🚀

Set up the data

  • Click on the “Tools” tab.

  • Select “Get multiple variable.”
  • Click on this heading.
  • Fill in each of the variables by clicking on “Add Item” 👇

Format the data

  • Click on the “Tools” tab again.
  • Select “Set multiple variables”.
  • In “Variable Name” select “FirstName”, below that in “Variable Value” select “split” in the “A” subheading.
  • Do this for each of the data you want to retrieve.

⚠️ The automatic data separator is a semicolon “;”, do not change it.

Synchronizing data to Google Sheets

On Google Sheet, create a new sheet, it will be called “Integromat”, you will have to create the columns in the order of the variables you configured in the previous step. 👇

Back to Integromat. 👇

  • Click on the little “+” at the bottom of the page.
  • Search for “Google Sheets.”
  • Select “Add a Row.”
  • Click “Add” to connect your Google account.
  • Select the “Integromat” sheet.
  • Add each of the variables in the corresponding column. 👇

View on Google Sheets

When the scenario is run, a sample data will be sent via the Webhook. You can check on your Sheet, you should have this data 👇

That’s it, the trick is done. 😍 Your data is synced between Waalaxy and Googlet Sheets, via Integromat. You can totally continue the scenario and add another step to synchronize another CRM afterwards.

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FAQs synchronizing Waalaxy CRM integromat

Can I synchronize any CRM via Integromat?

Thanks to Integromat API, it is indeed possible to link any tool without writing a line of code! Integromat has dedicated an article to this topic, if you want more information ➡️ Integromat Applications & Services

What is Integromat’s pricing?

Integromat offers you several subscription levels: the Free, the Core, the Pro, the Teams and finally for large structures, the Enterprise. 👇 To learn more about the specifics of their subscriptions, go here ➡️ Integromat Subscriptions & Features.

How is the data sent?

Data is sent by stream, starting at 10 prospects. We still put a run every 30 minutes in case you never have more than 1 or 2 people to transfer. 🧘♀️

What data can I synchronize?

You will be able to synchronize all the data that is given to you when you set up the variables, which is: Prospect data: first name, last name, position, location, email, Dropcontact enriched email (if we got it), phone number, Linkedin profile URL, Sales Navigator profile URL, Premium profile, Profile in OpenToWork, company name, company website name, company profile URL.

Waalaxy data: prospect list name, profile status, message sent yes/no, message replied yes/no, email sent yes/no, email replied yes/no, connection date, first message date, tags.

Article Conclusion: Sync Waalaxy and CRM via Integromat

Integromat is a must-have No-Code tool, easy to use, ergonomic, it offers you a multitude of possibilities to synchronize all your tools. All you have to do is set up the synchronization and… You can take it easy while tracking your results. 😎

You now know how to sync Waalaxy and other CRM via Integromat.


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