How To Buy Followers On Instagram? 9 Best Sites In 2024

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If you’re wondering how to buy followers on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. It has become a practice often used by brands, influencers, and self-entrepreneurs looking to boost their visibility quickly on this influential social network. 👀

In the face of often tough competition, you need to constantly stand out from the crowd and build a solid, committed subscriber base. 💪🏼

That’s why, in this article, we’re going to find out: 👇🏼

  • How to buy followers on Instagram.
  • A list of 9 tools to buy followers on Instagram.
  • What are the risks of buying followers?

Without further ado, let’s get started! 👀

Can you buy followers on Instagram?

The short answer is: YES.

Similar to when you buy LinkedIn followers, it’s technically possible to buy Instagram followers, too.

In fact, a number of platforms and services help to increase the number :

  • 💟 Subscribers.
  • 👁️ Views.
  • 👍🏼 Likes.
  • 💬 Comments.

All for money. 💸

This practice can be advantageous for certain brands and influencers seeking rapid growth and increased visibility.

It can be used as a springboard to achieve specific goals on social networks, including :

  • 1️⃣ Increase company reputation.
  • 2️⃣ Engaging the audience.
  • 3️⃣ Generate leads and conversions.
  • 4️⃣ Improve customer service.
  • 5️⃣ Increase traffic to the website.

However, it’s important for you to understand that these purchased followers are often automated or inactive accounts that won’t actually engage with your content.

For example, this means that while your number of subscribers may increase rapidly, your engagement and the various interactions you have with your audience may not.

Here are just a few of the benefits for your company or business account! ⬇️

#1. Rapid increase in the number of subscribers

Rapidly increasing the number of subscribers is a goal that many brands and influencers desire, as it instantly expands the reach of their message, thus boosting their online visibility. 🖥️

Accelerated growth in the number of followers can improve the popularity and trust surrounding a brand, and therefore attract an organic audience.

To achieve this, there are many marketing strategies you can include, such as precise ad targeting, creating viral content or engaging with different current trends to capture audience interest. 👀

#2. Potential to attract partnerships and sponsors

Second, and by no means least, is the possibility of collaborating with different brands.

Indeed, brands are constantly on the lookout for different influencers and profiles with a large but engaged audience to promote their products and services. 🫶🏼

To achieve this, you need to understand your audience’s interests and preferences, so you can successfully create collaborations that will attract your followers.

Remember, transparency and authenticity in the various collaborations play an essential role in building trust and engagement with your audience. 👀

By developing a content marketing strategy that stays aligned with the brand values you’ve previously defined, you’ll be able to create partnership campaigns that rock, while offering added value to your target audience, and that, we love! 🔥

How much does it cost to buy followers on Instagram?

The cost of buying subscribers on Instagram can vary depending on the quality of the subscribers, i.e., whether they are real people or bot robots.

The reputation of the supplier or even the various additional services such as active engagement or replacement guarantee.

However, to give you an idea, here’s how much it costs to buy followers on Instagram: 👇🏼

  • 100 subscribers: between $2 and $5.
  • 250 subscribers: between $5 and $10.
  • 500 subscribers: between $10 and $20.
  • 700 subscribers: between $20 and $30.
  • 1,000 subscribers: between $25 and $40.
  • 5,000 subscribers: between $100 and $150.
  • 10,000 subscribers: between $190 and $300.

I’ll remind you one last time, but these prices vary according to the offers and suppliers.

Some offer so-called “quality” subscribers, i.e., more realistic accounts with regular activity, which can cost more than classic fake accounts. 💸

But, if it can help you avoid the potential risks of using this practice, why not, it’s worth thinking about!

List of 9 tools How to buy followers on Instagram

Now let’s move on to the 10 different tools to quickly buy Instagram followers! 👇🏼

1) Useviral

Without further ado, let’s start with Useviral.

This site allows you to buy views, fans, likes or comments on various social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, on YouTube, TikTok and even LinkedIn.

how to buy followers on Instagram

To buy followers on Instagram, you have a choice of different types of followers: 👇🏼

  • Premium.
  • Feminine.
  • Black.

