How to create a “blacklist” with ProspectIn?

Published by Toinon on February 15, 2021 5/5 (161 votes)

How to create a blacklist with ProspectIn
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For various reasons, you may want to avoid contacting certain prospects already contacted on LinkedIn with another tool.

In this article, you will discover how to create a blacklist with ProspectIn.

Thanks to anti-duplicate security, this is possible. I will explain here 2 use cases:

  • First use case, do not re-contact prospects that have already received a message or replied by using the filters.
  • Second use case, do not recontact a list of prospects or my 1st level connections.

How to blacklist a prospect that I have already contacted via ProspectIn

There are two options for excluding prospects already contacted with ProspectIn: by using campaign filters or by transferring your prospects into a specific campaign.

From filters

Before contacting prospects in a campaign, you can play with the filters:

  • Target prospects who have never received a message.
  • Select prospects who have received a message X (to avoid contacting people who have already received message Y).

No matter what, you cannot resend a connection request to a connected or pending prospect.

From campaign transferring

If you want to permanently blacklist a prospect from a campaign without being able to export it again in the back office. Opt for the campaign transfer.

Thanks to the “anti-duplicate” security, which prevents the export of a prospect if it is already in the CRM, you just have to transfer the prospect in a “Do not recontact” or “Blacklist” campaign.

Thus, it cannot be re-exported in another campaign, nor re-contacted in this campaign. Obviously, you can transfer several prospects at the same time.

Blacklist a prospect list

You do not want to recontact your level 1 relationships or you have a list of prospects that you specifically do not want to fall into one of your campaigns? There are also two possibilities: the CSV file or the export from a search.

From a CSV file

Do you have a prospect list with their Linkedin profile URL? Again, thanks to the anti-duplicate security, you just have to create a “Do not recontact” campaign and upload your list in this campaign.

Therefore, prospects in this campaign cannot be exported to another campaign.

My first-level connections

Once again, nothing could be simpler. With the “Export level 1 relationships” functionality, you only need to export these profiles in a “Do not recontact” or “First-level connections” campaign that you create for this purpose. No risk of contacting these prospects again (and you can even send them your best wishes for the New Year!).

Obviously, you can combine these techniques for all the prospects that you do not want to contact.

Now, you know how to create a blacklist with ProspectIn. 😀