Generate qualified views with pods

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Creating content is essential for any communication strategy, whether on your website or your social networks. If natural SEO is the best ally of your website or blog, be aware that social networks depend on different algorithms that are not always easy to master. We explain how to generate qualified views with pods and how they work!

The principle of pods

Pods are groups of people who are committed to a common theme. These members like and comment on the publications of other users in this group. It is possible to do it manually or automatically thanks to pods!

This allows you to generate a much higher engagement rate of your posts on social networks in a very fast way while targeting an audience.

Be careful however to choose the members of the pods. Their activity, and therefore their likes on your posts, are visible to their network. This is an indirect way to get spotted on this social network! Generate qualified views with pods, but not just anyhow!

The interest of using pods on LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to post content in the form of articles, posts, videos in order to develop your audience and position yourself as an expert on a theme.

Like any good social network, LinkedIn has an algorithm that is not always easy to master and there is no guarantee that your post will be as successful as you hope. However, be careful because the algorithm can penalize you if suspicious activity is detected on your account.

If you publish posts that generate 2500 likes for 6 comments, it may seem odd especially if you only have 600 people in your network for example. Another side effect will be that your credibility will be seriously questioned by other users.

In this case, we therefore advise you to use pods wisely. Some tools like Podawaa allow you to customize your audience according to your criteria. Another advantage is that you generate comments that resemble those most often posted by users of this social network. So you cheat the algorithm while gaining visibility!

Combine pods and strategy for ultra-qualified views!

Of course tools like Podawaa do not replace a communication strategy or a successful writing of your posts!

Always think about your objectives and the target you want to reach in order to offer high value-added content to differentiate yourself from your competitors more easily.

Finally don’t forget to be regular and interact with other LinkedIn users. In addition to liking and commenting on their posts, you could send them a login request to keep in touch and send them a message on a regular basis. There’s nothing better for creating links and why not, convert your contacts into prospects!


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