The little plus? No need to register on the site, you can order directly with your Instagram username. 😇

But how much does it cost? 🤔

Well, here are the prices offered by the site: ⬇️

  • 100 followers: 2,97$.
  • 250 followers: 4,99$.
  • 500 followers: 6,99$.
  • 1,000 followers: 12,99$.
  • 2,500 followers: 29,99$.
  • 5,000 followers: 39,99$.
  • 10,000 followers 64,5$.
  • More than 100,000 followers: 499,5$.

2) Sidesmedia

Sidesmedia offers different kinds of purchases such as views, likes, earning subscribers, comments on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Discord, and many other platforms.

This time, we simply choose the number of subscribers, ranging from 100 to 100,000.

Here are their prices: ⬇️

  • 100 followers: 2,97$.
  • 250 followers : 4,99$.
  • 500 followers : 6,99$.
  • 1 000 followers : 12,99$.
  • 2 500 followers : 29,99$.
  • 5 000 followers : 39,99$.
  • 10 000 followers : 64,50$.
  • 50 000 followers : 279,97$.
  • 100 000 followers : 499,50$.

3) Stormlikes

Let’s move on to the Stormlikes site.

This site highlights purchases on Instagram from its menu, but that’s not all. 👀
It also offers other platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, SoundCloud, Snapchat and even Google.

And the prices? 🤔

  • 100 subscribers: 2,89$.
  • 500 subscribers: 6,99$.
  • 1,000 subscribers: 13,99$.
  • 2,500 subscribers: 24,99$.
  • 5,000 subscribers: 49,99$.
  • 10,000 subscribers: 124,99$.
  • 25 000 subscribers: 279,99$.

4) Buzzoid

Buzzoid focuses solely on Instagram, with two kinds of followers:

  • 1️⃣ High-quality Followers (like other sites).
  • 2️⃣ Active Followers (more qualitative).

Here are the prices: 👇🏼

  • 100 subscribers: $2.97.
  • 250 subscribers: $4.99.
  • 500 subscribers: $6.99.
  • 1,000 subscribers: $12.99.
  • 2,500 subscribers: $29.99.
  • 5,000 subscribers: $39.99.
  • 10,000 subscribers: $55.99.
  • 20,000 subscribers: $99.99.

5) offers only subscribers. ⚡️

Yes, that’s right, this site only allows you to know how to buy Instagram followers.
And that’s just what we’re interested in today! 👀

For prices, click here: 👇🏼

  • 100 subscribers: 4$.
  • 500 subscribers: 15$.
  • 1,000 subscribers: 25$.
  • 2,000 subscribers: 50$.
  • 5,000 subscribers: 70$.
  • 10,000 subscribers: 120$.
  • 25,000 subscribers: 299$.

6) Twicsy

The Twicsy site offers to buy subscribers, likes, views and comments only on Instagram. 💬

Same principle as Buzzoid, you can choose between quality followers or active followers.

If you’d like to find out more, click here: ⬇️

  • 100 followers: $2.97.
  • 250 followers: $5.49.
  • 500 followers: $7.99.
  • 1,000 followers: $12.99.
  • 2,500 followers: $28.99.
  • 5,000 followers: $49.99.
  • 10,000 followers: $69.99.
  • 20,000 followers: $99.99.

7) Mr.Insta

Let’s talk about Mr.Insta. 😇

Just like the website, this once is only for Instagram. 👀 You can buy Instagram followers or get free Instagram followers.

But, theses two options redirect you to another website, SocialAdmire. 🤔

In this new website, you have the platforms Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

We can therefore conclude that Mr.Insta is a redirect page for this new website.

What about the prices? 🤔

Here are they :

  • 300 followers : 1,99$.
  • 500 followers : 3,15$.
  • 1 000 followers : 5,97$.
  • 2 000 followers : 11,27$.
  • 3 000 followers : 15,91$.
  • 5000 followers : 24,86$.
  • 10 000 followers : 46,41$.
  • 20 000 followers : 86,19$.

