Who are pods for?

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You have just discovered Podawaa, you tell yourself that the concept is interesting, but you wonder who the “pods” can be addressed to? In this article, we explain everything to you. 😉

For those who are not yet quite familiar with the concept of “pod”, small catching-up session here → “What is a pod?

Pods increase the reach of your posts on LinkedIn, okay, but what for?
There are many use cases.


1 / The early-stage entrepreneur who wants to promote his product or service

You are an entrepreneur, you work alone or with a small team, and you cannot afford a team of salespeople. You, therefore, use both an automated prospecting strategy thanks to ProspectIn and a content strategy via Podawaa.
The prospecting strategy will be your “active” acquisition strategy (i.e. You will seek customers via connection requests and messages); while the content strategy will be your “passive” acquisition strategy (i.e. prospects will see your posts and will, therefore, know your product or service indirectly, or even, they will come directly to you).

Combining these two strategies will bring you a considerable number of prospects with an extremely limited budget and spending only a few hours a week.


2 / Freelancer who wants to make her work known

You are a freelancer, no matter what your area of ​​expertise, you constantly need to find new clients.
Having a content strategy is extremely interesting for you. You will be able to highlight your expertise through your posts and promote your activity.
With more than 500 million members, it’s a safe bet to say that your clients are on LinkedIn. Using a pod will make your posts visible to a large “pool” of potential customers who will contact you directly to find out more about you.


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3 / The community manager who wants to create a community

The brand image of a company is extremely important, take advantage of social networks to highlight your culture and your values, and take advantage of pods to broadcast this image to as many people as possible.
Create a real community manager around your product or service by publishing regularly. We often underestimate the effect that ubiquity can have on social networks, and particularly on LinkedIn.

A company that appears regularly in your news feed through the posts of its employees will have the image of a dynamic and growing company.


4 / The student looking for an internship or a job

We sometimes forget that, but LinkedIn is also the reference platform used by recruiters. 88% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source their candidate.
You are a student, and you are looking for an internship or your first job, but unfortunately, you still have a limited network.

Posting on LinkedIn a brief description of who you are and what you are looking for, combined with the use of a pod to show this post to as many people as possible, will allow you to reach dozens of potential recruiters.
Finding an internship has never been easier.

These “use cases” are only examples. In reality, anyone who needs to promote a product, service, or their own person has a good reason to use a pod.


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