Waalaxy Lead List : FAQs

Where to find, edit and export your lead list on Waalaxy? 😁 Whether you’re new to us or came from ProspectIn (thank you to our loyal customers), Waalaxy is constantly evolving, so how do you know what’s already possible or not in terms of features; lists and imports? Well, you read this article! 👇 First of all, consider checking out how our campaigns work if you want to know more about performing actions on leads. Here, we’re really talking about managing your leads within CRM. Ready to find an answer before you even have the question in mind? 🚀

What are lists and imports?

First of all, a little refresher, because in an FAQ, it’s best to know what the topic is! When you want to perform an action on your lead with the help of our tool, you first have to import it into your Waalaxy interface. This way, the prospect will appear in your CRM. From there, you can send the prospect a message, a connection request, an email, etc. through our simple, advanced and multi-channel sequences. For a prospect to be in the tool, they have to be attached to a list of your choice. Thus, you can perform actions on the list of your choice. To learn more about imports and the different ways to import into Waalaxy, you can read our article on this topic.

Create your lead List Waalaxy

You can create your lead list on Waalaxy. You can create as many lists as you want. 👇

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waalaxy dashboard

Delete your lead list Waalaxy

You can delete your list of prospects. All prospects that will be in it are permanently removed from the tool. 👇

Editing a list name

On the name of the list, click on the 3 small dots and on “Edit”. 👇

Transferring a list of prospects to another list

This is a feature you already know on Prospectin. It will arrive on Waalaxy in mid-September! In the meantime, you can delete the prospect from the list they are in, and import them again from Linkedin into the new list. To remove your prospect from their current list. 👇

The Tag/anti-tag: what is it?

The tag allows you to label one or more prospects according to a criteria of your choice. By filtering through the tag, you will have the list of prospects who have the tag. For example, if you want to send a message that starts with “Mr.” you need to sort all the men in your list. Select them, and tag them by creating the tag “Man”. 👇

By filtering by the tag “Man”, you will have all the men. The antitag is… the opposite. You can filter by the antitag, you’ll get all the people who don’t have the tag. If we go back to our previous example, if you anti-tag, you will have all the people who do not have the tag “Man”. 👇

There are many ways to use tags on Waalaxy, you can find some examples in this article.

Filter by status, relationship, location, company, etc.

– status

You can filter by the status of your prospects:

  • connected, the person is a member of your network.
  • not connected, you are not in this person’s network, they are not in your network.
  • pending, a connection request has been sent but has not yet been accepted.
  • unknown, the status data is missing, you have to launch a “visit” action on this person so that it updates the data in order to recover the status.

– tags

You can add a tag to prospects. You can add a tag to a prospect, and filter by including or excluding the tag. 👇

– linkedin actions : visit / follow

In reality, we only take into account the visit and follow-up action. You will be able to see the people who have been visited, and the people who have been followed, and vice versa. 👇

– linkedin messages

This filter allows you to segment your list by message actions. You will be able to have a list of people to whom a message has been sent, to whom no message has been sent, which people have replied, or have not replied. 👇

– the Email filter

Whether it is via email enrichment or via the import of prospects and their data, you can see in the activity of your prospects, their email. To launch an email campaign, or conversely to launch an enrichment campaign on people who do not have emails, you can use this filter. 👇

– the Email actions filter

This filter allows you to know who you have already emailed, if the person has replied, or conversely, to whom you have not yet sent an email, and who has not replied. 👇

– the Company filter

You can filter by company name, including or excluding the name. 👇

– More filters…

We have not displayed all the filters available on the horizontal bar, but there are many more from “More filters”. 👇

  • Phone numbers.
  • Location.
  • Linkedin groups.
  • Linkedin events.
  • Job titl.
  • Profile.
  • Influencer.
  • Jobseeker.
  • Linkedin restriction.
  • Is in a campaign / is not in a campaign.


    Remove a prospect from a list

    • Click in the list where the prospect is.
    • Select the prospect(s) to delete.

    A window will open at the top of your screen.

    • Click on delete.

    Exporting a list to a CSV file

    You can export your prospects from Waalaxy to a CSV file. 👇

    Edit lead data manually

    Whilst Waalaxy is an automation tool, there may be times when you may need to manually modify some of your leads’ data.

    • Go to the list.
    • Click on the prospect concerned.
    • Edit any data by clicking on the corresponding bar.

    Transfer from ProspectIn to Waalaxy

    We have made it possible to transfer your data automatically from ProspectIn to Waalaxy. You can filter by the region or country 👇

    We take into account:

    • campaigns (currently “lists” on Waalaxy).
    • tags.
    • templates for connection notes and messages.

    After the transfer, your old ProspectIn campaigns will be Waalaxy lists but in this format: “PROSPECTIN – Campaign name”.

    Start a campaign from the List tab

    No problem! Just go to your list, select prospects or all prospects, and click “Start a campaign”. 🚀

    If you have any other questions that deserve their place in this FAQ, whether it’s about the Waalaxy lead list or not, feel free to let us know in support! ☀️


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