Import your LinkedIn leads: all the ways to generate leads with Waalaxy

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There are many ways to import your LinkedIn leads to Waalaxy to start your campaigns. Let’s recap the top 11! ➡️


Import from a standard LinkedIn search

You are limited to 1000 results per LinkedIn search. This means you won’t be able to export more than 1000 results per search; you’ll have to play with the filters to get access beyond that. You can read this article to know how to export more than 1000 results. Go to LinkedIn, from the “Search” tab. Filter by “Person” and do your search. ➡️

Importer depuis une recherche standard Linkedin

To optimize your LinkedIn searches, feel free to check out our article on how to perform a good LinkedIn search.


Import from a Sales Navigator search

Unlike LinkedIn standard, with Sales Navigator you can export 2500 results of a search and not 1000. To know how to optimize your searches, don’t hesitate to read our article on how to perform a good Sales Navigator search. Importer depuis une recherche Sales Navigator


Import from a Sales Navigator list

Sales Navigator allows you to build lists of prospects. Small advantage: LinkedIn will even suggest prospects according to the criteria you have set up.  Go to Sales Navigator, in the “Search” tab: Importer depuis une liste Sales Navigator


Import from a saved Sales Navigator search

The second advantage of Sales Navigator is that you can save your searches. You will be able to see the number of new prospects in this search according to the chosen update period (daily, weekly, monthly), which is a big time-saver and helps you organize your prospecting. Go to Sales Navigator, in the “Saved searches” tab: Importer depuis une recherche sauvegardée Sales Navigator


Import from Sales Navigator Spotlights

LinkedIn has recently changed its spotlights.

When you did a search in Sales Navigator, you had little headings that allowed you to segment within that search:

  • people who have changed jobs in the last 90 days
  • people mentioned in the news in the last 30 days
  • people who have published in the last 30 days
  • people who have shared experiences with you
  • people who follow your company on LinkedIn.


Go to Sales Navigator.

  • Click on the “Leads filters” section,
  • Click on one of the spotlights in the bottom right-hand corner,
  • Make your search
  • Import the leads


Import from Recruiter Lite

It is now possible to import your project leads from Recruiter Lite, however, you need to run a new profile search to import, as already registered projects cannot be imported – yet.

Go to Recruiter Lite:

  • Make your search from the search bar
  • Click on the Waalaxy import pop-up
  • Select or create your list, the number of profiles to import and launch:



Import people who commented on my LinkedIn post

You can populate your campaigns automatically thanks to the auto-import feature. (formerly called “triggers”). There are currently 4 types of auto-imports on Waalaxy:

  • Visited my profile.
  • Commented on my LinkedIn post.
  • Sent me a connection request.
  • New leads in a saved search.

Many more types of auto-imports will be added as time goes by on Waalaxy.


Import a single lead

From LinkedIn

Importer un prospect unique depuis une recherche


From Sales Navigator

Importer un prospect unique depuis sales navigator


Import from a CSV file

Importer depuis un fichier CSV


Import the participants of a LinkedIn event

You can import all the participants of an event.

From LinkedIn

To do so, click on the event, and on “Participants”, scroll down, and click on “View all participants” :

Importer les participants à un évènement Linkedin


From Waalaxy

You can initiate the import request from a LinkedIn event directly from Waalaxy.

To do so, you need to go to the relevant prospect list and click on “Import”, then select “Import from event”:



Import from a Group LinkedIn

In the same way as the previous one, you can import all the people who are in your LinkedIn groups.

From LinkedIn

You can import the people sharing your groups directly from your LinkedIn group, like this:

scrapper profil pour demande message linkedin


From Waalaxy

You can import from your LinkedIn group from Waalaxy as well, by clicking on the list of prospects you want, then on “Import” and “Import from LinkedIn group”:



It’s never been easier to import your LinkedIn leads, right? Many more import possibilities are going to be developed on Waalaxy and so will be added to this article, so stay tuned! 😁


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