How to create a fake account on LinkedIn without getting banned.

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Feel like growing your business on LinkedIn but one account isn’t enough? 😬 The limits imposed by it too low? Here is a process for a fake LinkedIn account that minimizes the risk of getting banned. We advise you to complement the reading of this article with our Youtube video, which deals with the same topic, below! ⬇️


The advice given here is based on internal tests only. Be aware that it is an AI that is in charge of detection so there is no absolute truth and there is always a risk of having your account banned. Ready to create your fake LinkedIn account in 7 steps? Here we go! 🚀

How to create a fake LinkedIn account?

First of all if you want your account to live, definitely do not share cookies with other accounts!

To avoid this, there are two possibilities

In the same way you will have to change your IP every time you change your account, always staying on the same IP for an account. At Waalaxy we use the first way and we use this method if it doesn’t work. If you don’t use one of these two solutions, say goodbye to your new account and maybe even to your main account…

Step 1: Find a name for your persona

For your fake LinkedIn account, you can be inspired, in which case do yourself a favor. But avoid John Doe and other classic names, it’s not very credible when you add them. If your prospect searches for you on Google, they need to find people with the same username and not be able to say you don’t exist. 👀 If you’re not inspired, luckily the internet is here for you! Here’s a site that allows you to generate a fake identity based on age, gender, region. They even go so far as to tell you what car he drives! 😮

Step 2: Create an email for him

Where to create your emails? There are many email services. Beware, on social networks, most of them ask for personal information such as your first and last name, your friends list, date of birth, google account, a phone number and sometimes even a credit card, but accept up to 4-5 accounts per number. It all depends on your ambitions! Avoid temporary emails.

We haven’t tested this but intuitively, LinkedIn should consider this an indicator of a fake profile. Combining Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo, you already have 10-15 fake profiles ahead of you. That’s not bad! 😇

Also, you can try to create a Gmail account through the “guest” chrome session, there are directly more chances to create an email address without a phone number being asked. When creating your email, remember that your 1st level contacts will be able to see it. So make it credible to your persona.

Step 3: Find a credible photo

Some people say that AI-generated photos work well. Personally, all the fake accounts created with AI photos got banned pretty quickly. Correlation or not, I prefer to avoid it. When choosing a profile picture, you have several options

  • Use a royalty-free image bank(Unsplash, Exactitudes, …): we like to do this but the risk that your image is known or too classic of “royalty-free” is risky.
  • Using a Google image: the problem with this method is that you don’t have the rights to the image. It would be a shame to have rights problems, but it offers you an infinite catalog of pictures.

In both cases, I advise you to edit the image. A small Photoshop touch-up well done to change the background, put the photo in black and white and in the mirror so as not to go out in Google Reverse Image, this works very well for the fake LinkedIn account system I advise you to search it on Google beforehand to see if it comes up.

Step 4: Create your LinkedIn account

You’ve logged in to chrome again or used a VPN without sharing your cookies with your first account. You’re ready to create your fake LinkedIn account. Go to LinkedIn through Google: I noticed that by going directly through the URL and not through the websites, LinkedIn offers me a little different onboarding. It may be safe, but I prefer to stay on the most classic path Let’s get to the steps: ⬇️

  • Enter the information and validate,
  • I enter my information and LinkedIn asks me to verify that I am not a robot by entering my phone number.
  • You arrive in the onboarding of LinkedIn.


First it will ask you for your position, choose what you want,then it will ask you for your position Give your persona an experience, if he is a student, put him in a big and famous school. If he is working, put him in a permanent job or in a work-study program in a big company

If your account is ever banned (we are never safe) it will no longer be visible in searches but will still appear in the number of employees. This is not great for your image if you have to create several. 🥲

Step 5: Add your first contacts

This is a crucial step in creating a fake LinkedIn account: your first connections! ✨ A low acceptance rate because no one knows you is likely to alert LinkedIn’s AI. Send a connection request to the people LinkedIn suggests up front. If you can, use a .csv file with your close contacts, who you’ll ask to accept you, or use our file of accounts that will accept you either way to get started To learn how to import a CSV file to LinkedIn, it’s right here! ⬅️

Step 6: Make the account human

Once the account is created, the first invitations sent and the photo set up, complete your persona’s LinkedIn profile. The goal is for it to be at least intermediate. You can make him follow hashtags or add skills. LinkedIn will have less of an impression that this is a fake account, as will active users of the social network. intermediate

Step 7: Grow the account

You’ve done a big part of the work. Your LinkedIn account needs to grow now. The solution to keeping it human without you having to do anything? Our automation tools!