8) Growthsilo

Growthsilo doesn’t exist anymore. The site now redirects to Useviral, one of the first sites we introduced you to in this article. ⬆️

9) InstaFollowers

For the last site, we’ll talk about InstaFollowers. 😇

This site offers you a wide choice of platforms on which you can buy views, likes, comments, opinions and much more. 💬

Here’s a small list of the social media platforms the site offers: 👇🏼

  • YouTube Shorts.
  • Discord.
  • Twitch
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr
  • Vimeo
  • Reddit
  • Telegram
  • X (formerly twitter)
  • TikTok.

For the price, you can buy you can buy a minimum of 10 subscribers and a maximum of 350,000 subscribers. 🤯

Here are the details : ⬇️

  • 10 followers : 0,90$.
  • 100 followers : 2,75$.
  • 500 followers : 6,75$.
  • 2 500 followers : 24,75$.
  • 10 000 followers : 59,00$.
  • 100 000 followers : 560$.
  • 350 000 followers : 1,925$.

How to buy fake followers on Instagram?

Above all, it’s important to remember that buying subscribers on Instagram and even on other social media can carry risks, such as violating Instagram’s terms of use, but also negatively impacting your account’s engagement if Instagram applies sanctions.

We’ll talk more about this later in the article. 🤫

Here we go with the steps on how to buy followers on Instagram:

1. Supplier research: start by researching service providers that offer to increase followers on Instagram. Don’t hesitate to read reviews and testimonials beforehand to choose a provider that minimizes the risk of getting low-quality followers or compromising the security of your account.

2. Evaluating offers: suppliers often propose offers based on the number of followers you want to buy. Do some due diligence, keep an eye on things, and set yourself some targets. 🎯

3. Account details: the provider will ask you to provide the username of your Instagram account. Be careful, select a service that doesn’t ask for your password or other login information, to maintain the security of your account.

4. Making the payment: once you’ve decided on a package and provided all the necessary information, you’ll need to make the payment (credit card or PayPal, usually).

5. Waiting for delivery: after payment, the supplier will start adding followers to your account within the specified timeframe. Which can, as a reminder, vary from a few hours to several days, depending on the package chosen and the supplier.

Buzzoid Instagram followers test

To add real value to this article, we’ve tested a tool for you! It’s called Buzzoid.

How did we do it? 🤔

Well, firstly, we created an Instagram account and posted on it!

Initially, the account had 0 followers and we had followed 40 people. The post got only 1 like, and we have no data and statistics about the affected accounts. 💥

Then we bought 250 followers for $4.99 on Buzzoid’s website.

How long does Buzzoid take to deliver followers?

A few days later, we had 262 followers. This means that 12 people subscribed to our account at the same time or as a result of this purchase.

Nevertheless, the first post is more successful, as it still stands at 1 like and no data on the number of accounts reached.

That’s why we wanted to create a second post to see if the statistics would change!

Unfortunately, the results are in, and they’re not good… ⬇️

As the images show, even with 262 followers, we only reached one account and received 0 likes or comments…

As you’ll have realized, buying followers on Instagram is just a figure, it has no real impact on any strategy.

On the contrary, your engagement rate will only decrease. 📉

Is Buzzoid legit?

Yes, this site is legal and you have every right to use it. However, as stated in the article, be careful when doing this as Instagram may restrict your account. 👀

What are the risks of buying followers on Instagram?

We explained it several times at the beginning of this article, but buying followers on Instagram involves certain risks, and we’d prefer to warn you and raise awareness on the subject.

Here are the 4 that stand out the most. ⬇️

#1. Engagement drop

Buying followers can lead to a big drop 💨 in engagement, which can pose a problem when assessing an account’s performance and relevance.

Indeed, purchased followers are often ghost accounts 👻 or even bot that don’t actively participate, leaving no likes, comments, or shares.

By dint of this, it lowers the engagement rate, a more-than-important performance indicator for Instagram that measures users’ actual interaction with your content.

