Dropcontact x Waalaxy email enrichment – How does it work?

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Waalaxy’ s goal is to make multi-channel prospecting as easy as possible, starting with LinkedIn, but expanding to cold-email thanks to email enrichment.

But to utilize cold emails, well… you need the email addresses of your prospects.

14 mistakes to avoid in cold emailing 👈

So obviously, LinkedIn gives you the email associated with your prospect’s LinkedIn account, if you are connected with them. But there are many instances when your connection requests simply don’t get accepted. 😅

Even if they do, there’s the small issue in that that these emails are often personal emails. The law actually prohibits prospecting on personal emails… (not to mention the fact that people don’t like it).

So we decided to integrate DropContact, the reference tool, in terms of email enrichment, on the market. ✅

We’ll tell you more…

What is email enrichment?

The enrichment of emails allows you to find an email address from information such as first name, last name and the company of a prospect. The goal being to be able to contact the prospect via email shortly after. 👇

There are two main types of email enrichment

  • Those that work with databases,
  • Those based on semantics.

Email enrichment via databases

The way it works is very simple: for years, tools have been scouring the web for emails, cross-referencing various databases with the goal of retaining prospect information in order to then resell that contact data. ✅

This technique poses 3 major problems:

Email enrichment through semantics

The second method, the one which Dropcontact employs, is based on semantics. In other words, an algorithm will combine the different possible formats of the email from the first name, last name and website of the company and then test if these emails are valid.

So, for Toinon Georget who works at Waalaxy, it will look for combinations like :

toinon.georget@waalaxy.com ; t.georget@waalaxy.com ; toinong@waalaxy.com ; toinon@waalaxy.com etc…

Until it finds a valid email that matches your prospect’s. 😎

This method has several advantages:

  • It respects the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • It is based on up-to-date data, because it systematically checks that the email exists and is based on the LinkedIn data that we provide the tool, which are updated by the users themselves.

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waalaxy dashboard

How does Dropcontact email enrichment with Waalaxy work?

Waalaxy integrates the possibility, largely via sequences, to go through an enrichment step that will directly call the Dropcontact API based on the LinkedIn info, just retrieved. 👇

The operation is quite simple and does not require any action on your part:

  • when the prospect gets to the enrichment stage, we send their first name, last name and company website to Dropcontact, which searches and returns an email if it is found.
  • If the email is found, it will go in the “Has email” branch of the sequence and if not found, in the “Does not have email” branch.

Why do we always have to take an action on LinkedIn before using email enrichment?

*an action = (visit, follow, connect, message…)

As explained in the Dropcontact documentation, the rate of returned emails depends on their ability to find the domain name of your prospect, the email being often in the format prenom.nom@domaine.com.

However, by sending only the company name, it may be difficult for Dropcontact to find the corresponding company website. For example, a company named “Infinity” may correspond to thousands of domain names around the world. 😅

By performing an action on LinkedIn (visit, connect, follow, message), Waalaxy will retrieve the detailed information of the company page, including the associated site. Thus, this information will be provided to Dropcontact, which can up to double the rate of emails initially found.

To ensure our users have good rates, we have created only sequences that will involve retrieving the domain name information (if it is available on the company page of course). 😄

Is email search included in my Waalaxy subscription?

Absolutely. To make things easier for you, we decided Waalaxy would offer the possibility to enrich emails without having a subscription with Dropcontact. Everything is managed automatically and integrated into your subscription.

On which subscription plan is email enrichment included?

Only the Premium plan gives you access to the Enrichment feature. PRO and ADVANCED plans do not provide access to this feature.

However, it is still possible to retrieve the emails of your contacts on LinkedIn.

For more information, see our pricing.

 How many emails can I enrich with Waalaxy?

The Premium plan gives you access to 25,000 monthly credits and each email found is charged at 50 credits. So, you can get up to 500 emails per month included in your Premium subscription on Waalaxy.

Are my credits charged when the email is not found?

Dropcontact charges for each email request and not for each email found.

We believe that it is the success that counts. We have therefore decided to do the opposite of this, and only charge for emails that are actually found.

You will not be charged for a failed enhancement.

How to get more emails with Waalaxy?

If 500 found emails per month is not enough for you, it will be possible to subscribe to additional credits, either as a one-off purchase (a batch of credits obtained once), or recurrently (by increasing your monthly subscription fee according to the additional credits you wish to obtain).

The credit system and associated pricing are not yet available at this time. See the roadmap if you want to know the release date!

Do I need to create an account with Dropcontact to find emails with Waalaxy?

You don’t need to create a DropContact account to enrich your emails with Waalaxy. Everything is included in Waalaxy and in your Premium subscription.

Are the found emails professional emails?

Yes, they are. All email addresses found with DropContact are professional email addresses. On the other hand, the email addresses retrieved from your LinkedIn connections are mostly personal emails. ✅

What are the rates of emails found by Dropcontact?

DropContact advertises a rate of 60-70% of emails found.

On our sample and at this time, we see a rate rather around 50%.

Please note that this rate may vary depending on the sector you are targeting, the type of profession and the type of company. For example, it will be easier to find the email of an executive at a global company like EDF than that of a craftsman in the Creuse (a random region in France).

What to do when an email is not found?

Unfortunately, not much. When an email is not found, you can try to approach them on Linkedin for example. If you’ve already done that and you don’t get a response, then your prospect is kind of lost… 😅

Is email enrichment compliant with the GDPR?

Absolutely. Dropcontact is GDPR compliant because they do not store any data. All emails are found live and are professional contact emails.

Is it risky to do email enrichment?

Enrichment is not risky. It is not associated with your LinkedIn account or email.

There, now you know everything. Now all you have to do is launch your multi-channel leads strategy 😎

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