We couldn’t talk about automation tools without talking about our little gem, Waalaxy! 👽 From the moment someone accepts you, you have access to their connections (if no one has accepted you in the suggested people, you can send invitations to premium members, they tend to accept much more easily). Once you have reached 100 connections and your account has at least 1 week of life, you can download Waalaxy. Export as many people as possible from this search, 1000, into Waalaxy. I recommend you to simply use the “Person” and “connection 2e” filters.

You will then just have to launch connection requests (I recommend leaving the notes empty) on these people. Since you will only be 2nd degree connections, they will tend to accept you much more easily.

Remember to set Waalaxy to make your hours look normal and not 24/7 with your account still fresh. Interested in Waalaxy? Check out the pricing by clicking the button below!

👇🏼 Discover Waalaxy rates 🪐


Do you know Podawaa? It’s a tool that allows you to schedule your LinkedIn posts in advance and join pods with lots of people to be active on LinkedIn. If you have activity not only on leads but also on posts, LinkedIn will think less of a fake account if you are active on all channels. Once the real profile has more than 250 connections, you can consider it ready for real life. You can change his personal profile picture or his first or last name (it is not recommended to change all 3, your account could be banned very easily).


Now, here is a list of best practices and cases to avoid for your account to survive. ⬇️

Best practices for your account to survive

Bad practices

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3 tips for creating a fake account

#1. Create people over 40 or female personas

We’ve noticed that profiles that are a bit older or female (on the advice of Benoît Dubos) convert better in prospecting. Ideal for a fake account, right?

#2. A grandparent, a cousin, or a little sister who doesn’t use LinkedIn? Create an account for them!

We tend to abuse this technique at Waalaxy Find people you know who don’t currently need LinkedIn and ask them if you can borrow their identity to create a LinkedIn account.

This technique will allow you to market your accounts much faster: if LinkedIn blocks you, you can provide a valid ID

#3. Duplicate your existing accounts

Is yourLinkedIn account old and you’ve never been asked for your ID? Create a second one. Make a mistake in the name or capitalize it. Here’s a technique that offers twice the reach with your identity and an account that can go to market quickly.

Conclusion of the article: fake LinkedIn account

It’s already the end of our article, you now know more about creating a fake LinkedIn account and all that it involves. Here is a summary of the 7 steps:

  • Come up with a name for your persona,
  • Create an email for it accordingly,
  • Find a credible photo,
  • Create his LinkedIn account,
  • Add your first contacts,
  • Make the account human,
  • Grow the account.

Let’s move on to the frequently asked questions!

Frequently asked questions

LinkedIn asks me for my number when I sign up, what should I do?

LinkedIn has detected that you are sharing an IP with other accounts and wants to make sure you are not a robot by asking you for a phone number. If you get to this step, you need to change your IP. Follow this procedure:

  • Close all open Linkedin tabs, including your regular account,
  • Put your smartphone (I hope you have one!) on connection sharing: the IP of a 4G phone changes as soon as you turn on and off airplane mode. So you can do this over and over again.
  • Start a new blank Chrome session,
  • Redo the account creation operation.

Normally LinkedIn asks you for verification to know if you are a robot but no more phone numbers. Be careful, you have to stay in connection share until the end of the creation process without reconnecting on another account. Wait at least 24 hours afterward to reconnect with this new account on your main IP.

How to recognize a fake profile on LinkedIn?

Well, identifying the real from the fake can sometimes be complex, especially since the creation of a fake profile is a common practice on LinkedIn, For the proof, we just explained how to create one. Nevertheless, there are some tips to recognize a fake profile on LinkedIn, here they are: ⬇️

  • The so-called “real profile” has no photos or has a photo that is too corporate and professional, a bit like a stock photo, or you can see that it has used two faces and combined them with face swap software.
  • When we look at the public profile, we see that a lot of information is missing, we don’t know where he comes from, what studies he has done beforehand, etc.
  • He does not post any photo of himself. Except for his profile picture, we have no other support that proves that he is a real person.

How to see a LinkedIn profile anonymously?

If by chance you want to visit someone’s LinkedIn profile without being seen, you need to perform these few steps first:

  • Log in to the professional social network, go to your profile icon, and then to “Preferences and Privacy”.
  • Then go to “Visibility” and then to “Profile views option”.
  • Finally, set your profile to private.

To learn more about how to have an anonymous profile, check out this article! 👈🏼 On our end, we’re still experimenting and taking feedback from top growth hackers to beat LinkedIn’s AI. And there you have it, you now know everything about how to create a fake LinkedIn account and how to use it! 😊

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