Consequently, a low engagement rate decreases the visibility of your publications in your subscribers’ news feed, which unfortunately limits your ability to reach your various target audiences.🎯

#2. Violation of Instagram’s terms of use

While buying subscribers on Instagram is not punishable by law and is a legal practice, it does constitute a direct violation of the platform’s terms of use. ✋🏼

Indeed, the social network Instagram strives to maintain an authentic and engaging experience for its future customers by combating certain fraudulent behaviors, such as follower buying.

What’s more, accounts identified 🔎 as using this practice can face severe penalties, ranging from reduced publication visibility to suspension or permanent deletion of the account.

These measures can have a negative impact 📉 on your digital communications strategy, especially if you’ve invested time and resources in building your online presence.

#3. Impact on reputation and credibility

It goes hand in hand with point number 1 but, it can also damage the reputation and credibility of an Instagram account. 💟

Indeed, users and brands alike advocate authenticity and real engagement, and can easily identify profiles whose follower count doesn’t match real engagement.

With increasing awareness of ethical practices on social networks, buying followers can be considered an attempt at manipulation, reducing the perceived value of your brand or personality.

#4. Distorted analysis data

As you’ve seen with our example, purchased followers skew analytics data, making it difficult to assess the true performance of your Instagram account. 👀

Various KPIs, such as engagement rate, reach, likes, views and interaction, are increasingly unreliable, as they are skewed by inactive accounts or bots. 🤖

As a result, it prevents accurate analysis of what’s working and what’s not in your content strategy, which is essential for fine-tuning your marketing efforts and optimizing your ROI.

How about a recap?

To conclude, what better way to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of buying followers than with a little chart? ⬇️

Benefits ✅Disadvantages ❌
Rapid growth in subscriber numbersEngagement drop
It can give the illusion of increased popularity and authority, potentially attracting more organic followers.Purchased followers generally don’t engage with the content, lowering the overall engagement rate.
Potential for attracting partnerships and sponsorsViolation of Instagram’s terms of use
A high number of followers can make the account more attractive for partnerships.Risk of sanctions by Instagram, including account deletion.
Impact on reputation and credibility
Inauthentic followers can damage an account’s reputation among real users and brands.
Distorted analysis data
Difficulty assessing actual account performance and adjusting content strategies effectively.

In fact, we recommend using certain strategies to learn how to gain followers on Instagram safely.

Frequently asked questions

Is it legal to buy followers on Instagram?

Nowadays, there are several ways to find out if someone has used subscriber buying.

Here are a few tips: ⬇️

  • 🟣 Follower-to-engagement ratio: a low engagement rate in relation to the high number of followers.
  • 🔵 Sudden growth spikes: sudden increase in the number of followers for no apparent reason.
  • 🟣 Follower profiles: accounts with little or no activity, no profile photos or with generic names.
  • 🔵 Generic comments: or repetitive comments.
  • 🟣 Analytics tool: third-party tools and apps that offer follower analytics.

How to make 1000 followers on Instagram?

I prefer to warn you in advance, reaching 1 000 followers on Instagram without buying any requires a consistent strategy and above all, not being limited by time.

However, here are a few tips: 👇🏼

  • Publish quality content (to optimize your CSAT).
  • Be regular.
  • Use hashtags with care.
  • Engage your community.
  • Collaborate with others.
  • Optimize your profile.

How to get real followers on Instagram?

To attract real followers on Instagram, follow these tips: ⬇️

  • Define your niche: focus on a specific area to attract 🧲 an interested audience.
  • Create engaging content: publish photos, videos, and stories that captivate and bring value to your audience.
  • Interact with your audience: be active in comments, ask questions in your posts and create polls in your stories.
  • Use Instagram’s features: explore IGTV, Reels, and Lives to diversify your content.
  • Cross-promotion: share your Instagram content on other social platforms, like Facebook, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), and even LinkedIn.
  • Optimize Instagram posting times: check the time when your audience is most active to maximize engagement.

You know all about how to buy followers on Instagram. See you soon! 🐉

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