How does Inbox Waalaxy work? Q&A- Security and data

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Welcome to the Inbox Waalaxy Q&A! Inbox waalaxy is a “CRM messenger” that piggybacks on LinkedIn, to save you a lot of time in managing your daily LinkedIn messages, while bringing you additional features. 😜

LinkedIn messaging, better 🔥

As dozens of conversations will flow through this tool every day, it’s natural to ask: How does it work? Is there a risk of being banned? How is my data managed?

At Waalaxy, we like transparency. So we explain everything in this article. 🔥

How does it technically work, the Waalaxy Inbox?

Inbox Waalaxy is a feature directly integrated into your Waalaxy CRM. Discover Waalaxy 🪐 If you want to access it, you must have Waalaxy, click on the left search bar, then on “Inbox Waalaxy” below the homepage.

It recreates a messaging interface, integrating other features, all grafted onto LinkedIn.

Mmmh… I feel like it’s not clear. Let’s go back to the basics.

A website is divided into two parts. A client part and a server part.


  • 👩 The client part: this is at home, on your computer. This is the user interface.
  • 💻 The server part, that’s at LinkedIn.

When you send a message on LinkedIn, the client part sends a request with some information to the server part at LinkedIn, which will process that request.

requête serveur client messagerie

Inbox Waalaxy replaces the client part of LinkedIn by sending the same requests as the latter, from a different interface.

The LinkedIn server will receive the same information and will be unable to see the difference. As far as it is concerned, you have clicked on a button from LinkedIn.

Inbox Waalaxy will then add various additional features to the LinkedIn messaging: saved messages, tags, and automatic reminders… which are managed on our side. 


Is there a risk for my LinkedIn account?

None, of course.

If you use Waalaxy, you know that we take the security of your LinkedIn account very seriously.

Here again, there is no risk. Not even automated behavior. For LinkedIn, you use classic messaging. They are unable to tell the difference.

❌ I’ve been told that LinkedIn routinely detects the use of extensions! ❌

You may not know this, but LinkedIn has a piece of code that allows them to detect the presence of extensions prohibited by their TOS.

  • Firstly: None of our tools are in this list of banned extensions today. 😁
  • Second: We know very well how this script works and we know how to intercept it. Instead, we send a request to the LinkedIn server saying that “everything is fine and nothing was detected”.
  • Third: While tools like Waalaxy might someday make this list, Inbox Waalaxy is a tool that adds value to all LinkedIn users. So they don’t really have a reason to want to ban this tool, quite the opposite.

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waalaxy dashboard

Faq Inbox Waalaxy

Should I keep a LinkedIn tab open?

Yes and No. Yes, so that Inbox waalaxy can retrieve data related to your LinkedIn account (your connections for example), which allows us to send requests with your account without LinkedIn being able to realize it. You must open a LinkedIn tab when you first launch the tool.

Then… no need 😄 Everything is done in the background!

How are my datas managed?

The data management allows a good utility of the tool.
  • Memos, tags, and saved messages are saved so you don’t have to constantly re-do them.
  • Your lead information is saved and synchronized with your CRM.
  • Your conversations are stored so you never lose a customer’s data.
  • The number of unread messages is also recorded to be updated.
We also decided to store the conversations with the last message to make the user experience more pleasant => it creates a faster loading and the possibility to make filters in the conversations. 😁
In short, everything that makes your life easier.

How do I buy Waalaxy Inbox? 

You’ve got 2 ways, you can go to prices and select inbox Waalaxy, or you can go to your Waalaxy app and select inbox waalaxy from the search bar on the left.

If you already have a waalaxy account, you’ll be able to add it as an additional option. If you don’t, the link will bring you to the chrome store  to download Waalaxy and then, from there you’ll be able to add Waalaxy Inbox. 😁

To activate it, it’s here. 👇

How do I add tags with Waalaxy Inbox?


How do I create saved replies?


How do I set up reminders with Waalaxy Inbox? 


How do I schedule a message?

Any other questions to add to the Q&A – Inbox Waalaxy? Ask them in the chat. 😘

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